Art that gives entertainment and rest, - four letters. What? No, here is clearly more suitable for "Circus". David Fincher always told that the cinema should not entertain, but to hurt. The famous director somehow admitted that he loves "jaws" for the fact that since 75 does not bathe in the ocean. Well, from the very beginning of the first genres, the cinema pursued only one goal: to make a person continuously experience a variety of feelings.

Neither the paintings nor music are capable of embodying a bouquet of emotions that will leave after themselves the long-playing aftertaste. "Black Square" cannot force a person to change his life, "Three Little Birds" only emphasizes the already established mood, and "Anna Karenina" broke out of the races of letters only thanks to the actors. Only a movie gives us the opportunity to look at the world at a different angle of view. Only movies can give us a sincere desire to conquer Everest to us, help solve problems in the family and see the lives of people on another edge of light. Only movies can rally hundreds of various personalities from absolutely unlike spheres. Cinema ... and director.

As you already understood, our text is dedicated to the true fans of cinema, for whom the phrase "Magic Cinema" is more than beautiful words. There is no place for those who decided to become a rich director, and for whom the passing of the film by Thursday and the subsequent profit is more important than the plot and the shooting process (Syrik's syndrome it's time to write to medical textbooks). It is not a place here and those who love films, but so far, and naively believes that there is nothing complicated in their production. Well, yes, when looking at the Russian series there may be a similar impression, but we are talking about the art of cinema. It is not necessary to assign this proud title to everything that is removed on the figure and claims to some kind of plot. Anyway, if you are ready for the year of stress, creative torment ... No, to hundreds of various, magical and fresh ideas and are not similar to each other days, then we will try to help you make them the best time in your life.

Step 1: Idea and Scenario

In Russia, there are already quite useful courses that introduce the Aza skill of the director. But it is impossible to get acquainted with the art, without seeing at least fifty masterpieces. "I did not go to the movie school. I went to the movies, "often reminds Qurantino Quentin in his interview. All these thoughts that modern films only take the experience of previous ones are not entirely correct. They differ, and this is already their superiority, development. You need to understand that the idea for the plot can be unique only if you know that it was no longer anywhere. So look, deliberate, write down.

Scenario mastery is devoted to whole books, and to fit this knowledge in a couple of paragraphs, of course, it is impossible, but we will try.

The main thing is what they forget, starting to write a script, is not a book, but history. Printing word for the word, you must initially see how it will look on the screen.

Even the script with the minimum number of dialogs may require a bunch of time that you spend on understanding and building the visual part. To facilitate this task, you can make scenics in a special notebook or album.

Alfred Hichkok not in vain said that three things need three things for a great film: script, script and script. Smart learns on errors, so just remember what start-up screenwriters are stumbled. First, phrases that do not characterize the character. The dialogue can be a genius, but if the janitor expresses his opinion with the words of academician - the viewer immediately understands that something is wrong. Secondly, some words mean little. Specify literally every action of the hero, every gesture. The fantastic film "Peklo" liked many exactly the fact that local dialogues were built not only in words, but also on the "talking" silence and barely catchy movements. Thirdly, good creativity is planned creativity. None of a good scenario was born chaotically, so planning in advance how your story will begin, which will happen along the way, and how it will end. Although ideally should not be thought of such a three-stage structure.

Step 2: Harvesting and Planning

We deliberately exclude an option with a sudden inheritance, which has encouraged you to make a film. Now everything is done very simply through crowdfunding - voluntary collection of funds. You, as a newcomer, in this sense will be simultaneously difficult and easy. Easy, because no one knows you, and you did not have time to remove a bunch of disgusting films - Uwe Boll three times tried to collect funds to a new project, but then spat and sent everyone. It is difficult because no one knows you - who are you, and whether you should trust hundreds of thousands of rubles.

If there are no breakdown by the shoulders, all hope for the plot of the future film, so I cut it so that the people are in passing, and the intrigue to keep. Tell me about what places are going to shoot (and better show), provide sketches (or rather, "concepts"), write what you spend the budget. This is the most difficult thing in pre-grades, because, not having experience, the film's financial planning is very difficult to start. But without it, so gather, take another notebook and unlimited internet and start fixing all possible and impossible spending. You will definitely need money for: a team, location and props, film crew, as well as content (food, transportation, room rental) and advertising.

