SFS in instagram - what is Shaut in Instagram and why it is needed

SFS In Instagram is a fairly common question, the abbreviation is decrypted - Shoutout for Shoutout (Shaut for Shaut), literally translated from English - Crycloth. Used for mutual advertising in Instagram to gain an impressive number of living subscribers, among which you can promote services and goods. A powerful and convenient tool, without spam, makes it possible to choose the most suitable partner for mutual promotion.

Methods of work

We noticed this hash tag and are interested in what SFS is in Instagram and how does it work? Let's figure it out together. Shaut in Instagram makes it possible:

  • tell about yourself;
  • Submit your services and goods among the subscribers of your newly acquired partner.

It is important that of all the stated users - you competently approached the selection, worked out for thoroughly information. After that, you should also submit to favorites in your Instagram account - a separate post with active references to its profile, hash - tags and a couple of words about him. Learn how to celebrate a friend in instagram in the photo in another review.

Basic Rules

All to the banal simply - let's say, decided to expand the circle of their subscribers in Instagram and do not know how to do? Announce the beginning of the competition, where the wider will receive the opportunity for free advertising of its page. Ensure to instruct:

  • deadlines;
  • The method of choosing a winner;
  • Come up with prizes and gifts to those involved, for example, for the first three places.

Want to do:

  • repost of your entry or based on them collage;
  • To briefly write about you and mention using the link to the profile - using @;
  • Add hash tag #SFS - which means, now you know;
  • Mark you;
  • Profile - certainly open;
  • Contain a private record of at least 10-15.

Useful: How to find out in the instagram who went to your page.

Further, on the results of the holding, you publish the results under your record, and spent the cost-up prizes in online or post an entry - the transparent system causes trust and respect. So, the winning user receives a mutual repost on the same conditions - that's what SFS means in Instagram.

A little about how to spend

It is not necessary to abuse the confidence of the already available your admirers and often post such shares, try not more than 1 time per month. Again, if you are implementing:

  • cosmetics;
  • perfume;
  • goods for kids;
  • textile;
  • desserts;
  • delivery and cooking;
  • real estate sales services;
  • manicure;
  • Cosmetology services and massage, etc.

And at the same time, they always give gifts, then people will be happy to participate, but even in this case - no more than 2 times in a month. Now you can with confidence to participate in mutual assistance promotions, because you know what SFS means in Instagram.

Learn how to delete publication in the application quickly and simple.

Be careful!

It should be clearly evaluated by the participating:

  • Check page - look at the presence / absence of bots among submitted applications;
  • on the number of live users;
  • Assess the percentage of your target audience among the applicant's proposed base.

The mass of users takes an active part in the promotions and draws only for gifts and idle curiosity - it is easily tracked with a careful study of posts. Your task is to get the most working contingent. Have spent sales! And how did you spend shut - share in the comments!

See what I mean in the comments, we will tell about it in another article.

SFS (SFS) is one of the white methods of promotion in instagram. With it, you can collect subscribers for free for a short time. How to spend it - wonder in the article.

If you are registered in Instagram and actively use it, you probably met in your SFS tape. What it is and how to use it for promotion in Instagram I will tell.

Promotion in Instagram SFS | Naoblakax.ru.


SFS is decrypted as "Shout Out for Shout Out", that is, "Mention of mention." The legend says that SFS was invented in order to find interesting new profiles in his ribbon. And help find friends in their tapes interesting new profiles. But on the fact of SFS is a form of a friendly PR, when you ask your subscribers to tell you about you and give them hope that you will tell you about them. And maybe you will not tell, as lucky.

Of course, the SPS can be a good way to promote instagram and can help quickly dial a lot of subscribers. The first time it was. Now this undone is tired of all and works not so effectively, as before, when the SFS trend only appeared.

However, today there are profiles where SFS is carried out almost every month and quite successfully.

How to spend SFS.

SFS rules are quite simple and in most cases standard.

  1. You publish a photo with an abbreviation SFS
  2. In the signature declare the start of SFS, the timing and date of summarization.
  3. Participants must accommodate in their profile any photo from your instagram (or make a collage), write a few words about you and be sure to put a link from @.
  4. Having done this, the participants must write in the comments below your homepage word "ready."
  5. On the day of completion of the SPS, you are viewing the profiles of the participants, choose those who liked the most of them most, and tell about them, mentioning everyone through @.

The organizer lays out a collage or several collages with references to those participants in SFS, whose profiles did not like him. And also tells about each profile in signature to the photo.

Promotion in Instagram SFS | Naoblakax.ru.


Participate in SFS can also be effectively as to conduct them. After all, if you get to the sample, and blogger-thousandth will tell you about you in my profile, you will be guaranteed to add subscribers. But the organizer is not obliged to tell about all the participants of his SPS, so it can happen that you will not fall into the sample. ( For example, I participated 2 or 3 times and I have never told me about)) ).

Now SFS is fed up to many. Someone is just tired of constantly seeing such advertising in his tape, and someone participated many times, but never got into the sample and disappointed. Therefore, it is sometimes appropriate to further motivate subscribers to participate in your SFS. As a bonus, you can offer guaranteed gifts to all or some participants who will not fall into final collages. Gifts can be, for example, postcards, souvenirs or discounts.

Like any share, SFS is accepted to justify. And, it is worth noting that honest reason, of course, no one ever writes. Because "I want to become a popular instant blogger, so that everyone loved me, sales rose and earn money on advertising." Not really stimulates to tell you about you and maintain this idea. Therefore, the reason to hold SFS in Instagram is usually becoming breeding, good mood, spring / winter / summer / autumn, 500/1000/1500 and so on followers or just "This is my first time."


