How to change Email in Microsoft account?

Microsoft account is directly related to many products of the company. As a login, you can use any email address. If you start actively mastering another email, follow the instructions given to secure it at the account and change the old one.


How to change Microsoft Account - email change

It should be said in advance that you must have access to your old account to confirm the actions. If two-stage authentication was previously enabled, then to the phone number too. In the case when these conditions are impracticable, you will have to delete an account and create a new one. To change login:

  • We go to your Microsoft account through the browser, at (the same is easy to do from, if on the right and on top to click on your "account" and choose "see") ;
  • On the blue panel, select the "Details" tab, after clicking on "Input Management ...";
  • I confirm the possession of the account by one of the previously configured methods - by SMS or via an electronic box;
  • After, on the same page, we go to the "pseudonym account" item;
  • Select "Add email address";
  • Enter the desired email;
  • The next step we get a notification on it;
  • We open the letter, read, click on the link to confirm;
  • Now, on the entry management page, select "Make the main one" near the line with a new email address;
  • Mailing from Email should read that it is a "main pseudonym";

Now the address is easy to use to access Microsoft Services.


Replacing the Microsoft Account on Local

In Windows 10, you can also log in using the developer's company account. If you do not want to do this, let's figure it out how to change this type of account on the local:

  • We go to the OS with Microsoft account and administrator rights;
  • In the "Accounts" section -> "System Parameters" by changing the type of account by clicking on the link "Login from Local ...";
  • We recruit the password from the current "account";
  • Create a new local entry, entering the login, password and hint to it;
  • We reboot and select the recorded account on the login screen.

The Microsoft Account directly from under Windows will not work differently.


How to change the Microsoft account on the phone?

The question of changing the account from the popular company on the smartphone is also sufficiently distributed in the worldwide network, but the answer to it is not consolation. To set a new account, the device will have to reset to factory settings. How to do it - depends on the specific phone model. It is important to remember that all data from the phone will disappear, so before holding the Hard Reset'a you need to make a backup, that is, to save the necessary information for the owner. In addition, on the devices with which Full Unlock is produced, it is realistic to change the Microsoft account to another (in fact, it will be possible to do anything, since you have full access to the entire "stuffing" of the smartphone). However, in most cases, it is not recommended to do this, since there is a not enough experienced user will easily damage the system and violates the normal functioning of the mobile.

You can change the Microsoft account with another radical way - a complete deletion from the company's website, with the subsequent creation of a new account. Within 60 days the old account can still be restored if the user will change their mind.

It is no secret that the so-called user account, which he creates when registering on the official website of the corporation, plays a significant role. However, let's see how to change the Microsoft account, if it is really necessary. Issues relating to the loss of mobile gadget or the legitimacy of the installation of the company's software products, now will not be considered. We focus precisely on the "account".

How to change the Microsoft account: first steps

Surely each user of computer systems or mobile gadgets based on Windows faced the problem of "account". This is not surprising, since many software products or updates of the same system are available to the user only if there is such.

How to change Microsoft account

It equally concerns users and stationary computer systems, and laptops, and smartphones (in most cases these are Nokia gadgets). How to create or how to change the Microsoft account? There is nothing easier.

To begin, it should be simply registered on the Corporation website, and then confirm the creation of a record by answering an email in the email specified during registration. Just in case, the Corporation server in automatic mode sends a special notification with the code to a mobile phone, which is useful, if the "account" was forgotten or the user simply does not remember the login and password.

How to change Microsoft account on phone

Notice, no reference to a specific device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet) now does not go, although there are a number of conditions for software updates, but about it somewhat later.

Why do you need "account", and does it make sense to create it?

Before proceeding with the consideration of the voiced problem ("How to change the Microsoft account on the phone?"), It is necessary to solve an equally important question: is it worth it to create such registration? By the way, the same topic will be the actuient and for the owners of a stationary computer terminal or laptop.

Take the simplest example. As practice shows, most Windows users, not counting "dozens", which is available for download in free mode, use pirated copies of this OS. There is nothing surprising in this, because even an outdated "expire" with all service packs is quite expensive, that our people just do not afford.

At the same time, if the user is not going to go to the system update or receive official updates, then it is not possible to think about creating an account. What for? After all, at one time, the then head of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates warned that in the online mode, all pirated copies of Windows will be tracked, and there can be no speech updates.

Apparently, he had to bury his dream, because today the same copies of Windows with offline activation can be found so much that it is generally unknown which one may be original, and which is hacked.

Another thing is when you need to go to the new version of the OS (which is on the computer that on the smartphone). Here, without "account" can not do.

Official funds online

As a rule, the problem itself is how to change the Microsoft account on the phone or on the computer (laptop), it is not particularly difficult. To do this (naturally, if you have a login and password, specified when registering on the official website) you need to just go to the desired resource, then use the menu of your own profile, where the corresponding settings will be.

How to change Microsoft account for lumia

It goes without only, you can change not only the login or password of access. Immediately you can change, say, the username, registration site of the place of residence (if the automatic definition of the region is not enabled), email address or Mobile number number. In general, the standard procedure is practically no different from similar actions, for example, when creating or modifying your own account on social networks like "VKontakte" or Facebook.

Is it possible to change your account your own tools?

This question exists only one answer: "No!". The most striking example of this can be the configuration of the popularity of "dozens".

To disable the user identification in it when logging in or when you exit hibernation (sleep), you can, and this is simple enough: either through the computer administration, or through the power management system (for sleep mode). But to change the password, even if the computer is on an offline mode without constant internet connection, it will not work in any way.