In order after the end of the calculations, you still had a fuss, we will bring the encouraging examples. The horror film "paranormal phenomenon" was filmed in the style of "pseudocuments" and did not claim high art, but at a budget of 10 thousand dollars gathered 200 million. And the first "mad Max" - a cult fighter, who collected 100 million in 1979, was removed for 400 thousand. Of course, you should not forget that they were a sip of fresh air in a stagnant genre, but maybe your scenario will become something revolutionary. And in general, the first of your project will be 100% independent, and here other attitude to the budget. Master Independent Movie John Cassabeis said: "To make a film, you need to experience sincere neglect of money." We recommend listening to his opinion.

Step 3: Collect team


Alas, you're not Stephen Spielberg yet, so you have to take a bit of ambitions and try to combine several professions in yourself: the director, the screenwriter, the producer, and possibly an assistant, and the mount member. But the actors, the operator-director, sound operator, the grimer and a couple of additional assistants for them will definitely have to search. With the actors, everything is quite easy and simple: novice artists are ready for free to play in a good film - for them it will be an excellent start in the career. Alas, here lies and catching: they are beginners, so the casting is spent with the mind.

And since we are saying "with the mind," it means there is also a couple of nuances. To begin with, the camera, fixing the actor, should be as close as possible - it will help to see whether the lyciser is clamped in front of the lens. In addition, it is better to give him a not some common replica, and the one characterizes his hero. With the choice, it is better not to rush: if you found two suitable actors, let them play a dialogue together and show if there are chemistry between them. In general, it is perhaps the only job where you can take your friend or a neighbor and not to be disappointed in the choice - it may well be that he is ingeniously playing comedy roles. In the end, many famous artists came to the profession from absolutely other spheres.

And if with this category it is better to count on the inner flair, the technical part of the team will correct more categorically. A good operator-director is practically half the quality of the future masterpiece. Remember the "buried alive", where Edward Graru managed to excitely remove 90 minutes of drama and thriller, without leaving the limits of a two-meter box. And for the mastery of Lyubetsky, generally need to shoot individual films. With the same care of the sound engineer, since only the one who is constantly working with sound is capable of making possible shortcomings and record exactly those sounds that the film is needed. And yet, we strongly advise you to find a montager who will quickly help embody any ideas with which you personally will suffer more than one month.

Step 4: Search for locations and requisites

Peter Jackson is extremely lucky to be born in New Zealand, who later helped him to remove the best fantasy film in the history of mankind. And who knows, maybe you are lucky to be born, for example, in Kamyshin, where there are no less wonderful views and in general everything you need for filming a new fantastic saga. In Kamyshin ... M-yes, one way or another, this is not the most difficult part of the preparation.

Of course, it all depends on the genre and scenario, but without the operator-director and the sound engineer you can not do - you have to drive around with them on different locations so that they attribute what lighting will need and what microphones it is better to use.

In general, in the green screen era, much impossible becomes quite real, but in order to completely remove the entire film on it, a whole team of mothers of the specialists is needed - we just remind you so that you are not too hoping for such help. Yes, and it is enough to remember the "Hobbit", which traded the naturalness of the "Lord of the Rings" on visual effects and strongly confidently confidence in the fans to the third part. Discuss all ideas with the operator, and in the end you will find suitable places for filming.

By the way, locations are desirable to choose a closer to each other - so you will save teams and technicians. Here are the characters of the comedy "cool guy" at all I had to improvise with the choice of places - the main character, the star of Hollywood, did not know what was filmed in the film, and that the invisible film crew is constantly chasing him. As for the requisite, there is nothing complicated here. Clothes Actors can and bring their own cars, too, if desired, can be found (provided that they do not have to smash). You can simply rent the necessary things on a special service.

Step 5: Purchase of Technology

Of course, your hired specialists should have any technique, but without additional equipment it is not necessary to do. After visiting the locations when you understand what you need for filming, go to the store. In principle, the most important things that distinguish a good film from amateur is a suitable chamber with a stabilizer, suitable lighting and suitable microphones. Everything else depends on the people themselves.


Suitable equipment can be found only in specialized salons, like


. The operator will be able to purchase vest and shoulder stops for fixing the chamber, stabilizers and lighting devices, cranes and tripods, as well as monitors, RIG systems and sliders. And the sound operator will find microphones of a different type. The store provides discounts when ordering from 40 and 100 thousand rubles, and the delivery is made free of charge in Moscow and Voronezh. In addition to reasonable prices, there is a qualified technical advice here, so it may well be cheaper than you thought.

And do not forget to purchase several hard drives, since all the future material is unlikely to fit on your computer, even if you delete the entire porn collection. Of course, it all depends on the number of doubles and the quality of the digit, but first it is better to be restred, otherwise the installation stage will be put on the steps of filming, and instead of the creative process you will get severe dooms on how to reduce this scene to fit on the disk.