SFS has no very pleasant features.

First, it's all tired of everyone. Someone else condescendingly strips similar photos, but most of them frankly annoy. Therefore, they are not only participating no longer as willingly, but also unsubscribed from those who spend such shares too often or like to participate in other people's.

Secondly, having decided to spend SFS, consider what you have to tell you in your profile about other users and is the most important thing - to choose about com, and about whom there is no. That is, imagine, a person supported you, took part in your SFS, told about you. And now you come to him, and he has a uninteresting profile, ugly photos and even if I want to tell about him from gratitude - it is completely unclear what you can tell about him. Imagine how it will be a shame who did not get into your sample, it remained unnoticed, turned out to be unworthy, did not like it (despite the fact that he likes him, he reads you, lying your photos and even in SFS I participated). For me, the process of choice turned out to be the most difficult in that single SFS that I was satisfied.

Promotion in Instagram SFS | Naoblakax.ru.


And, thirdly, keep in mind that your SFS may be unsuccessful and collect little participants. This may be due to the fact that SFS is tired of all and with the fact that your readers are not from those people who participate in such promotions.

To understand what category your readers include and whether to expect a shaft of the participants quite simply. Look, is it often in your own tape flash sfs photos? Both from the organizers and from the participants. If often come across, it means, in general, people in SFS are involved and, most likely, and in your participation too. If there are no similar photos in your ribbon, it is not worth it too hope that an exception will make for you.

For example, in my tape, SFS come across extremely rarely, but I still risked it to spend not so much for the sake of new subscribers as from curiosity. Participation received only 9 people. And the most interesting thing is that most of all new fules brought me those who missed my SFS, but still wanted to support me and told me about me in our profiles (thanks, girls! @IRina_S_A. и @HouseWhitemouse. ).

Promotion in Instagram SFS | Naoblakax.ru.


Let's summarize. Why do people spend SFS? To increase the number of subscribers. Why do you need to increase the number of subscribers? For pride, to increase sales, for advertising cooperation.

Why do people participate in SFS?

  • To support a friend;
  • To get a prize;
  • To get into the sample and increase the number of your subscribers.

SFS is not the worst option white Promotion in instagram . Especially if you have a suitable audience and if they are not too abused. Motivate subscribers to support you, find interesting reasons or run SFS on your birthday - then many will take part in it just to please you on this day.

And yes, you can talk about me in your profiles without SFS at any time!))

My instagram


Spent his second SFS in November 2015. At the time of the start I had 4739 subscribers. The stock participated 62 people, 221 people were added.

For comparison, in my first SFS, only 9 people participated, so yes, the more subscribers you have, the more you have to participate in this promotion.

I also noted for myself that SFS is different too. And that this action was all got, not only those who arrange like every week, not only those who participate in everything in a row, but also the organizers who simply crave freebies. In most cases, freebies are not very good.

What is a freebie in SFS among the organizers? This is when the organizers were "lured" participants, received 100,500 unfolded, interesting, pleasant posts, and they themselves were separated by a collage with marks in the photo, no one was told about anything interesting and even the collage was removed less than a day.

It seems to me that it is a spit into the soul to your subscribers and the people who supported you. And, of course, when you see such a summary of the results, I don't want to participate in SFS. It turns out, we ourselves and devalued this good idea in general.

Promotion in Instagram What is SFS | Naoblakax.ru.

Did you suit SFS? How did you go?) I will be grateful if you share your experience in the comments!

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SFS in Instagram: What is this + top 2 mechanics

In Instagram, there is a satisfied large number of ways to promote your account.

And all new and new ones are constantly appearing. However, the problem is not even that you do not have time to study new and follow the trends, but in the fact that you do not even use old and proven.

Well, for example, when did you at least once spent in your SFS account? And ... The question arises, what is SFS in Instagram?

What is it and why

I would not really like to start an article with bad news, but I can't deceive the subscribers of our blog. In principle, SFS, as a way to promote instagram in terms of attracting new people, was relevant and was at the peak of popularity just in 2015-2016. Now he has a little outlined himself.

This is a minus - the effect of the growth of new subscribers is really small.

For mass attraction of subscribers, it is much more effective to use targeted advertising in Instagram and with a small popularity of massolloving / massacing or buy advertisements from bloggers through the stock exchanges (for example, GetBlogger (in the "InScale20" promotion - 20% for all) , PLIBBER, EPICSTARS)

Although I agree, these tools are paid and demand, let even small, but money when SFS is free.

SFS in instagram what is an example
SFS example

In general, I can say that you can use it, but you do not need to bet on the bet only. It is better to perceive as a small increase and the substantial involvement of old subscribers. And I will tell you, the task to keep and involve it is becoming more relevant, since more interesting accounts are becoming more and more.

SFS is deciphered as "Shout Out for Shout Out", which in Russian means "mention for reference", and is read as "SFS".

In principle, this is an ordinary PR by one user account of another user, only in a more cunning form.

Moreover, most likely you know one of them and the simplest. But in fact, there are two of them. And so that everything is much clearer, let's start with the simplest shape, and then let's go to more wisdom formulas how to spend SFS in instagram.

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1. Simple SFS form

You have your own Instagram account. You find a user with about the same target audience and negotiate a joint pian.

That is, in your account you post a publication with a photo about her / Him, tell what a person is doing than it can be useful, and be sure to subscribe to this profile. Another user in response does the same.

Interesting. In a professional environment, this is called mutual, and not SFS.

