3 ways how to connect two photos in one

How to connect two photos in one

Want to accommodate in publications on a social network as many photos as possible? Or boast your achievements in comparison "before and after"? Align two or more images into one common photo. No special knowledge will be required - only a suitable program or service. We tell how to connect two photos to one on a computer or phone.


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How to combine two photos

To combine several pictures in one, do not need a complex photoshop. You can find a more convenient and easy alternative. The photocollage program will help quickly make a photo "two-in-one" and does not require special skills.

Step 1. Install the photo collage

Download the free installer and launch the unpacking double click on the installation file. Follow the simple step-by-step installation algorithm and place the shortcut on the desktop of the computer for quick access.

Download the program for combining photos

Download for free!

Work perfectly on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Step 2. Create a project

Run the software and click "New Collage" to start. In a new window, select the "Clean Project" option. Specify the size of the collage being created manually or select the "Page Format" list. Indicate which orientation will be a photo: landscape (horizontal sheet) or book (vertical).

Getting started in photo collage

Set image size

Step 3. Combine Snapshots

To combine two pictures, find the folder in the explorer on the left, containing the necessary files, and drop them into the canvas from the preview window below. Place the pictures in the desired order, moving on the layout. Change the size of objects, stretching or squeezing the boundaries frame.

how to connect two photos in one

Place files on canvas in the desired order.

Step 4. Process a photo

To trim the image, use the button in the form of a crocked rectangle in the control panel. Specify which area should be displayed.

Press the photo

If necessary, you can cut a photo

The program also allows you to improve image quality. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and transparency by clicking the gear icon. You can also create a shadow, impose a frame, apply the mask and rotate the frame to any angle.

Photo processing

Each picture can be additionally handled

Expand the "Effects and Frames" tab in the left column. Here are also a framework and masks, you can apply ready-made artistic presets.

Effects and photo frames

On objects you can apply frames and masks, apply effects

Step 5. Save the picture

Photocollage supports exports to JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP formats. Also there is a function of direct seal photo printing. If you want to download an image on the Internet, the program allows the maximum to reduce the weight of the file with the preservation of high resolution. To do this, expand the File item in the Main Menu and find "Save JPEG with Quality Settings".

Squeeze photos

The application allows you to compress the file without loss as possible.

How to connect a few photos in one

So, now you know how to combine two pictures. But what if you need to combine more images? In the photo college, you can glue an unlimited number of photos in any form, on a grid or with overlay.

Step 1. Select the creation option

Open the program and create a new collage or start editing the old one. Specify the layout option: autocollate or pure project. If you choose a second option, all actions are identical to the previous instruction, only the number of pictures differs. The autocall function allows combining files in shape, text or grid. Consider the embodiment of the grid as the most common.

Creating a collage

Create a new collage on the grid

Step 2. Adjust the collage

Select a photo in advance. Select the location of the pictures based on their quantity. Highlight the appropriate option and click Next.

Collage template

Pick the template based on the number of pictures

Set the collage format and adjust the distance between the images. Also available to change the number of files and the distance from the pictures to the edge.

Customize collage template

You can independently establish indents and number of cells.

Load images for a combination and click "Next". Adjust the shadow, framework and placement order at your discretion.

Make up collage

Photos can be decorated and changed the order

Step 3. Edit and save

In the internal editor, you can change the created layout: making pictures more, remove elements, apply effects, impose elements to each other, add lettering and decorations. Export a result on a hard disk or print.

Text for collage

In the internal editor, you can freely change the size and position of the elements.

How to combine photo online

Do you work with a tablet or on someone else's computer and is not possible to install the desired software? Special sites will help combine photo online.


This service helps to process popular formats (JPG, PNG) files and combines multiple useful editing tools. Imgonline helps glue two photos, but you can combine the already combined pictures. Service is completely in Russian, does not require payment for any of the services and does not impose a watermark.

Collage of two photos

The service allows you to glue only two files.

The site does not change the original parameters of the loaded pictures (quality and format). The minus you can call the limit on the size of photos: the service does not know how to process too large files. The site also does not recognize rare expansions.


SEO GIFT allows you to combine photos in unlimited quantities. On the site you can customize the indents between the pictures, select the format (PNG, GIF, JPG), select the background color and the direction of the merger (horizontal or vertical).

Settings collage

Detailed collage settings are available on the site.

A large disadvantage becomes a small resolved size: the file should not be more than 200 kb. If the limit is exceeded, the service will not notify the error, and simply glides the files that comply with the rules. The result is impossible to see, so in the end you can get at all what was required, and you will have to start again.

How to combine two photos in one on the phone

If the photo was shifted on the mobile, it is logical that you want to process the picture immediately on the phone. We tell how to combine two photos on iPhone and Android.