Step 6: Shooting

Are we still reached this stage? In fairness it is worth saying that the longest part of the process is always presented, so it is not surprising. However, before the first flapper clicks and the shooting itself will begin, you need to work on a more economical location of the kinoscen. That is, try to make it so that episodes in the close-up locations are filmed at one time, and scenes requiring trips outside the city to another. Of course, I want to shoot the film step by step according to the scenario, but in our time it is a non-disabilities. In the same "Hobbit" scene began and finals at the House of Bilbo, starred in one day to save time and money.

Otherwise, when the first scene of your film is completed, switch the brain from the financial regime to creative and enjoy the process. Pros in the work of the director is that during the filming, he almost does nothing. His main task is to work with actors. Since you have to deal with newcomers, which may not have seen so many films as you saw, then you will have wise, without scandals, to instruct them on the way you see. Once again we repeat to consolidate: the artists themselves are because movies and love that it gives them pleasure. This is the most interesting period, and even if you remove the tragic drama, the team needs to be happy and have fun.

If you spent the casting well, then there will be no problems. But there are moments when the actor does not understand where his hero develops and what feelings he should experience. It is necessary to solve this not on the set, but in advance. Even before the shooting, the actors and the director need to hold several meetings in an unofficial calm environment (at the cottage or in the park) and discuss the whole film and each role separately, with scenario and pencils in their hands. This is a mandatory stage that will bring you closer to you and will make it clear that it may turn out from this cooperation.

Step 7: Installation


Oh, how good it would be, mock the film myself, but immediately in this form, as you wanted. No torment like "Is it worth cut this episode?", "How would you add drama here?", "Can you transfer this moment from end to the beginning?" It is stupid to believe that with the end of the filming of the film, almost ready. A good montage made a first-class Oscar-axious thriller from the "social network", and for Guy Richie, in general became recognizable by any film chief. It's like a re-creating a film, only first for this we needed a camera and actors, and now - sliders and "scissors".

Returning to paragraph 3, we recall that if you want a speedy and high-quality result, find a good montager in advance. Together with him you will spend not one week, blinding from the raw material something delicious and ready for use.

If he is the same newbie and experience with him a little, show him a youtube channel

SM Films.

Or see it myself, if suddenly decided to cope with his own.

It is helped not only at the installation stage - for example, the tips on the color correction and the creation of the ghost effect - but also directly shooting. Very useful video tutorials, which explain how to choose a tripod, record a quality sound, make a trailer and much more. And here you can watch kinonostas and slowly learn to work in Adobe After Effects.

Step 8: Marketing

Cinema - the art belonging to the people, and therefore see your movie should as many people as possible. Now the most suitable time to get an additional budget, since you already have something to show (Material filmmakers use this trick still at the shooting stage). So you can cover unforeseen expenses and, perhaps, enlist the future support of the influential studio.

If you are going to show a movie at international film festivals, get ready for the translation of the film and creating an English-speaking copy. You still have to make a rolling certificate, which will give your way to your movie in cinema. Since you have already taken this item in advance, you will find money and to create posters and trailer. By the way, a trailer should also be engaged in individual people: the story knows a lot of sad examples, when commercials mounted the same people that they created the film itself, and left to desire to be better. It's all about different vision - marketers better know what the film can like the potential viewer. It is thanks to these two minutes that the fate of your "child" will be decided, so do not have trouble.

In general, the work was completed and left to observe the reaction of the audience and wait for proposals from producers. However, it is better to relate in advance with Buddhist caution in advance and not count on a lot. In Hollywood, there are cases where large projects give the debutant directors, but "we" are not yet in Hollywood and a few more creative way and many other films. In the end, you are going to shoot not for the sake of glory: Your ideas are, which is most important. And they need to share them without losing time, right here and now. One of the best Keenells of our time James Cameron said: "If you wait for the right moment to make a child, you will die childless. From the movie - the same. " So, maybe it's time to put your dreams of life and start doing what you love most?

Never before I did not know that the shooting even the short film takes so much time and requires so much money. And even more so, I knew nothing about the film-industry in London ...

Scene 1 from the movie "Record"
Scene 1 from the movie "Record"

It turned out that to remove the film with a duration of 15 minutes, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to study all the steps of its creation. And, since I decided to put all the knowledge and skills in my graduation short film, which I learned for three years on the course of the filmmaking, I had to do absolutely to everyone.

This is the writing of the script, and the holding of casting, and the search for equipment and the locations of the shooting, and the planning of filming days, and the work by the director, the operator, the editor, the color corrector.

The only thing that a specially trained person helped me was helped (my classmate from Hungary - Eniko) is a sound recording. Because simultaneously removing the camera and write the sound to one person is simply impossible.