If earlier such posts were laid out in a common tape, then from August 2016 this kind of SFS moved to Storsith Instagram. Now it has become very popular as a way of promotion, and also brings new subscribers.

The only moment - in your account there must be high-quality content. But this is the default, for for bad content, people are poorly subscribed even for money.

2. SFS complex form

This is a kind of contest in the format "You - I am me." But only SFS is you not a typical competition in instagram, where the rules may change like your soul.

The rules for conducting all SFS in 90% of cases are always the same. Therefore, below a brief, consistent instruction in which it is impossible to get confused:

  1. You post in your ribbon publication with Hashteg #SFS or # SPS;
  2. In the text of the post, we declare the start of SFS, the timing of its holding and the date of summarization;
  3. Competition members must accommodate any photo from your account in their profile, write a few words about you, and be sure to put a link from @ (that is, an active link to your account);
  4. After the participant did this, he must write in the comments under your photo the word "ready";
  5. On the day of the draw, you post the results of SFS in your account (more below).

By the way. Now it is not necessary to check the execution of all the conditions of the competition manually, as well as choose the winner. For you everything will do the service Instaways (From us a gift -20% for all).

The result of the competition may look like this: you post a post in my feed or in Storsith, and talk about the winner / winners some interesting moments, mentioning everyone with the help of an active reference and a call to subscribe to the account.

This can be done either in one publication or several publications alternately. And then the question arises: "Why should I spend SFS in my account, if I have, for example, few subscribers? Activity will be any? ".

Yes, most likely the activity will be low and the special effect of SFS will not give. But let's look at the situation on the other side.

Knowing what SFS is, you can take part in it from any famous blogger. And this is a pretty good advertising and influx of subscribers to your Personal Account.

Lifehak. Quickly and safely twisted huskies through Bosslike (We ourselves and you recommend).

Criteria for the right SFS

If you decide to spend a similar contest tomorrow and just put the approximate conditions in your account, I'm afraid, the subscribers will not understand you.

For high-quality SFS there are several conditions that are desirable to follow. Thanks to them, he will be more successful.

1. Preposition

It is he who will help run the correct mechanics of the competition. That is, your SFS should have a trite reason.

For example: Your birthday, a certain number of subscribers (2000/5000) or just that this is your first time. Knowing a reason, people willingly take part.

SFS in instagram what these rules

2. Conditions

They must be extremely clear and simple. Remember, people do not always know the conditions of various contests and can get confused in the same place. Therefore, the simplest SFS conditions and the more clear the choice of the winners, the more willingly subscribers will participate in it.

SFS in instagram what conditions

By the way, an interesting lifehak. If you want to see who is lying in instagram, then you can do it through the service Instashpion (also, he will definitely disable you)

3. Gifts

As I have already said more than once, SFS is a long-standing tool to attract subscribers to instagram.

Therefore, in order to get the maximum return, except for the Piara winners, it is better to stock additional prizes. These can be small cash or commemorative souvenirs.

SFS in instagram what are these gifts

Cons sfs.

Naturally, each competition that you spend may be cons.

And if you do not assume that the competition can just be not successful, as they say, "do not go" because of bad advertising or unsuccessfully selected preposition, then SFS has a couple more of the cons that you better know in advance.

  • Old. I wrote everything right here. This is old as a world. Therefore, if earlier to participate in such a competition, it was interesting and even prestigious, now people will agree to this.

Only if there is an original feed and some unusual prizes (in addition to the standard mention in the overall list).

  • Ugly. Here lies quite non-obvious minus. You decide to choose a winner. He did everything according to the rules and claims to be victory, but his profile looks just awful. Naturally, publishing his photo, you will spoil the appearance of your profile. It is sad, but these are the rules.

Knowing these minuses, to carry out SFS or not, to solve you already. But in general, I will say so. These are not deadly, if you have a loyal and good audience, which you truly love and they answer the same.

Lifehak. I also recommend adding a cartoon point to the profile. It will allow you to contact you directly through the messengers -> taplink.ru. (In the promotion of "Inscale7" 7 days for free).

Briefly about the main thing

SFS in instagram is quite cool, albeit a bit outdated, the way to attract subscribers and their activation.

If you have no experience in conducting such competitions at all, I advise you to go more long, but the right way. I propose the following sequence:

  1. First you subscribe to the blogger interesting to you and make sure that it holds SFS;
  2. In parallel, see how such contests are carried out by other accounts (search for hashteg for instagram #SFS);
  3. Learning conditions, finalize them;
  4. Voila! Cut your own, effective competition.

Well, and since you read this article to the end, I also advise you to read you soon.

On the topic: Secrets and chips Instagram: 60 and everything for you.

I know, you love all sorts of tricks, which are considered to be silent in the circles of professionals.

Instagram as one of the most popular social platforms has many flows that are aimed at mutual PR and attract a large number of subscribers to increase popularity, the number of likes and views. SFS is one of these ways.

What does SFS mean in Instagram and its rules

So, what is SFS in Instagram? To attract a large number of visitors to the profile, there is an excellent method built on a mutual card, it is necessary to understand more about what it is.

SFS Instagram is an abbreviation that is decrypted as Shout Out for Shout Out. Translated into Russian means - "Mention of mention." At the very beginning, this method was used to accommodate in his own profile of interesting publications of other authors. In addition, it was used as a way of communication between friends, a kind of cry for the guys from the common company. In fact, SFS was a PR program, but honest and "white." So, the SFS is mutual advertising in Instagram.