But if the requirement about the login and password is included, the system (in our case, Windows 10, without any difference, what version is the TECHNICAL PREVIEW or PRO) will still require the data specified during registration. Here, by the way, even configure your own account management, even if you have full administrator rights on this computer, will not help. The simplest passwords like "11111111" do not pass (these are the features of the security system). Even if everything is disabled (antiviruses, firewall or optimizer programs that are directly interacting with the system), nothing is possible from this will not be released.

How to change the Microsoft account: Windows Phone

With "accounts" created for mobile gadgets, not everything is so simple. Now a few words about how to change the Microsoft account on Nokia or any other smartphone running Windows. As an example, we take smartphones of the Lumia series.

How to change Microsoft account on Nokia

First of all, when solving the question of how to change the Microsoft account on Lyumi, you should reset the settings to factory, after which it is possible to use the transition to the official website, and there already make the necessary adjustments. But much easier, it turns out that create a new "account" using your mobile number, because in this case the binding is carried out to it.

How to change Microsoft Windows Phone Account

On the other hand, to reset the password, you can directly from the smartphone to the official website of the support site in the help section, where the link to change the "account" will be linked in this issue. Only and everything.


As can be seen from the above material, the question itself on how to change the Microsoft account, is not particularly difficult. Another thing is for which device will be made such a change. In our case, only a smartphone or a tablet with a SIM card that is responsible for the subscriber number can be played a key role, since computer systems do not have any such binding.

When installing Windows 10 or initially configuring a Windows computer, you may have convinced you to log in using Microsoft account. The Microsoft account is usually used to enter your email in Outlook, Hotmail or Live. It was possible to log in using a local account, but usually it remains unnoticed. So, now, if for any reason you want Switch to local account from Microsoft account This guide will help you. You can create a separate local account or you can convert an existing account to a local account.

What is the difference

There are several advantages of using Microsoft account compared to a local account. The Microsoft Account includes all cloud services and allows you to synchronize your settings on different devices. In addition, it allows you to access the Windows store and download / install applications to your computer. You can access some other services using only Microsoft account. But the local account is a simple autonomous account without synchronization. You need to separately log in to Windows Store to download the application, and most cloud services are disabled.

Well, if your settings and files are synchronized between devices, but for some reason you may not do this. You may have a shared computer at home, and you do not want to log in using your Microsoft personal account. Or you just want to have a local account. Follow the steps to convert an existing Microsoft account to a local account.

Change Microsoft Account to Local Account

Step 1 . Click "Start", and then go to "Settings".

Step 2. . Go to the "Accounts" section, and then "your data". Make sure you entered the system using Microsoft account.

Step 3. . Click "Logging using a local account". Enter your current MICROSOFT account password for authentication and click Next.

Step 4. . Select a new username and password for a local account, and you are almost finished. Click "Go out and finish" and that's it.

Now you just need to go out and log in with new credentials. None of your files or programs will be affected. The account will remain unchanged, only the login procedure will change. You can easily access files through the library folders as they were before switching your account. Any data associated with Windows Store applications also remain unchanged. But you need to enter the system again under your initial account so that applications can access these data.

Thus, you could change your Microsoft account to local. Local account does not synchronize your data and settings. And to download applications from the Windows Store, you need to log in again. To restore access to services, you can log in again using your Microsoft account. Stuck on something? Comment on your questions, and we will be happy to help.

As I mentioned earlier, the local account does not synchronize your data and settings. And to download applications from the Windows Store, you need to log in again. To restore access to services, you can log in again using your Microsoft account. Stuck on something? Comment on your questions, and we will be happy to help.

With the arrival of the Windows operating system 10, many simple steps with the steel system will be performed a bit different, which often causes problems in inexperienced users. In this short article, we will tell you how to change the username, as well as the name of the Microsoft account in Windows 10.

If you use a local account, you can change the username in Windows 10 exactly in the same way as it was done in the old versions of Windows. To do this, click the Windows + X key combination and select the "Control Panel" that appears.

After the "Control Panel" opens, go to the "User Accounts" section.

And then, open the subsection with the same name.

As a result, you will open a window with information about your account. In order to change the username, click on the "Changing Your Account" link.

After that, a form will appear with which you can change the username. Enter a new name and click on the Rename button.

In order to apply the changes to restart the computer.

How to change Microsoft account name on windows 10

If you use Microsoft account to log in in Windows 10, then it will not be possible to change its name to the method described above. But you can change the name of the account on the Microsoft website. To do this, open the Start menu and go to "Parameters".

After that, open the "Accounts - Email and Accounts" section. Here you will see all the basic information about your Microsoft account. To change the name of this account, click on the Microsoft Account Management link.

After that, the browser will open and you will redirect to the website. If you are not authorized on this site, you will first have to enter a login and password. After you enter this site, click on the "Change Name" link, which will be located on the left side of the page.

A small form will appear later in which you want to enter the name and surname that you want to use as an account on Windows 10.

After entering the necessary data, do not forget to click on the Save button.

It should be noted that changing the name of the user does not affect the name of the user folder on the system disk, the folder name will remain the same as before.

In our age of information technologies, shop windows stores and advertising billboards are singing with all sorts of affordable and "smart" gadgets for every taste. Already no one will not surprise the presence of an account in various social networks, surprised views causes, just his absence.

Each popular operating system attracts its connoisseurs.

For stationary devices, the overwhelming majority of users is chosen by Windows, although IOS recently also gains momentum, and the good old Linux slowly goes into oblivion. In the mobile device market, the situation is different - free and available for download Android occupies most of the market.

The fashion, recently, burst products from Apple on their IOS operating system and is only gaining momentum. Yet, invariably, people acquire who won their confidence, gadgets from the company Nokia, who work on Windows Mobile. It is this product, or rather, a certain nuance of its use, consider today.