My classmate Eniko, who recorded the sound
My classmate Eniko, who recorded the sound

"Keep everything under the hood" - the main task of the film producer . He organizes all the work - "From A to Z."

Today and let's talk brief about all the stages of creating a film ...

Idea. Preparing for the creation of the scenario is not taken from "nowhere". It is necessary to carefully work out the material, study the topic ... I read many articles on the topic of Islam, recruitment, looked several films (including documentary) about girls who escaped from Islamic countries or remaining there. They gave an interview - how and why they did it.

Writing a script . This is a story revealing the meaning of your idea. The story is embodied in concrete actions and dialogues of the heroes, implemented in a certain scenario stencil (which in England, as in America, is different from our).

Casting (In England is called audition). The selection of the necessary actors is a very responsible stage, especially within the framework of the meager budget. This is a delicate and scrupulous thing ... After all, the correct actor is correct, one can say - half of the success in the production of the film.

Casting actors in London
Casting actors in London

Locations (that is, the locations of the shooting). This is a very complex process - especially for a student who is studying in a foreign country. Find an apartment in which the film will be filmed all day, not so simple ... In addition, in London, there is almost everywhere for the shooting, you have to pay considerable money. Park, Metro, Cemetery, Area ... Almost all public places take money for filming a film or photo shoot ...

Selection of equipment. Also responsible part. Shoot on a digital camera or on a video camera? What lenses and with what sound? What microphone to choose, and what light to put? All this is solved by the director and the operator, depending on which artistic task is every frame. In addition, you just have no right to forget all cords, stands for chambers of light and sound, charging and batteries, etc.

Budget. Financial component is the key to the success of the film. If there are funds to pay the team out of 20 professionals and actors (for a short meter), buy props and equipment, pay for the place of shooting, feed everyone during each day of shooting, then the film will turn out how he sees the director ... I was not all this, but I was lucky with the team actors, and I "left" from paying all locations ...

Film shooting in London
Film shooting in London

Direct. As a director, I conceived to apply several technical and artistic elements in the film. For example, applied such a technical technique as Green Screen. (green screen for combined shooting), as well as my favorite effect - Depth Of Field (depth of field). I wanted to show the psychological aspect through Point of View. (Hero's point of view), as well as apply a pair of metaphors ...

Shooting. To work out a plan for shooting days with actors, with rental equipment and locations, think about shooting in the subway, in the park, calculate each episode in the park, plan the time to change the decorations and clothes - all this it was necessary to take into account when drawing up a plan for every day. This helped me in this Russian education and experience manager of mass events. And it was also necessary to separately remove general plans, screensavers, locations and, most importantly, clean sound to all this "live" pictures ...

Installation. Tie all pieces together, set up separately recorded sound under the video order, correct all the effects (both video and audio), not lose the temper, to withdraw everything to millisecond ... All this takes a lot of time, and this is a huge amount of work already after shooting .

Montage of the film
Montage of the film

Color correction. It was necessary to bring the right tint to the film, as well as squeeze the frames, so that they looked brighter ... Then I have not yet learned to do it all in one fear in a special program DAVINCE, so I put a color gamut separately to each personnel ...

Premiere. This, of course, the most pleasant moment in creating your personal "masterpiece" ... You are going to the cinema and watch the film along with the rest of the audience, which somehow react to your picture ...

Participation in film festivals. This is already the work of the producer. She also takes a lot of time and requires considerable money (the latter plays the main role).

My graduation film can be viewed on this link.

About every stage I will tell in all the details separately - for those who are interested in the film industry, or for those who are interested in how the movies in London are removed ...

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Site with special effects


Usually this genre is chosen about 95% of children who remove the movies: everyone likes to frighten friends, parents or yourself.

Horror film is most often a game of hide and seek. At first it is necessary to understand where it will begin and how it will end. Suppose you are in the room and suddenly someone Screams: "Help! .." You hear a cry, but who called you - do not know, and where he is - too. You need to find this person and come to the rescue. What can your search be completed? The final should always be unexpected. Suppose you go to the bathroom - and there is no one, only ketchup, smeared around the walls, - the viewer will think that this is blood. Or it is possible, on the contrary, come up with a comic rotation: for example, in the bathroom - zamor in the toilet, and you all this time called the younger brother. You can thicken the paint: let's say, you go to the kitchen, and we find a frying pan in which the tin soldier melts - it shouted all the time: "Help! .." Such an end will look strange and terribly.

Preparation for shooting

After you came up with the beginning and end, you need to determine the place from which you start shooting, and the place where you are finished. Suppose you will travel from your room to the bathroom.