One user asks for his acquaintances, friends and subscribers to publish any record from the page in your profile, or make a mention of the page. The main condition is interesting and high-quality content.

A person who asks something to spread, not be sure to publish anything in response.

Why and how to carry out the SPS? PR in Instagram always implies the investment of a certain amount of money, but mutually carried out free of charge.

Objectives and SFS Schemes

The main goal of a mutual PR in Instagram is to attract new subscribers and hold old follovers in their profile.

When launching a mutual piano, you must specify the cause. It can be a coming birthday, New Year or any other event and event in a similar key.

Rules for the SPS in Instagram and how to make mutual PR:

  • It is necessary to find an account similar to its own (by the number of subscribers, interests, sex and age, the sphere of interest, by the number of common acquaintances);
  • Agree with the owner of the chosen profile about the joint PR. It can be a full-fledged photo or video publication with a brief overview of the person's page, or mention to Instagram Storsith;
  • Choose one of the publications of a person and publish on your own page with an interesting text, in response this person does the same with the account of the one who offered him SFS.

Alternative scheme:

  • Publish publication or storage with the SFS tag or a beautiful photo on which this abbreviation is depicted;
  • In the signature to the post, add text, which will contain information on the start of the original promotion, announce the timeline and date of the release of the results;
  • According to the rules, subscribers lay a photo from the person's account that has launched this movement, adds a brief description of the profile and notes this user with the @ sign;
  • After the publication, subscribers write under the main post (the one that the SPS launch) comments seem to be "ready" or respond to Storsith in a similar way;
  • On the day of the announcement of the results, the person who launched the SFS share, randomly chooses a number of profiles;
  • Photos from the selected accounts are published on the page of a person who has running mutual, or he marks these people in his story, it must be done necessarily, pointing to the account through the @ sign.

Objectives and schemes of the SPS

In the text description of another profile, you must add a call to the transition to this page and a further subscription to it.

Also, it is also not necessary to carry out the SFS in Instagram, as this may be bored by subscribers and will lead to unwanted reels on the page, which will lead to a decrease in the quality of the content. And poor-quality posts in Instagram negatively affect the number of subscribers.

It is worth noting the fact that with the advent of significant updates, specifically - Instagram Storsith, this type of mutual piano began to be used more often in new instagram stories than in ordinary publications. Indeed, the SPS in ordinary posts in the tape today is a somewhat outdated piano and promotion method.

The need to participate in SFS in Instagram

When familiarizing with this technique of mutual piano, some users of social networks have a question: is it necessary to take part in this movement?

Need whether to participate in the SFS on the Instagram platform, each decides on their own. Being a member of such mutual advertising is as efficient and useful as being their organizer. If a person participates in the SFS user who has an account with a fairly large audience, that is, the ability to collect some new subscriptions to your profile. But here it is worth considering the aspect of truly interesting and high-quality content, in the presence of beautiful photos and entertaining posts, a larger number of people who visited the profile, most likely subscribe to him. At the very beginning, when SFS was invented, it was carried out free of charge. That is, the participants of the movement did not receive any material remuneration or gifts.

Currently, when conducting a SFS contest, the organizers decided to encourage participants, as gifts and financial prizes are excellent motivation and encourage people to participate in this PR motion. In addition to gifts and money, winners can receive discounts on certain services and goods.

Therefore, if an active user Instagram has the opportunity and the desire to take part in a similar action or the desire to organize the SFS itself, then it is worth doing this. The most important thing is not to abuse and not tighten with the terms of the announcement of the results.

Participation in SFS in Instagram

SPS is a free mutual meeting in which any active user of this application can take part.

Before the start of the promotion, it should be sorted out how to participate in SFS in Instagram. To take part in a mutual piano, it is worth being signed on the accounts of bloggers and interesting people who often conduct all sorts of shares, draws and Challenge. You can also start such a movement yourself and establish such a tendency among familiar, friends and their subscribers. They, in turn, will also begin to organize and take part in a mutual pian. On social networks, information is distributed at an incredible speed, so such trends will constantly fill in the ribbon of active users.

Participation in the SPS in Instagram

Pros and cons of SFS

As in any other form of a PR in social networks, the SPS has advantages and disadvantages that should be familiar with.


  • Effective way to attract new subscribers to your page;
  • increase the popularity of your own profile;
  • learn about new and interesting accounts;
  • This type of mutual piano is absolutely free;
  • does not require installation of additional applications, everything is done directly in the instagram itself;
  • The ability to win any prizes (depends on the type of SPS conducted, with the presence of prizes or without them).


  • relatively outdated PR;
  • In addition, the SFS audience can be bought out permanent posts with a call to subscribe to this or that profile, people will start unsubscribe;
  • Not always accounts that need to be propagated in response are interesting, so it is impossible to take care of the quality of the recommended content for sure;
  • SPS does not always be effective, if the organizer's audience is not interested in participating in such events.

The SPS value in Instagram is not so large, but in some cases SFS can attract a small number of new follovers and help learn about interesting and educational pages that can be subscribed.

SFS is a term that uses Internet users mostly in Instagram. More precisely, this is the abbreviation of the term "Shout Out for Shout Out", which means "mentioning for reference". SFS - Advertising format, in which the user in his post mentions, suppose you, recommends that you subscribe to you on you or put likes, and you do the same with his profile in return - you recommend your subscribers. His goal is to attract new subscribers, and this is, in turn, just for self-satisfaction (when your photo is interesting to someone). Either for the subsequent sale of advertising or goods before a large number of subscribers. Some bloggers spend SFS with gifts for participants.