Why do you need an account?

When registering any modern device, you need to create a user account. Everyone knows that it plays an important role in the further use of the device. Which one? "Study" allows you to synchronize the settings of the applications and the operating system with other devices, the same user, in fact it is a modified alternative to the usual username. If you have only one computer, the importance of this function is not lost.

When updating or reinstalling the system, thanks to the account, all previous settings are saved in the cloud storage and can be removed from there automatically. This account allows you to freely download and update installed applications in the Windows store, automatically log in to Microsoft programs. And it is completely free, material costs will require only the creation of a large network storage (additional memory is bought) or downloading paid software. Is it possible to change the initially entered data and how to do it in detail further.

To begin with, we will understand whether the account is needed at all. If the user does not plan to update the existing products in the future, then the registration itself does not make sense. Considering the fact that most Microsoft users of Microsoft products, not counting Windows 10, use pirated copies, and you can also forget about the registration.

Although programs for offline activation of such copies can be found an infinite set and eventually not even disassemble which of them is original, and which is not. The founder of the company Bill Gates, at one time threatened that this would not happen and all pirated copies would be strictly tracked, but everything was noted since he wanted.

The fact is that the original product, even outdated Windows XP, is a fabulous money and simply not afford the majority of users. This leads to the use of pirate copies of software. All these nuances concern the users of both stationary devices and mobile. Other crankcor acquires a situation where you want to update the system both on the computer and on other devices in this situation can not do without an account.

How to create a Microsoft account.

How to change the Microsoft account on the computer.

Is it possible to change the credentials without connecting to the Internet? The answer is only one - no! Consider an example on the popularity of the new version of Windows 10. In this Operation, disable the user recognition when entering or output from the system can be done quite easily. But change the password, even if the computer does not have access to the Internet, it will not come out.

The system, in any version, will require exactly the data that was specified during registration. Even the full administrator rights will help in any way and the account management settings. Disabled all optimization programs, antiviruses and firewalls will not change anything. The security system will also not allow the use of elementary passwords as a set of identical or sequential digits.

Changing the profile through the mobile device also has its subtleties. The vast majority of smartphones operating on the Windows Phone system are, of course, Nokia. Therefore, we take as the example of the example of Mobile from the Lumia series. To change the account on this device, you will need to first reset all settings to the factory, and then, again, through the Official Microsoft website to make the necessary changes.


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The parameters of any Microsoft user account used in Windows 10, Office, Skype and other companies / services of the company, provides the ability to change the email address (login). What is interesting, this procedure does not affect the data, settings, subscriptions, purchases attached to Microsoft account. All of them remain in place. If you wish to know how to change the e-mail (Login) of the Microsoft account, you should pay attention to this instruction.

Changing the main email address in Microsoft account

  • So, first of all, go to the Microsoft Account site and enter data from the account.
  • After that, at the top of the web page click on item Intelligence and then click on Input management to Microsoft account .
  • Next, the system will ask to confirm your identity. You will need to choose how you want to get the security code (in an email to the backup e-mail, in the SMS message, or using an application for authorization), and then enter it into the appropriate field and click on Send .
  • After successful checking, click on Add email address In chapter Pseudonym account .
  • Now enter the new Outlook e-mailbox, which will continue to be used as a new login of Microsoft account. If there is no such, it needs to be created.
  • The email you should come to the email to confirm that the postal address included in the previous stage is really yours. Open this letter and click on the link within it.
  • After completing the mail address confirmation process, go back to the profile management page and opposite the new address. Make basic . As a result, he must receive status Basic pseudonym .

Now you can use the new e-mail as a login to enter Microsoft account. The old one can leave for the safety net, or delete. Here already act on your discretion.

How to change the email address associated with Microsoft account

You may need to change the email address. Mail (also known as an account alias), which is used to enter the Microsoft account, according to one of the following reasons.

Important! Before you start, you need to change the email address and password configured for Microsoft account. If you do not know the password, see Solving a problem with a lost account or solving a problem with a lost password.

Note. If at the bottom of the page you will see a message "To secure security, please confirm the current main alias before adding a new one. Confirm The current main pseudonym, or select "Rename". If you choose Rename , you need to get acquainted with the section "How to rename an unconfirmed basic pseudonym"

Step 2. Assign a new email address as your main pseudonym

The added new email address must be assigned as the main pseudonym so that it is displayed when entering all devices and services. The following is described how to do it.

On the page Account pseudonym management In chapter Pseudonym account Choose Make basic Next to the pseudonym to make the main one.

Note. Almost an email address can be used as the main pseudonym.

Step 3: Removing old email addresses that are no longer used to enter

Note. If you prefer to remove the alias with the Microsoft domain, for example @, @ or @, then this alias is completely deleted and will not be available to enter the Microsoft service.

To delete an email address that is no longer used to enter your account, click Delete Next to this pseudonym on the page Account pseudonym management And then follow the instructions.

Important! Do not delete this email address if you want to use it to send and receive messages.

How to rename the untested basic pseudonym

  1. If you did not have the opportunity to check your main alias, on the page Microsoft Access Control Select the option Rename Next to the main pseudonym.
  2. Choose Use an existing pseudonym or Use another pseudonym .
    1. If you managed to check the pseudonym you want to make the main one, select Use an existing pseudonym and select the preferred email address from the menu. Otherwise, go to step 4 and add or create a new email address.
  3. If you have chosen Use another pseudonym , follow these steps.
    1. If you want to create a new email address, select Create a new email address and use it as the main pseudonym and then click Rename the main pseudonym .
    2. If you want to use an email address that is not related to Microsoft (for example, @ or @ ), Select Use an existing email address as a alias of Microsoft account and then click Rename the main pseudonym .
      • If you need to add an existing email address, you will need to go to Email Address Confirmation Page To confirm that you are its owner. After that, this email address will be sent to you a message with a confirmation code.
      • After receiving an email with confirmation, enter the confirmation code in the field and click Confirm To confirm that you own this account.
      • Note. The entered email address should not be used as a pseudonym in the Microsoft account.
  4. If you successfully confirm you will see the following message: "You changed the name of your main pseudonym" . In addition, your unconfirmed main pseudonym will be replaced with a new address on the page. "Microsoft Access Control" .