First, do this path without a phone. On the way, you must come up with some unexpected obstacles that will be interesting. What can scare?


It is always unknown, and lighting can help you. Change the apartment so that she does not recognize her parents, brothers, sisters and all other viewers of your film. In the corridor, for example, you may encounter some strange shadows: Arrange the chairs, pots with plants and other items and highlight them with a desk lamp - put it on the floor and direct up (bottom light causes a feeling of horror). In one of the rooms, ask to stand the dad on the background of the window with the pan on the head. Against the background of the wall, it would be just a dad, put on a saucepan, but the bright window is already a terrible creature with a big head.

Scene from the first series of the first season of the series "Very weird business", 2016 Look, as with the help of muted light, strange shadows, desperate screams, a writhing dog, whisper and incomprehensible inhuman sounds, director shows that the main character is coming something terrible. © Netflix.

And in the corridor, and in rooms you can turn off the top light, and on some windowsill put a flashlight. Passing by him, the operator needs to catch the chamber of the glare - it turns out the effect as in Hollywood cinema. Or you can ask your brother, sister or friend somewhere hide along the way and enclose a flashlight to the camera or even jump due to Corner, highlighting face.


From the very beginning, the hero hears a cry of help, and while he goes to a cry through all these light horrors, the voice becomes quieter and squeezed. Any audible shortness is scary: the viewer will understand that the hero does not have time. Voice needs to write to the recorder in advance or ask Someone Hide in the bathroom and shout during the whole journey (only let them run up before you go there).

In addition to screams, you can add other frightening sounds. For example, put the fan on the way so that it is noisy. The hero can be asked to put the mother's shoes so that they knock the heels on the tile, it will be scary and incomprehensible.

Before you shoot a movie, you need to rehearse it so that you do not say it in the course of the camera: "Vanya, let's go faster! Petya, flashlight turn! Masha, jump! " If you do without any comments, you will not need to change the sound when installing the sound - you can leave the original sound of the camera.

If in the plot it is necessary for the hero to speak, ask him to whisper - it is much more effective than speak full voice.


The first thing you need to know about the shooting of a movie is all films consist of personnel. Frame is a shooting from the moment the camera is turned on until the time is turned off. Probably, if you shoot a movie without a professional team and for entertainment, you will not want to mount it for a long time. Therefore, try to remove a single-frame movie on the phone - for the horror movie it fits well. Let your film be going about a minute, otherwise you risk losing the viewer's attention. At the same time, the cinema constantly owes something occur, the public should something empathize something be surprised.

Determine the operator of the film. He can start with darkness: To do this, you need to learn the phone to the wall, and then turn towards the window. There will be a bright difference of light - this will now succeed, because the movie always causes emotions. When your hero go to the voice, shoot him with a nape - people think of the Hero's face themselves, they will be curious, and terrible. Actor B. Some kind The moment may even disappear, and then the viewer will think: "What happens? Where is our hero? " And the operator, for example, will find that it stands in a sheet in front of the fan. The sheet will bloom, and the actor will become similar to the ghost. We must definitely show the viewer all the scarecrows so that he seemed to be seen: pots, fan, dad with pots. Therefore, they are with a panorama - smooth motion of the camera from left to right or top down. And well, if the operator does not shoot from a tripod, but a hand camera that a little bit It shakes and coincides with the step of the hero: it will make the image more alive and realistic. Operator, as well as an actor, is useful to relete all the way in advance.

Frame from the movie "House of Strange Children Miss Serin". Director Tim Burton, 2016 If in one of the rooms along the path of the hero will stand and look into the chamber weirdly dressed heroes will be very scary. © 20th Century Fox


Suppose you took your movie, look - and you something not scary. It seems that everything they conceived, there is: and the silhouette on the background of the window, and the ghost is moving, and Ketchup drips from the walls, but still something not that. To fix this impression, very often use music. Music enhances emotion. Take Some Terrible music from Horror (from the "Witch from Blair" or "Texas Renopyl Massacre") and impose on video - it is easy to do in the IMOVIE program or any other simple installation program on the phone.

After filming, you can add credits. Titres are a full part of the film: Suppose you called the film "The Abduction of Artem" and the movie begins with how you are from Someone Runly, turning back and breathing hard. Then this title will tell me what will happen next. Titres can be made in the mounting program or write from hand, take pictures and insert. Handwritten titers are the most interesting, they can be drawn on the glass inwheel in the bathroom, and on the wall - for example, with a red grima, like blood. This will immediately create an atmosphere of horror. The name must be located in the center, take about a third of the screen and be sure to read well. The final titer may be unexpected - write, for example: "Not the end ..."