Here is an example of SFS found on the Internet.

Although there is an opinion that initially SFS was used at all for advertising as such - the mention was simply a recommendation of interesting instagram accounts to which it is worth subscribing, that is, the phenomenon is not an advertisement.

But now such a format may not be very effective, because, firstly, it could have been boring to many, and secondly, many different users participated in SFS, and not everyone was lucky to be in the sample, it may indicate On ineffectiveness, thirdly due to annoyance from the user can simply unsubscribe.

Well, here on the video of people explains what it is and how to lead:


Each instagram user has already seen an abbreviation SFS. If you are wondering what it means, read our post - we will tell about everything in detail!

SFS value in instagram

So, SFS is a reduction from the phrase "Shout Out for Shout Out" . Translated this may mean Creek for Creek or "Mentioning For Mention" or "voice for voice."

SFS in instagram

Initially, SFS was invented in order for interesting and new profiles in the tape. Now the abbreviation is used in order to draw attention to a specific page. SFS can be called a form of a friendly pian. The essence of it is that: someone from the active users in Instagram asks subscribers to tell about themselves in their profiles. And asking, in turn, will tell about them on his page. In general, mutual, collaboration.


The user placing this hashteg offers another person in instagram mutual PR. If you saw that someone posted in my profile photo with a praise information about some page, and a post with information about the user appeared in the plenible profile, then this is the SFS. People signed on one of the pages involved in SFS will be for curiosity to move on the proposed link and, at the request, subscribe. It works in bilateral manner.

Such a "chip" can become a cool way to dial subscribers. This can be called a white cheating.


SFS rules

The rules for conducting the SPS are quite simple. Suppose you are the organizer. This is how the sequence of your actions will look:

  1. You must publish in your profile photos with the abbreviation of the SFS.
  2. In the signature to the photo indicate when SFS starts as it will last and what number will be the results.
  3. Everyone wishes to take part in the event should take one of your photos in Instagram and publish it in your profile (permissible to make a collage from pictures). Under the photo there must be a few words about the organizer (that is, about you) and the link to your page with @.
  4. After that, all participants in the SPS should write the word "ready" under your start photo.
  5. On that day, when SFS ends, you need to view the profiles of all participants and choose from them. After that, you tell about them on a page through @.
  6. On the end of the event, the organizer (that is, you) must place a collage or even a few collages with references to those participants whose pages liked it. And be sure to tell about them in signature under the photo.


By the way, being the participant and the organizer is equally profitable.


Suppose you participated in the SFS and a popular blogger told about you in my profile. The result - new people subscribed to your page! But keep in mind that you can and not get into the sample, as the SFS organizer is not at all obliged to talk about each participant.

Currently, such an event is already tired of everyone. First, it looks like an annoying advertisement in the tape, and secondly, the one who has already participated in the SFS many times, but never fell into the sample, disappointed. Because of this situation, the organizers are trying to additionally motivate their subscribers to participate in the SPS. For example, guaranteed gifts are offered to several or all participants, possibly - discounts on some products, etc.


Disadvantages of SFS

Of course, SFS has certain disadvantages. This does not mean that the event is ineffective - it just does not suit everything.

So, we turn to the list of shortcomings:

one. As we have said, it is tired of all users of Instagram. Some calmly scroll through such photos, and someone they are very annoying. It turns out that part of the subscribers actively participate in SFS, and the other half - quickly unsubscribe from such profiles.

2. You will have to face the problem of choice. Believe me if you have many subscribers, then choose the profiles of those participants that you plan to tell, very problematic. Suppose someone supported you, told about your page in my profile. But, going to this person, you see that the photo and information has frankly boring page. Maybe this situation is when a lot of worthy candidates. In general, the painful choice is not going anywhere. :)


3. Sometimes SFS turns out to be ineffective and attracts a negligible number of participants. Causes may be different: either such events are tired, or your subscribers are not the people who love such shares.

By the way, if the SPS photo in your ribbon appears, then, most likely, your subscribers willingly take part in your share. But if such photos are extremely rare guests in the tape, then expect the influx of participants at least, stupid. However, there is no rules without exceptions - try it!


Why hold SPS and participate in it

We figured out how the SFS acts and how to organize it, and now let's talk about what to carry out it and why participate in it.

People carry out the SPS to increase the number of subscribers in the profile. Perhaps someone thus makes his pride in this way, someone increases sales of advertised products, and someone subscribers are needed for profitable cooperation with advertisers.


Causes for participation in the SFS:

  • obtaining a prize;
  • friend support;
  • Increased subscribers in the event of a fellow in the sample.

As practice shows, SFS acts much better if they do not abuse!

More information about SFS you can find out when viewing the video:

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The SFS abbreviation is read as "Shout Out for Shout Out", which means "Mentioning for reference". Initially, SFS in Instagram was created to add interesting and current accounts to their profile, as well as help their friends in this search.

To better understand what SFS means in Instagram, we will analyze a simple analogy. We are all familiar with the srangian radio. When we liked the dishes in the new restaurant, a newly read book or premiere in the cinema, we definitely tell friends and acquaintances about it, recommend them. SFS is a similar recommendation. You tell your subscribers about an interesting account, and then the owner of this account tells your subscribers about you. Today, SFS is used more often as PR: "Tell me about me and I will tell you about you." If both are honest account - both remain in the plus.

With the help of SFS in Instagram, you can quickly dial subscribers, this is the effective method of promoting in this social network. When the way only appeared, he enjoyed great popularity. Today, efficiency decreased, as the trend is already outdated and fed. However, to maintain the activity and attracting a new audience, some users still carry out SFS monthly and do it quite successfully.