Note. To replace the email address, it may be necessary to 48 hours to spread through all Microsoft services. If the input into the Microsoft account is made from the Xbox One console using the Kinect sensor, then the proposal may be received temporarily input manually using a gamepad. If two days later, input requests are still received, try removing your account from the console and add it again.

When working on one device at the same time, multiple users sooner or later will have to face the task of changing the rights of accounts, as one users need to provide the rights of the administrator of the system, and others will take these rights. Such permissions suggest that in the future some user will be able to change the configurations of application and standard programs, to launch certain utilities with extended rights or lose these powers.

Consider how you can change the rights of the user on the example of adding administrator privileges (reverse operation is identical) in Windows 10.

It is worth noting that the execution of this task requires authorization using an account that has administrator rights. If you do not have access to such a type of account or forgot your password, it will not be possible to use the methods described below.

The standard method of changing the privileges of the user is to use "Control Panels" . This method is simple and understood for all users.

    Transfer B. "Control Panel" .

Turn on the view mode "Large icons" And then select the section specified below to the image.

Click on Element "Managing another account" .

Then choose "Changing the type of account" .

Switch the user account in mode "Administrator" .

"System Parameters" - Another convenient and easy way to change user privileges.

  1. Press the combination "Win + I" on keyboard.
  2. In the window "Options" Lay the element specified in the image and click on it.

Select the account for which you want to change the rights, and click on it.

  • Press "Change Account Type" .
  • Set account type "Administrator" and press "OK" .
  • The shortest way to get administrator rights is the use of "Command Line" . It is enough just to enter one single command.

      Launch cmd. With administrator rights through the right click on the menu "Start" .

    Net User Administrator / Active: Yes

    Its execution activates the hidden record of the system administrator. The Russian-language version of the OS uses the administrator keyword, instead of an English-speaking version of Administrator.

    In the future, you can already use this account.

    1. Press the combination "Win + R" And enter in the secpol.msc string.

  • Expand section "Local policies" and select subsection "Security Settings" .
  • Set the value "Included" For the parameter specified in the image.
  • This method repeats the functional of the previous one, that is, the previously hidden administrator account activates.

    This method is used only to disable the administrator account.

      Press the key combination "Win + R" And enter the Lusrmgr.msc command in the string.

  • On the right side of the window, click on the directory "Users" .
  • Click the Administrator account with the right mouse button and select item. "Properties" .
  • Install the mark opposite the item "Disable Account" .
  • In such ways, you can easily enable or disable the administrator account, and add or remove the privilege from the user.

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    How to change the username in Windows 10, delete and create a new

    For ease of use of the computer, to identify devices and users, the operating system all assigns certain name identifiers. User, computer, working group and so on has its own definite and unique name. Many names are set by the default system and these names in most cases do not meet the requirements for work. If the user names indicate the computer administrator, then such parameters as the working group are specified by default. So that everything worked as it is necessary to change these identifiers. About how to change the username in Windows 10, how to create and delete an account and how to rename the working group and the computer name you will learn in this article.

    Changing the username in Windows 10 may you need for many reasons. For example, when installing Windows or when you register your user, you incorrectly specified the name and you this error is constantly a corp eye or for example, you created a Cyrillic account and, accordingly, the user folder is also created in Cyrillic, and some programs use this folder to store files and do not understand Russian letters (Recently, this is often not found, but everything can be).

    In case of error when you enter the user, you can simply change the name as will be shown below, but if the problem is in the work of a program with a folder, then the simple name of the name will not help since with the standard renaming of the name, the local folder of this user will have the same name that and before renaming. The folder change procedure carries the risk that the system for this account will stop normally. Therefore, the easiest way to change the username in Windows 10 is to create a new one with a new correct name, assign it as an administrator and if the old account is not needed, go under the new account and delete the old one. In this case, the user and the folder will have the same name. Phased this process is as follows.

    How to create an account in Windows 10 with administrator rights

    Step 1: Click the Start button and at the highest click on your account name. In the dropping menu, select "Change Account Settings".

    Step 2: In the account settings window in the left side, go to the "Family and other users" section. Then click on the "Add user to this computer" link.

    Step 3: In Windows 10, the creators tried to do everything to bind the user to the Microsoft account. Personally, I do not need such an account at all and I used to create a user of an independent and not affected by any account (even more than Microsoft after their latest updates related to full tracking actions on a computer and sending all data to them). Therefore, I recommend to register a separate user without binding. To do this, click on the link " The user who I want to add is no email address ".

    Step 4: Naturally the system will propose to create such a user with a Microsoft account. To fail, click on the link at the bottom of the "Add user without Microsoft account".

    Step 5: Finally, you will fall on the standard window to create an account not attached to anything. Enter the login (username), password twice and tip to recall the password during the loss. Posted? Click "Next".

    Step 6: By default, the user is created as a standard account without administrator rights. To change the rights of the newly created account, click on the "Change Account Type" button.

    Step 7: In the account changes in the account in the drop-down list, select the Type of Account "Administrator" and click OK.