A short Video meme


Before you start shooting comedy cinema, it is necessary to understand that it is generally such a comedy. To do this, look at the Internet any selection of "Most Funny Videos". There will be a lot of funny moments: a dog, dressed in human clothes, or kittens that watch the movies and synchronously turn heads. Why is it funny? Because the comedy is unusual in the usual one.

Next you need to decide for whom you shoot a movie, who you want to show it. Suppose dad. Then, for example, if you have a dog, you can put on her head with a hat, shoot a dog and voice it with a human voice. For example, the dog in the hat will be impulse: "Dad, listen, I'm already tired of your" Pedigri ", I said, I love porridge, porridge! And you feed me by this "Pedigri". " That is, you make an ordinary dog ​​unusual (it tells the human voice) and take into account the interests of the addressee of your history (dad). Surely he will like such a plot and he will laugh.

"Two dogs dinner" ("Two Dogs Dining") © Charlotte & Kristian Septimius Krogh

Even in the comedy there is another interesting technique - a game of scale when familiar objects suddenly turn out to be at all of the same size as usual. For example, we know that the matchboxes are small. But if you put it closer to the chamber, and a person is far from the camera, then the boxes will immediately become huge. And you can remove how the hero is trying to move it off the place, but can not. And then Still Shifts (for this boxes it will be necessary to bind to the fishing line and moving behind the scenes): the unexpected use of familiar items is always funny. Or, for example, try to remove how the hero swallows the sun. Post, where the sun sits down, put an actor on the forefront and ask him to throw his head and opened his mouth, then the sun will go right in his mouth, and the hero can even chew him and pretend that he swallowed. Many people love to catch the sun on the hand when we take pictures - here there will be the same effect, only in the video.

Preparation for shooting

In the shooting of the comedy, you need to repel from what you have. If there are animals (cats, dogs, squirrels, rats), it's fine, because animals are ingenious actors. When they appear in the frame, you can look at them indefinitely. So, if you are the owner of the dog, then remove it. If there is no one from the animals, try to remove the game with scales.


In the comedy, the main thing is that there is clearly visible actors and their faces (or muzzles), so bright lighting or light from the window are welcome.


You will probably not be able to remove animals without sound, so that the sound path will have to cut on post-sales, and then renovate. If you shoot the scale of scale, you can try to voice the film right along the shooting: Ask, for example, a friend for the scenes to puff, when the actor moves the matchbox, or say "AM" when the sun swallows.


Your film should be very small, it can last even 20 seconds. Mix is ​​generally art, keeping the stress with a joke is quite difficult. Therefore, the smaller will be your story, it will turn out brighter, and the brighter, the funniest.

If you chose the plot with animals, the main complexity in the shooting will take off a good double, where a dog or a cat is not running away to another room and do not dump a hat or apron that you wear. You can remove animals with a hand camera, without a tripod.

If you have chosen the game with scales, then try to shoot a static camera, that is, tightly fixed on the tripod (who does not have a tripod for the phone - try conspicing the phone on a stick or wood). Such shooting is useful for moving objects (the same sun).


In plots with special sounding you have to impose a sound after shooting. For example, if you removed the dog in the plot of "Pedigri", then come to my mother and ask her to say the phrase you need. You can not talk, why do you need it: my mother will then look even funnier. Mom will say, and you impose the sound in the IMOVIE program or any other mounting program on the phone.

If I want Some kind Easy comedy music for the background, the theme of the film Leonid Guidai "Dog Barbos and an unusual cross" is ideal. But in general, music may well work and as a full comedy reception. Since the comedy is always a paradox, you can make contrast music on a funny plot. Imagine: The heroic melody sounds from the "Lord of the Rings", and the viewer sees at this time, as your dog pisses. Or playing a soundtrack from James Bond, and in the film on the bed lies a boy wrapped in a blanket, and does not want to get up to school. On the contrast of music and the plot you can build the whole movie.

Titres worth adding the movie. Titres are always part of the movies, they seem to be told the rules of the game. If, suppose you call the film "Super Fit", the audience will wait for a large dog that will appear on the screen Someone save. And you, for example, instead of a powerful PSA there will be a small Pug or Spitz with medals, peacefully sleeping on the pillow. Titres are better located in the center of the screen: they must read well. And the credits can be voiced by: For example, write to the recorder, as you say "SuperSobaka" is very solemn tone. You can also add Some Musical accents, such as a lion river from the MGM screensaver: If a small spitz appears on the screen, it will be ridiculous.