How to carry out sfs in instagram

There are certain SFS rules in Instagram, they are very simple:

1. In his profile, you need to publish a photo on which there is an inscription SFS. True, now increasingly depart from this rule and put any attractive picture.

2. Further, in the signature to this photo, it is necessary to announce the start of the action, as well as to indicate the timeline and the date of the results of the results. According to the rules of conduct, your subscribers place in their account any of your photo, talk a little about you and put a link to the account (prescribed with @).

4. Further, in the comments, under your post, the subscribers put the "ready" mark, "done", and so on. On the day of the announcement of the results you are viewing comments and choose any accounts. Winners receive mention in your profile. It can be done in the form of a collage, but the references of the winners through @ are necessarily indicated.

And one more checked rule. When conducting SFS, it must be justified for the audience. You can not write "I want to collect subscribers and become popular, so we carry out SFS." Most often indicate such reasons: let's notice 500/1000/1500 followers, tomorrow I have a birthday, tomorrow is a new year, this summer / autumn / winter / spring, etc. came today, etc.

Do I need to participate in SFS in instagram

Take part in such actions as efficiently as being their organizer. If you win, the audience of a large blogger knows about you, and it is from several thousand to dozen and even hundreds of thousands of users. Of course, this is not a million millionniki, they usually hold contests, not SFS.

After that, the number of profile visits will increase, and if the account of the account is interesting - meet new subscribers. However, it is not necessary to forget that the organizer reserves the right to tell only about several accounts, so the likely probability is not among the winners. In principle, SFS was carried out without material remuneration. Today incentives are increasing when subscribers motivate make a useful effect using gifts. It can be small postcards, discounts, souvenirs, and so on.

Do no harm

Like all the tools for promotion, SFS has a number of nuances that need to be considered. Otherwise, you not only do not acquire new subscribers, but also lose your old.

  1. Trend is already tired already, so turn on the creative and try to attract attention to the share to do not scroll through the ribbon. Do not overdo it with the frequency of conducting not to annoy the audience.
  2. Consider that in your profile you will tell about someone, we recommend it. Therefore, analyze the participants and choose really worthy. Check if the winner account will be interesting for your subscribers. It is not necessary to use the random selection method, it is likely that bloggers with high-quality content will remain unnoticed.
  3. Do not place high hopes on SFS. It is likely that the action will not bring you tens and hundreds of new follovers. Perhaps the audience is simply not interested in similar shares. Determine what category Falls are simply: Scroll through your tape and appreciate whether there are many similar posts from organizers and participants. If messages are often found, the audience is already heated, and can be held their own.

Thus, SFS is an efficient and efficient way to attract the audience, provided that it is used correctly.

Every day, new methods of promoting an account in instagram appear. They grow like on yeast. And here the problem is not that you absolutely do not have time to study them ...

The thing is that you do not even introduce old, grandfathers, proven and efficient ways. What is there to talk about innovation here.

Well, for example, how often do you use SFS? And this method of promotion is old as the world. Well, three or four years ago he was exactly at the peak of popularity. Now I will tell you about the SFS in Instagram - what is such simple words. You can get subscribers for free and promote account. So let's go!


A little pain

Start an article with negative - not the best solution, I know. But I still consider it necessary to warn you in advance that SFS has long died, as a mass promotion of the account. It was relevant in 2015-2016, and now mainly used to increase the activity of existing subscribers. Therefore, to feed special hopes for free-free traffic ...

  • For mass attraction of subscribers It is better to use targeted advertising or expand coverage with Massinger / Massinging.

However, these tools are paid. They require albeit small but investments. While SFS is still free, and because it is quite attractive. At least your competitors are used with a lot of probability. Therefore, you will not hurt!


So, SFS is able to provide a small increase in subscribers and increase the involvement of old. And in our time, the involvement of users is the task number 1, because every day more and more similar accounts appear. Competition grows ...

SFS in Instagram - What is it simple words?

No wonder that SFS is an abbreviation. It is literally decrypted very simple: "Shout Out for Shout Out." If they strain and translate it, then something like "Mention instead for reference". In our opinion, it sounds just like "SFS".

This method is based on the fact that one user account is piarit (advertises, promotes) another user account, but not directly into the forehead, but in a more cunning form. In essence, it is a barter, or free exchange of advertising, mutual. Call as you want.

There are two promotion methods using SFS.

In order not to mislead you, let's start with the simplest option. And then gradually come to how to carry out a complex SFS instagram.

Simple SFS: Running in 3 Steps

This is the easiest method that will be understood even a newcomer. He will suit everyone and everything. The only condition is the availability of high-quality content in your account. Otherwise, people will be bad to subscribe, even for money.

To start such SFS, only three simple steps will be required. Carefully explore them and, if necessary, save it in the notebook.

  • Search "partner". Looking for an account with adjacent theme, target audience, number of subscribers.
  • Discussion of Barter's conditions. Contract with a partner about mutual piano. That is, we offer to exchange advertising posts.
  • Placing posts. Publish a photo with him / her in your ribbon (or Storsith), write what this person does and what it can be useful for the audience. And at the end, be sure to subscribe to the specified profile.

Please note that until the end of the summer of 2016, such advertising posts were published exclusively in the tape, along with a general content. And now the SFS posts moved to Storsith, which gave a new life to this method of promotion and added his popularity.

Complex SFS, or Competition for "Advanced"

Contests are one of the most effective promotion methods.