    Step 8: As a result, you will receive a new account with administrator rights.

    Step 1: To remove an unnecessary account in Windows 10, go to "Change account settings" by clicking on the Start button and in your name at the top of the window.

    Step 2: In the parameters, select "Family and other users". Find the required user, click on it and then on the Delete button.

    Step 3: Confirm the deletion of account and all data associated with it.

    Step 1: Finally, we got to the standard embedded method to change the username in Windows 10. The first solution that can come to mind is to click the Start button, then to the user and in the drop-down menu select "Change account settings".

    Step 2: However, not everything is so simple and I do not know why the developers did not add the ability to change the username at this menu item. Here you will not find it. Therefore, go to the next item.

    Step 3: Right-click on the Start button and in the context list, select "Control Panel".

    Step 4: As in Windows 7, to change the name, find and click "User Accounts".

    Step 5: For account, click on the "Changing Your Account" link. If you need to change the name of another user, click on "Managing another Account" and select the user name to change and then "change the account name".

    Step 6: In the Enter field, enter a new account name. Confirm renaming by clicking on the Rename button.

    How to change the computer name in Windows 10 and the Working Group

    Step 1: The computer name and the name of the working group in Windows 10 are virtually in the same sequence. Right-click on the Start button and in the context menu, select System.

    Step 2: You will see the existing computer name and the name of the working group. To change them, click on the right link "Edit Parameters".

    Step 3: Click the "Edit" button as shown in the image.

    Step 4: A window will open in which you can simultaneously change the computer name and the name of the working group. In the appropriate fields, enter the necessary names and click on OK.

    Step 5: The system will warn you that changes will take effect only after rebooting.

    Step 6: The corresponding icon will hang in the properties of the system before rebooting. Until you reboot, you will not be able to create, delete and rename users.

    Step 7: Restart the computer immediately not to postpone for later.

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    Change Microsoft Account Email Address

    In modern operating systems, such as Windows 8 and 10, you can use Microsoft account in order to take advantage of all OS features. Email is tied to the profile, which Serves the role of login . Accordingly, the mail can be changed without losing data in their account.

    In the article, we will consider in detail how you can change the mail associated with the account. It is worthwing to know that for this procedure it is necessary to have access to the old box, the procedure confirmation will come to it. Otherwise, you will need to create a new account.

    The whole procedure does not take much time and it is simple enough. Problems may occur only In the absence of access To the old post box.

    First of all, go to your profile. You can do this in the browser on the Microsoft website or opening the site to the address Login. Live. Com. . After that we are looking for an icon of your profile on the right upper part of the resource and click on the link " View Account "

    Before the user, the management of his account will appear, where you need to open the bookmark " Intelligence "And find the list" Input management to Microsoft account »

    After the input is confirmed, the page will open where to find the section " Pseudonym account "And click on the link" Add email address "

    In field Enter your own email - It can be mail from Outlook or any other.

    After all manipulations, a letter will be sent to the specified box with reference to activate data change. It is enough to click on the link indicated in the letter and wait for the page loading, after which the activation can be considered complete.

    Now it remains to return to the Microsoft Profile Management page, where both box will appear. To change the record, it is enough to click on " Make basic "Near the address.

    On this, the process of changing the account can be considered completed. Boxes can be added a few pieces, they will all be active, but only the main one will be used for the entrance.

    In addition, it is worth knowing that the old email can be deleted if it is no longer needed.

    How to change the main email address for Microsoft account

    If you use Microsoft account to enter Windows, then you have some kind of email address that is constantly written in the login field at the entrance. This email address can be changed, or add another to enter the Microsoft account using several different email addresses. In general, in today's article, consider ways to change the main email address for the Microsoft account.

    How to add a pseudonym to Microsoft account

    1. Click the Microsoft account page and click "Log in", in the window that opens, enter the email address and password tied to this account => Click "Login";

    2. On the top panel, select "Details";

    3. Press the left mouse button to "control the input to the Microsoft account";

    5. You can create a new mailbox and ask it as a new pseudonym, so firing any of your existing mailing address. Enter the existing one or come up with a new one and click "Add pseudonym";

    All, alias added to your account and you can use the added address to log in to Windows.

    How to change the main email address for Microsoft account

    Each of the added pseudonyms can be used to enter Windows, Outlook.COM, Skype, OneDrive, Office, Xbox and much more. If you want to change the pseudonym, which is displayed on your Microsoft devices as the base, do the following:

    1.If pseudonyms already created earlier - do the first three points from the instruction above;

    2. Following how to make any of the pseudonyms the main - it needs to be confirmed. When you added a pseudonym, then the letter was sent to that address that you need to open and click confirmation. That is, if we added any email address as a pseudonym - open the mailbox => Open a letter from Microsoft => and click on the link near USE this link to verify

    3. Now, near the confirmed pseudonym, you can click on "Make the Basic";

    4. In the next window, confirm the change in the main email address, click "Yes"

    Everything is so easy to change the main email address, also in the same window you can delete unnecessary emails (pseudonyms), just near the unnecessary click on "Delete"

    In the window that appears, confirm the removal by clicking on "Delete".

    After moving to Windows 10, many users have questions: how to change the account in Windows 10, how to remove the Microsoft Windows 10 account, how to return the Microsoft account in Windows 10 or how to disable the Microsoft account in Windows 10. In this article I will try Reply to all these questions.

    To begin with, we will understand what Microsoft account is better for the local and what options with its use will be opened. The most important advantage of using Microsoft account is the ability to synchronize data between devices. Such as personalization, Passwords browsers , Various settings, application parameters and more. Ability to use all Microsoft services. Moreover, if you are logged in with the MICROSOFT account, then authorization in Microsoft services will be automatically executed.