Recognition in love or congratulation


Melodrama is always a movie about himself and their feelings, actually recognized in love mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, friend, girlfriend, beloved, sweetheart or even a dog or a cat. There is no rules in melodrama: you can shoot yourself, you can shoot the nature and boil the text, you can take a film with a secret to a surprise for your destination to lay it out in Vkontakte or Instagram, and you can never send this video at all - the main thing So that your feeling is sincere.

First of all, it is important to understand who you want to devote your movie. Suppose you remove recognition in love mom. So, you need to look at your future movie from the point of view of my mother: what does she love and what will be glad to see? Suppose she makes you do lessons or clean in the room. So, if you want to make her nice, you need to start a movie with the fact that you are sitting in the removed room and do lessons. Mom, when he sees such a picture, will be very happy and just get those emotions that are possible only in melodrama.

Or, for example, the destination of your film is a classmate. Suppose she once said that he loves unicorns. Then let, for example, a toy unicorn tells the following text: "Hello, Masha. My name is the unicorn, I know that you really like the unicorns, and, probably, I also like me too. And you, Masha, really like you. " This is a melodrama: we revive the dream of a man who dedicate our cinema.

Margo Tennbaum in a zebra costume in the movie "Family Tennbaum". Director Wes Anderson, 2001 © Touchstone Pictures, American Empirical Pictures

You can come up with a whole story: Suppose you are sitting in the removed room and do lessons and here a villain appears, which says: "Let's we spread everything as it was, enough to do lessons, let's go outside to play football!" (Village can play your neighbor). And you say unexpectedly: "And come on!" - And along with the neighbor spread all things around the room. Next frame: you play football outside and see that mom returns from the store with bags. You come to my mother, take the bags and go into the entrance. But the audience know that you are not removed the room and that mom will scold you, they are already wondering how you get out of this situation. And you can easily get out. To say mom: "Mom, do not come in a room for five minutes, I have a surprise for you." You can do not further show how you remove the room, hide the camera so that my mother does not see, and then turn it on and call mom. Then you will remove the real reaction, as mom is surprised that you have so clean.

In the genre of melodrama, you can remove congratulations on your birthday - video recorder. Come up with whose face you are interested in congratulating your loved one. Suppose you aliens who fell in love with a dump truck. Put on your head Some Hat, reminiscent of the helmet of the cosmonaut, sit in the box from under TV, take the lamp from the table and flash to it, turn on-off - it will be a spacecraft. Then, for example, your little sister will fit this box, leans and ask: "Who are you?" And you say: "I am aliens. I love one girl: she has thick blond hair and blue eyes, she is very beautiful, she loves to read and singer a coin, I flew to congratulate her happy birthday. Reception! " This film will still be about you and your feeling, aliens - just an image to be more interesting.

Preparation for shooting

If you take a story with the plot, then you need to finish all the scenes in advance with the actors and the operator. If video recorder is carefully thought out the image, come up with a decoration and suit for your hero.


The main shooting rule on the street - you need to remove so that the hero does not pushed. Therefore, the sun should not shine the actor into the eyes, the perfect light - side. At home it is important to avoid lights (if it is not an artistic technique, as in shooting a horror), so try not to shoot on the background of the window.


The sound of video spending needs to be recorded at once, so think well what you will talk. If you have a more complex story, it is worth or rehearsing all the replicas in advance, or voice the film after (but during shooting it is still useful to keep an exemplary text in your head so as not to stretch too much or shorten the scenes).


If you take off the complex story of several frames - for example, about mom and cleaning, it is better to shoot it linearly, that is, first, then the middle, then the end. So it will be easier for you to mount: in the mounting program you just put in a row all the videos that they removed.

And if you take off the video recreation, it is better to remove it with one frame, and it is not necessary to mount.


After you all removed, you need to mount the movie (any mounting program on the phone is suitable) and add credits. Titres will immediately ask the mood and prompt what your movie will be. The name must necessarily be speaking. Remember how your favorite books and films are called: "Alice in Wonderland", "Charlie and Chocolate Factory", - Cotton and understandable. Or you can go from the opposite: if the film will be about one thing, and you call it as if he is talking about something else. Suppose if the movie about the unicorn is called "the film is not about the unicorn", and on the screen all the time the unicorn, then the viewer exists, about whom this film actually actually. Titres should be clearly visible, and you can write them, for example, on a postcard or packing of a gift or on a cut out of paper, it will be immediately clear, why are you shooting this video.

At the end, you can add background music to the film: Music in melodrama is usually calm and quiet, not distracting from the main story.