А SFS complex method - This is a standardized event format with obviously predefined rules. That is, in contrast to the floating format of the competition with blurred rules, in 90% of cases, the SFS competition is carried out within the framework of a brief, very visual instruction.

So, step by step instructions for launching SFS competition:

  • Put your post in the ribbon , Sign it with hashthegas # SPS or #SFS;
  • In the text of publication announce the start of the SFS contest with a mandatory indication of the period, the date of choice of the winner;
  • Specify the terms of the competition: Participants need to be placed in their profiles any of your photos with a brief overview (who are you, what you can offer). And also be sure to attach an active link to your current account.
  • After that, each participant needs to write Comment "Performed" or "+" under your publication (see clause 1);
  • On the specified day You summarize SFS competition in your account (let's talk more about this below).

How to sum up the results of the contest?

On the specified day, you are a random method (the generation of random numbers with the help of various services) choose the winner or several winners.

Then tell about them - who are what they do, as well as how can be useful for the audience. It is required to subscribe to the references to accounts. This can be done within one post or several, at your discretion.

I have little subscribers: can I carry out SFS?

Congratulations, this question is asked for 90% of the owners of new accounts. And you are absolutely right if the account is new, only your friends and bots are signed on it, then the activity will be extremely no, and SFS, respectively, ineffective.

But we are with you optimists!

Let's look at this situation several from another projection. Now, knowing what SFS is, you can find popular bloggers on tags # SFS or #SFS to take part in such a competition. And if you manage to win, your subscribers will know about you, that, you see, good advertising and a guaranteed influx of free traffic.

Correct SFS: 3 Main Evaluation Criteria

Imagine that you, no with this with this, posted a SFC-post and called on subscribers to tell you beautiful your friends about you. It sounds frankly strange, especially if you are not a popular blogger, but Petya Ivanov with a new one, not a well-known account.

But if you coincide with the competition to some event or occasion, it will not be so sad.

Check out the three terms of the qualitative, or better call it efficient, SFS. Of course, these simple rules are not mandatory, but, according to statistics, they increase coverage 1.5-2 times. I can argue that thanks to them your SPS in instagram will be more successful.

3 Conditions for launching SFS complex type in Instagram

  • Come up with an excuse. This is the basis of the correct mechanics of this event. The reason for the SFS can be both a banal birthday and a certain "anniversary" number of friends (for example, 1000). Well, if with a fantasy is completely tight, just write that this is your first time.


  • Specify the clear conditions. It is important that the contest conditions are simple and understandable. Explain that you need to make participants when and how the winner will be selected. The easier the conditions are, the higher the probability that subscribers will begin to participate more actively. Therefore, you do not need to be very wise. Follow the simple rules.

  • Prepare gifts. As I said before, SFS is a method that was popular in 2015-2016. And to stimulate it now, get ready to encourage participants with gifts. Here everything is your choice - from small cash remuneration to commemorative souvenirs. Conducting SFS in Instagram, remember this.


Cons SFS: It is important to know before starting

Any contest is a certain risk.

It may be unsuccessful or just "not to go" the target audience due to the unsuccessful choice of the pretext, bad advertising, as well as other factors.

I remind you that SFS is a special kind of competition. In addition to the characteristic rules of holding, he has some minuses that should be considered before launching.

  • Old, like a world. I repeat for the third time that today this method of promotion has lost their former popularity. Therefore, in order to maximize the coverage, you will have to use various stimulating things, such as monetary rewards or gifts. Sometimes the original feed helps.
  • Ugly. Under the terms of the competition, you will have anyway, you will have to publish in your winner account (with reference to its account). Imagine that this is not a completely nice person and publishes not very worthy content. In such a mutual PR, you can spoil the reputation and view of your account.

Now you know the shortcomings of this method of promotion in instagram. Conduct an SFS contest or not, solve you exclusively. But in general, these shortcomings are insignificant. Especially if you have an adequate and active target audience.

Brief conclusions: Repetition - the mother of the teaching

So, now you know for sure, SFS in Instagram - what is such simple words. In fact, it is free, cool, but slightly outdated way to activate old subscribers and attract new ones.

Its essence is in a mutual pian. That is, someone tells about you in your account, and you, accordingly, make an advertising publication on your page with a reference to a partner.

If you have never conducted such events before, I advise you to go through some training. As the saying goes, For the first time in the first class !

  • Subscribe to some interesting blogger. Make a SFS contests;
  • In parallel, see how other accounts are carried out (for this, it is enough to introduce the appropriate hashtag in instagram);
  • Examine the conditions for conducting SPS events, modify them for yourself.

Well, everything, now you can safely run your effective contest!

As you read the article to the end and are really interested in the promotion of the account, I advise you to explore the article: " How to increase instagrem coverage: 11 secrets of promotion ".

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SFS is one of the most common and effective promotion methods in Instagram. The SFS abbreviation is decrypted as "Shout Out for Shout Out", which translated from English means "Mention for mention."