    To go from a Microsoft account to a local record, you need to open Start -> Parameters -> Accounts -> Email and Accounts Further choose Log in instead with a local account And enter the password from your Microsoft account.

    In the window that opens, you will be offered to enter the username and password to enter the new local entry. Password You can not enter then authorization will pass without a password.

    After re-authorization in the system you will have a new local entry. So we figured out how to disable Microsoft account in Windows 10.

    Also that would get rid of Surveys in Windows 10 They advise to get rid of Microsoft account and use local.

    How to return Microsoft account in Windows 10

    If you use a local record and want to go to Microsoft's account to be able to use all its advantages. You need to open Start -> Parameters -> Accounts -> Email and Accounts and select Log in to this with Microsoft account .

    What is needed by Microsoft account in Windows Phone

    Microsoft account is not just a user profile where the main information about it is stored. This is a kind of key that allows you to access all the existing services of Redmond. With it, you can:

  • Turn Outlook mailbox.
  • Create Personal Cloud Storage ONEDRIVE, Xbox Game Account and Skype Account.
  • Get a place to store contacts and backups of devices.
  • Synchronize important dates, meetings, notes and settings.
  • Buy and download Content from Windows Store and Groove Music.
  • Subscribe Office 365.
  • What is interesting, Microsoft does not limit the number of accounts created by one person. Therefore, if you wish, you can start any number of accounts and unhindered to use them.

    Click on the link "Create it!".

    Click on the link "Get a new email address".

    In the first empty field, enter the alias for a new e-mailbox, and in the second - password from it. After that, click on the "Next" button.

    Click on the "Send Code" button.

    If you do not want to create an Outlook mail, and you want to use as a login already an existing account, registered in another service, then do the following:

      Fill in all the fields by specifying the login from the existing mail and the password for the account created. After all these manipulations, click on the "Next" button.

    Visit the specified mailbox, enter the received code in a special form on the Microsoft website and click Next.

    Creating an account of Microsoft in Windows Phone 8.1 and 10 Mobile

    If you just purchased a device with a mobile "dozen" on board, and have not passed all the stages of the initial system setup, then following the prompts on the screen, reach the time you add an account. At the same time, do not forget to connect the device to the Internet via Wi-Fi or mobile network, since it will not be possible to create a new user account.

      Click on the "Create" button.

    In the appropriate fields, specify your last name, name and alias.

    Tap on the field under the domain item and select one of the available options.

  • Come up and enter the password from the Microsoft account.
  • After adding all the data, click on the "Next" button.
  • Specify the country or region of accommodation, date of birth, floor, and go to the next step.

    If you decide to skip the step of creating an account when you initially configure the system and execute this action later, then you should run below the drawn actions in order to do this from under the system. Since Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile are distinguished by the names responsible for working with accounts, individual mini-manuals are written for each of these systems. Before proceeding with one of them, make sure that the device on which all manipulations will be conducted is connected to the Internet, since without it you will not be able to create an account.

      Using the tile on the desktop, the point in the notification curtain or in the list of applications, open the "Settings".

    Lay the "Mail + Accounts" section and log in to it.

    Click on "Add Service".

    Click on the "Connect" button.

      Open the "Parameters" section.

    Find "Accounts" and tap it.

    Click on the "email address; Application accounts. "

    Tap by "Add Account".

    Select "" and perform all the actions that are painted in the option of creating an account using Microsoft.

    Most of the account configuration process can be performed using the Microsoft web resource. Here the user is given the opportunity to specify its personal data or change the already existing, add or change the avatar, attach bank cards to purchase and design subscriptions in Microsoft services, untie the account from the devices that it no longer belongs to change the alias and password. Windows Phone offers only to ask, what data to synchronize (letters, contacts, calendars, passwords and topics) and how often you need to check mail for new messages. All other actions system offers to make on the website.

      Enter your recording and click on the "Change Password" link.

    Pass security check by selecting a method and specifying a confirmation code.

    In the appropriate fields, enter the old password and new. Save the changes.

    How to tie a bank card to Microsoft account

      From the main account of the account, go to the "Payment and Accounts" section.

    From the list of available items, select "Payment Methods".

    Click on the "Add payment method" link.

    Specify the payment method and the country in which you are going to pay. Then click "Next".

    Enter the card data and go to the next step.

    How to untie windows background from Microsoft account

    Before selling Windows Phone or the transfer of a smartphone to other hands, it is advisable to untie it from the user account. It is recommended to make it easier for other devices. One account can be born only ten devices from the mobile OS on board, as well as with Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. The entire device dislocation procedure from the account is performed on the account of account management.

      Go through the main page of the site slightly down and opposite the inscription of the device, click on the "View All" link.

    Check the box opposite the inscription "Everything is ready" to remove this device and click on the "Delete" button.

      Click on the "Edit Name" link. If it happened that when registering the system did not request your name and surname, and you want to specify them in the account, then instead of the reference link, find the name and also click on it.

    Fill in the fields and click on "Save".

    Select the section "Details".

    Because you are interested in a change of a pseudonym account, you need to click on "Add email address".

    In the next section, select more suitable from the proposed options. It is necessary to resort to the use of the first if you do not have an e-mailbox that could act as a new nickname. The second is worth choosing if you already have another e-mail. In this case, it is not necessary to enter an Outlook or Hotmail box. The use of the Yandex and Google account is allowed.

    After entering a new pseudonym, click on "Add pseudonym".

    Click on the inscription "Confirm", located opposite the added E-mail added.