This photo editor for iOS and Android enjoys wide popularity among instagremes due to unique filters and special effects. Among the numerous tools of the application is also there is a function of creating a photocollage. So you can glue two photos and even more in one canvas.

laying layers

The application does not have the functions of the horizontal combination, only laying layers

Picsart allows you to put pictures of different formats each other, to process separately each element or the entire project as a whole. You can add frames, text, apply filters, increase or decrease the size of photos. The project is maintained without water marks. The only thing that annoys is an aggressive advertising of paid functions, which pops out in the midst of the work process.


Mobile Polarr Photo Editor works on iPhone and Android phones and created for advanced editing. Like Picsart, it has an impressive set of finished filters, but it will be more advanced: you can create your own styles, spend retouching portraits, work in detail the color scheme and much more. Including the program allows you to apply layers and textures. Thanks to this, you can connect 2 photos and more and even adjust mixing, as in Photoshop. Unfortunately, the interface is no convenience, and some advanced tools are complex for beginners.

Mobile editor

Polarr is one of the most advanced, but also the most complex mobile editors.


In this article, we looked at how to connect two photos on a computer, online and using a mobile phone. PC programs remain the most convenient option, as they do not depend on the Internet and are more convenient to manage than mobile applications. Therefore, we advise you to download photo collage - it will help to cope with the task in a matter of minutes, and the result will delight high quality.

Download the program for combining photos

Download for free!

Work perfectly on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

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How to make many fotes one photo or frame

logoAugust 02, 2019. Article author: Demyan Zhdanov

Creating collages today is a whole art. If you want to try strength and connect a lot of photos into one photo, then the first thing you will need to search for a suitable software. We decided to save your time and help in this matter. Meet the program "Photocollage". This application is to prepare beautiful collages, with which you can easily and quickly create stunning compositions from photos. Start viewing a detailed video language:


How to make a lot of photos in one photo?

Step 1. Install the program

Create your best collages from photos easy! Works on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

In the program for collages "Photocollage" you will find many tools that can help prepare really fabulous compositions for a very short time. To start work, download and install the software. Performance of this procedure will take you no more than a couple of minutes, immediately after that you can start creativity and realize your ideas.

Startup window program

After launching the program pretches to create a collage, photo book or open an existing project

Step 2. Select Project Type

To make in one photo a lot of photos you will not need to spend time. When you start the software, you will need to choose the type of project. So you can take on the preparation of the collage from scratch, upload templates of pages and full collage.

Project creation

Select one of the proposed project creation modes

In the collection you will find the workpieces for children, wedding, New Year's compositions, you can collect on one sheet of a recent travel report on one sheet, make a stylization under ancient, as well as develop full-fledged postcards and invitations.

Collection of collage templates

For convenience, all templates are divided into thematic categories

Select the appropriate option, configure page settings and click "Ready" . The specified billet will instantly appear in front of you on the screen. You can continue working in the program and make a collage of several photos.

Photocollage template

Anyone template you can transform in the editor to your liking

To start, find the photos on the computer you want to add to the project. After that, grab the desired snapshot with the mouse and drag it into the frame in the template. Repeat the procedure until all slots are filled.

How to make a lot of photos in one photo

Find the folder with the desired pictures and drag them to the sheet.

Create your best collages from photos easy! Works on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

Step 3. Set up background

Click on the tab "Background" on the panel on the left. "Photocollage" will offer the choice of four options that you can use as a substrate. So a specific color from a palette or gradient can be chosen on the role of the background, where the basis will be two shades specified by you. At the same time, the fill type you can configure.

Fans of "Creative" will interest the directory of textures, pictures from which can be used when making a collage. And those who want to stand out, will certainly have to make it possible to use the image as a background with a PC.

Background setting

The program will propose to pour color background, create a gradient or impose a picture

Step 4. Decorate Collage

Here you learned about how to make a lot of photos in one photo. But to create a high-quality project this is often not enough. In the tab "Effects and Frames" Replace the frames from photos to new or use "masks". Just drag the element you like to the image and the changes immediately take effect.

Frame overlay

Pick up the appropriate frame in the directory and apply, dragging to the photo

Similarly, improve the quality of photos using the built-in filters: configure contrast, brightness, saturation, ascertain the image, tonio in other shades and so on.

Then go to the tab "Text and decorations" . Enter a comment in the compact window on the left and press "Add text" After which the inscription will appear on the screen. Customize its location and appearance: size, font type, color, etc.

Adding text

Place an inscription on collage and select registration for it.


The project is ready. It remains only to save it on the computer or immediately print on the home printer. The developed composition in the "Photocollage" program will be an excellent decoration for the walls of your home and even an original birthday gift to your friend or relative. Install the application on your computer and plunge into the limitless world of creativity!

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