This promotion format can be called one of the options for a mutual pian. As part of the SFS, the blogger offers its subscribers to lay out one of his photos with reference and appeal to subscribe. So he collects a new live and interested audience. And then selects several interesting profiles that fulfilled the CFS conditions and publishes them in their account. That is, subscribers participating in SFS get a chance to attract the attention of the audience of a large blogger.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

Promotion Promotions via SFS

  • Rising blog. Attracting new living subscribers, the growth of the audience and the recognition of the blogger. The more subscribers participate in SFS, the more people find out about the blog.
  • Chance for beginners. For a beginner blogger, participation in the SFS can be an excellent opportunity to access a large audience of a large blogger. If his account is interesting and beautifully decorated, some of the subscribers of the popular blogger may be interested in a new blog.
  • Free method. Such a promotion format does not require cash investments with any or on the other side.
  • Simplicity. A simple mechanic carrying out SFS allows you to use this method to bloggers with small experience and any number of subscribers.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

Minuses of promotion via SFS

  • Outdated format. Many users of the SFS format, which for several years used everything in a row, was tired of orders. Therefore, running SFS, be prepared for the fact that you will not only come new subscribers, but it will take part of the old.
  • Problem of choice. Before the blogger is a difficult task to choose from a variety of accounts those that it will publish in his profile. Subscribers who have completed the conditions, but have not been selected, can be offended by you and present their claims.
  • Low efficiency. Recently, the arrival of subscribers after the SPS has become much lower. This promotion method may be inffective as for a blogger that runs it and for subscribers who will benefit.

Various FSS formats

Simple format

Two bloggers with approximately the same audience negotiate a mutual pian. Each of you is posting a photo of the second blogger in his post or Storsith with information about him and the appeal to subscribe. Most often, such a format of promotion is called mutual, and not SPS.

This method of promotion is popular both among small and among major blogs. When choosing a partner for a mutual piano, choose bloggers with a similar target audience and approximately the same number of subscribers. So cooperation will be equally profitable to both parties.

Complex format

This is a traditional SFS method with established rules, which are followed by most users moving in Instagram.

  1. At first, the blogger lay out the post with Hesteg #SFS, which tells about the start of the SFS, dates and conditions of participation.
  2. Then the subscribers who want to take part in SFS are placed in their tape or storage (depending on the conditions) any photo of the blogger, information about it is marked with its account.
  3. After that, the blogger to the appointed date selects the attached accounts and lay out them in Ribe or Storsith, calling on the audience to subscribe to beautiful and interesting blogs of their subscribers.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

How to spend the SFS in instagram, ideas

If you want to spend SFS in Instagram and make it the most efficiently for yourself and your subscribers, follow the basic rules:

  • Come up with a reason for SFS - it may be a holiday, the "first SFS", some event in your life.
  • Prepare your account to carry out the SPS. After all, from what beautiful and interesting will your page will be depends on how the subscribers will tell about it.
  • Choose an attractive photo and as much as possible describe the conditions for the SPS.
  • Put suitable hasties - #SFS, # SPS, # Mutual, etc .. With their help, your post will be able to see not only subscribers, but also those who are specially looking for similar shares.
  • To the appointed date carefully view all the profiles that took part in the SPS. Choose the most beautiful and interesting of them and post in post or Storsis, as promised.

After the promotion, appreciate the number of new subscribers to understand how this promotion method is suitable for you. If the result arranges you, then you can repeat SFS after some time, in about 3-4 weeks. But too often, it is not necessary to arrange such actions - it can start annoying an audience.

SFS in Instagram Stories

And now the most interesting - SFS in Storsith! This SFS format is the most relevant and effective at present. Its main advantage - participants more, since putting someone else's photo in Storsith easier than at home on a page.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

However, he has his own minuses:

  • In the screenshots there is no information about your uniqueness and benefits, because in Storsith it will not work out a lot. Therefore, the "sell" screen will be able to units. 60% is limited to the call to go to the profile at the indicated link.
  • Subscribers can choose not "selling" photos. Few switches to you in the profile, just after seeing a photo. The video message record units.
  • Coverage to Storsis is less than coverage in posts, so you will see a smaller number of users.

Tip: Prepare the photo masks themselves who will have to share subscribers. Write on it "selling" text, suck in conditions that it is necessary to share this pattern. Indicate that additional "buns" is provided for recording the video.

Relevance in 2020?

In 2020, SFS format gradually loses its relevance, as it managed to borrow users in a few previous years. Nevertheless, some bloggers continue to quite effectively use it to promote their pages in Instagram.

The most relevant format from all this year you can call the CFS in Stories. Accommodation in Storsith allows subscribers not to clog their tape with other people's photos, so they are more willing to participate in SFS.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

Despite the fact that this method of promotion can not be called new and fresh, it still remains quite effective for beautiful and interesting blogs with lively and involved audience. Try various formats, interact with your subscribers and see that this method still can help you attract a new and live audience.

Other ways to promote instagram account

Other paid and free promotion methods in Instagram, popular in 2020, can be attributed:

  • Massfolloving and masslaking - subscriptions and litters of the target audience found in competing accounts, geolocation, by hashtags, etc. It can be done manually or using various services. The method is ineffective due to the introduction of restrictions Instagram and the fatigue of the audience.
  • LikeTime - users need to be like a lika under the photo of the blogger and celebrate several friends to participate in the draw. The method allows you to increase the organic coverage of the post.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

  • Giveaway - To take part in a gift drawing, users need to share the photos in their tape or storage. The method works with expensive or cash prizes.

What is SFS in Instagram, how to spend in 2020?

  • Circular mechanics - this format has replaced the usual SFS, LikeTime and Giveaway. Now a few bloggers are combined to make several gifts or a large cash prize in the draw. A prerequisite for participation is to subscribe to all competition organizers, which allows bloggers to exchange an audience with each other.
  • Targeted advertising - paid account advertising in tape or storage Instagram. Advertising can be launched on the audience selected by many criteria. This method of promotion is today one of the most efficient and in demand.

Musthave services to promote Instagram:

We selected the best And the most necessary tools for work in instagram. They will come to promote commercial accounts and for personal blogs.

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