  • Check the specified mail. There you must detect a letter with reference to confirm that this box you want to use as a pseudonym.
  • Return to the Microsoft Supply Control page and opposite the new E-mail click on the Make Basic link.
  • Microsoft provides full closure of the account. This decision was implemented for those users who do not wish that in the database of Corporation from Redmond, they do not need accounts with their data and files. However, in order to finally stop the existence of any profile, Microsoft specialists need to make sure that it was his owner initiated the closing process and at the same time he will not lose important information that he can come in handy after a while. For these two reasons, the execution of the operation to complete the account is occupied by 60 days.

    Before applying for closing your account, make sure that:

    Go to the application stage as soon as the profile is ready to close:

    1. Visit the Closing Card section.
    2. Enter the record that you intend to delete. At this stage, be careful. If the default resource offers to enter the exact account you need, click on "Logging with another Microsoft account".

    Make sure you entered the record from which you want to get rid of and click "Next".

    Check out the information and check the ticks near each item.

    Specify the reason for the closure and click on "Mark for Closing".

    For cases where the user may forget the login or password from its own, losing access to it as a result of the actions of attackers or randomly close it, the bright minds of the software giant have provided a method for recovering Microsoft account. All of them provide for the application of funds from the company's official website.

    Before switching to the main recovery procedure, you must make sure that:

  • The Caps Lock button is turned off.
  • Installed a suitable keyboard layout.
  • The email address was introduced without errors and consists of Latin letters.
  • If all these rules are followed, but you still can not enter the account, there is a chance that you enter the wrong login, password or your account has been hazardous. Below are ways to solve each of these problems.

      On the account management site, click on the inscription "Log in".

    In the form that appears, enter the login and click Next.

    On the new form, find the inscription "Forgot your password" and click on it.

    Select one of the appropriate options and go to the next step. If you are not sure to remember the password, then you need to choose the first option. In the case of suspicion or complete confidence that your account hacked, you must choose the second or third option.

    Re-enter login from the account, characters from the picture and go further by section.

    Enter a spare e-mail or a mobile number attached to the account, and then click "Send Code".

    In the case of a login loss from the account, everything is much more complicated than with a password. Without it, it is impossible to initiate the process of recovering access to the account, as it is a key element for this procedure. After all, how else to learn the system, to which record it is necessary to resume access, how not with the help of login? You can try to get it possible, the chances are extremely small.

    Login recovery options:

  • Sewing the username from the account in the settings of Windows devices or in the profiles of the connected services of the software giant.
  • Contact support and ask specialists to restore data from the account.
  • Return of Microsoft account after removal

    If it happened that you accidentally submitted an application for closing and deleting the current account, you have 60 days for its recovery. After the specified period, this feature will be unavailable, and the files and data assigned to the profile will disappear forever.

    To restore the account, you must first go to the official resource of the company and enter the account, which accidentally fell under distribution. If the data from it is lost, you can try to restore them using the aforementioned methods.

    When entering the deactivated account, the resource will offer to restore it. Make it by pressing the "Activate" button.

    Restoration of the hacked account Microsoft

    Hacking accounts from mailboxes and services is a rather frequent phenomenon. Every day, attackers get access to other people's profiles and use them for their own purposes. Most often to send spam. If your account is not lucky to become a victim of bad guys, you have the opportunity to take it from them. The process of returning the profile exactly the same as the password recovery procedure. The only difference is when choosing the reason for the absence of the ability to enter the account, it is necessary to specify me seems to be my account, Microsoft uses someone else.

    After returning the account, it is recommended to install a more reliable password and activate two-factor authentication.

    Video: How to create Microsoft account on Windows Phone

    We hope that this guide helped you get answers to the accumulated questions related to the Microsoft account.

    Quite often, there are several people at once with one computer. It is not convenient to work out from under one account, because the child can use the device, in this case it is simply necessary to limit its actions with the operating system. For all this, Windows 10 contains accounts with different access rights.

    In this article, you will learn how to change or add an account in Windows 10. We describe all the steps in detail: from creating an account before switching between several.

    Why do you need multiple accounts in Windows

    Settings "Accounting" provide very wide opportunities for the computer administrator. Each of the users will have its own desktop, folders with information and installed programs. All this allows different people to work at one device without creating problems to others. Everything they need to start work is to go through your account.

    There are 2 options for creating new users - via an e-mail, which is tied to the Microsoft account, and creating a local user on the PC.

    Creating an account without Microsoft Account

    Consider this option on the example of adding a new user - family member, because In this case, without registration of the Microsoft account, it is impossible to do this.

    1. Open the Start menu with the left mouse button and select "Parameters" in it.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    2. In the Windows settings window that opens, select "Accounts".

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    3. In the section "Family and People" click on the button "Add family member".

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    4. The system will ask for a password from our account, since further we will deal with confidential information, and this is a necessary security measure. Enter the password and press the "Login" button.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    5. Next, we have two options:
      • Add a kid account (presupposes parental control).
      • Add an adult account.

      Let us dwell on the option "Add an Adult Account". We enter a new user's registered e-mail, which is associated with the Microsoft account and click the Next button.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    6. Confirm the addition of the user to the family.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    7. After our confirmation, the new user of the computer (family member) will be sent to the E-mail letter to the invitation previously specified. After confirmation, it will be a full-fledged PC user.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    8. Everything is ready, we just added a new PC user to our computer.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    Note: If a new user has no email attached to the Microsoft account, you can select the option "from the user who I want to add, no email address.

    How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    Next, the system will propose to register a new Microsoft account.

    Creating a local account

    In this case, as when creating a user's member - a family member, it is possible to bind it to Microsoft account, however, we have already considered such a way, so now we will create a local user without specifying e-mail.

    1. In the settings of accounts, while in the section "Family and People" click on the "Add user for this computer" button.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    2. In the window that appears, I choose "I do not have data for entering this person."

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    3. In a new window, you will be able to create a new Microsoft account, we skip this procedure by clicking "Add user without Microsoft account".

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    4. In the next window, you need to enter the username (Latin letters), as well as, for security purposes, come up with a password and tip to it.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    5. After the data is filled, click "Next" and get a new local account.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    Assigning a new user "Administrator"

    For any account, you can choose a role: standard user or administrator.

    To do this, click on the account that we want to change. The "Change Account Type" button appears.

    How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    Next, in the drop-down list, select the role that we need and press the "OK" button.

    How to change or add an account in Windows 10

    How to switch to another account

    There are two main ways to do this:

    1. Without leaving the previous record. This method is convenient if it is necessary to quickly make any actions in another "account". The state of the operating system is simply freeze and the user will continue to work without any problems.

      To do this, go to the Start menu, click on the "User" logo and in the subsidiary menu that opens, select another account in which we want to go.

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

      After that, we will encounter the welcome screen, in which we, entering the password, will be in the system under a different username.

    2. The second option is to complete the operation in one account, then go to another. In this case, all programs will close, memory will be cleaned, and the new user will have access to all available computer resources.

      Here we also go to the Start menu, click on the "User" icon, and then click "Exit".

      How to change or add an account in Windows 10

      Further, as in the first case, you type the password from the new account and enter the system under your name.

    Many users faced the name of their account in Windows 10 demonstrated on the boot screen of the system. This is due to the fact that the OS assigns identifiers in the form of names to almost everything. Username, Computer or Working Groups - All this has a specific unique name for quick identification. Thus, when starting, the name is displayed, which was given at the time of installing the OS on the computer.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    There are many reasons because of which the owner wants to change the name of the account in Windows 10. For example, the name of the account could be given incorrectly or with an error, also sometimes users want to hide their real data if a computer uses several people at once. This article will contain several quick ways to change the account name in Windows 10, which is displayed not only in the system itself, but also when loading the OS.

    Method first. Creating a new account

    The first way to change the name is to create a new account. In short, the process can be described as follows: Creating a new account, assigning it by the administrator, transition to a new account, deleting an old account with the wrong name.

    To change the name in this way, it is enough to proceed to the steps described below:

    Step 1. Open the "Start" menu and press the left mouse button in a small picture with a person silhouette, after which you select the "Changing account settings" item, as shown in the screenshot below:

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 2. In the window that opens in the column, it is necessary to click on the "Family and other people" row, and then select the option of adding a user.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 3. After that, fill the data in the fields, and tie the Microsoft account. If the user wants to not show information about himself, you need to select "I don't have data to enter this person", then select the following item "Add user without a Microsoft account.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 4. By performing the actions described above, go to the standard window where you need to complete the information of the new user, as well as the password and other information. Fill all the fields with the necessary data and remember the password.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 5. The new account is created. Now it needs to be given the rights of the computer administrator. After step 5, you automatically go to the parameter window, where in the "Family and other people" tab, you need to find a new account and click on the "Change Account Type" button.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 6. In the window that opens, it is enough just to open the "Account Type" and replace it with the "administrator".

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 7. Now the new account has administrator rights. It is enough to remove the old account and enjoy a new one.

    This method of changing the name of the account will allow not only to change the name itself, but also change the name of the user folder, which is created by the system automatically.

    Changing the account name in the control panel

    Important: This method will allow you to change the name of the account, but will not change the folder name created by the system.

    Step 1. Open the control panel and select the "Changing Account Type" item.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 2. Select the account you want to change.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 3. Go to "Change the Account Name" and enter a new name in the window that opens.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    After clicking the Rename button, the account name will be changed.

    Changing the username using user account manager.

    Step 1. Press the Start button and select the "Run" function.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 2. In the window that appears, looking for a string and write the following command there NetPlwiz . After pressing the OK button.

    Step 3. In the window that appears, select the desired user, whose name is required to be changed, and then press the Properties button.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    Step 4. In the window that opens there will be fields to change the name of the account. Fill the fields and press the OK button.

    How to change the local account in Windows 10

    The account name has been successfully changed.

    If you need to switch to Microsoft account, follow these steps:

    Press the key combination + I, in the opened panel Options Click Changing Computer Parameters.

    The Computer Settings window opens, select accounts.

    In the Accounts window, click Connect to Microsoft account .

    In the window Switch to Microsoft account The system will ask for a password from your local account, enter the password and press the button Further .

    In the window Login to Microsoft account Enter the email address and password to log on Live ID, and click Further . If you still do not have your Live ID, click on the link Create a new account The creation of the Microsoft account can be read here .

    In the window Help us protect your information Choose I can't do it now and press the button Further .

    In the window ONEDRIVE - Your cloud storage It will be prompted to automatically archive the parameters of the computer in the cloud and save the new documents in ONEDRIVE by default, choose Disable these options ONEDRIVE (not recommended) Since they can always be configured later.

    In the next window, click Switch The old account will be changed to the Microsoft account. All your files on this computer will remain in place.

    Microsoft account is included.

    Local account switching

    In order to switch to the local account, follow these steps:

    Press the key combination + I, in the opened panel Options Click Changing Computer Parameters.

    The Computer Settings window opens, select accounts.

    In the Accounts window, click Disable .

    In the window Switch to local account Enter the current password and press the button. Further .

    In the next window, enter the username (in this case, the name of the old local account remains), enter a password, a password tip and press the button Further .

    In the next window, click Exit the system and finish the work After preserving your data.

    Next will be completed from the system, log in to the system with a local user account.


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