Create cinema is an exciting and creative process. The result, which the audience sees on the screen, is created by dozens and hundreds of people using the most modern equipment and digital technologies. As in any other sphere, there are features and secrets here. In this article we will tell about how to remove the cinema in our time, from writing a script before moving the film.

Stages of filmmaking

From the moment of creating a script to the release of the film on large screens, there is a lot of time, sometimes more than 1-2 years. In general, filmmaking is divided into three stages:

  • Training. Pre-production start long before the filming. At this stage, the script is written, the acting composition is selected, the costumes are sealing, the timetable schedule is planned, the nature is selected, decorations are created, organizational moments are being created.
  • Production. Actually, production is filming. This is the most expensive and long-term stage.
  • Post-production. This includes installation, creation of computer special effects, editors, voice acting and other processing of the footage.

The duration of each of the stages and their scale depend on the type of film project. For example, short films can be removed in a short time and a small group of people, while full-length films are usually removed with tens and even hundreds of specialists.

Cameras for shooting

What makes it possible to best pass the experiences and emotions of the movie heroes? Of course, a correctly selected camera. Today, no one removes the film. From the middle of the 1980s, digital technologies were firmly included in filmmaking - for the first time they were used in films as "Terminator- 2", "Trone", "Star Wars". By 2000, in fact, all film studios in Hollywood moved to digital cameras.

Cinema shot

Today, models are used with stunning resolution, zoom that allow you to create the effect of the viewer's presence. In addition to standard static cameras, special Action Cameras are used (for example, the GOPRO model). They are ideal for shooting moving objects. Depending on the script in the production process, waterproof cameras can be involved for filming under water or under a torrential rain.

Also, we have a separate article about the camera for online broadcasts - may be interesting.

P.S. One of our areas of work is the rental of the crew, we can rent moviemers, lenses and any other operator equipment. On the FilmRental website you can find everything you need for filming.

Showing group

This includes many specialists. In addition to the director, acting, these are decorators, make-up artists, illuminators.


Scenario - Basic History Film, film idea. The screenwriter is responsible for him - he creates a written version, while it can be unique or written on the basis of published plays, stories and novels. Scripts can write a scenario under the order or on their own initiative.


This is one of the most creative work from all stages of filmmaking. Even if we are talking about the adaptation of the existing work, it is still a painstaking work and requires work, since the book written in the book is not always suitable for the adaptation.


The task of producer is to control the production of a film or a series as a whole, besides, it is mainly responsible for failure or project success. This specialist is present at the shooting even at the stage of studying the script and until the final, engaged in the organization and promotion of the film up to the exit of it on large screens.

At the stage of preparation, he begins to promote the film, and also provides order financing. Sets certain goals before the project, can make adjustments to the place of filming and the acting structure, deals with the rental of the premises, is a production schedule.


The functions of the director refers competent interpretation of the script. He breaks it as if on separate fragments, but so that the film is one and finished from an artistic point of view. The director can rightly compare with the conductor of the orchestra - it controls a large number of people, including actors, creating unique works of cinema.

Filming shooting

During the actual film production, he operates the acting staff, participates in the work of the operator-director, technical staff, is engaged in extras. On the site he is the main responsible person.


Not only the main actresses and actors fall into the acting, but also other people involved in the shooting:

  • The main characters of any film definition are actors and actresses. Central characters can be already known or beginners - in the first case, the success of the picture may be higher.
  • Mass. Seeing on the screen a huge number of people in the background, for example, at the stadium, it is not always worth taking them for reality. Although the payment of the actors of the extras is lower than the main characters, sometimes it does not make sense to hire such a large number of people - now computer technologies have come to replace this that allow you to recreate the extras.
  • Doubles. They replace the actresses and actors in situations when you need to perform a life-threatening task or simply difficult from a technical point of view of the trick - drop from a height, fast riding car, fights, bed scenes.

Selection of actors for the future film (casting) is one of the most important. It is important here that the main characters correspond to the idea of ​​the screenwriter and were able to bring it on the screen.


The specialist works at the preparatory stage and at the production stage. It is responsible for the visual representation of the future film, lighting on shooting, exposure, composition, accuracy when working with photographic materials.

The work of the film operator in the cinema

Nevertheless, the main task of the operator-director is to create a visual interpretation of the script and determine the ideological and artistic direction of the future film. He can also take part in the creation of portrait characteristics of the main characters, to develop staged scenarios, argue sketches of scenery and costumes, choose seats for full-screen shooting.


The installation of the installation begins not when the shooting is completed, and in the earliest stages. It is important for him to explore the whole process, the concept of films, also he monitors filming.

When the movie was still filmed to the film, the installation took a lot of time - right from the original negatives, fragments for the future cinema were cut, and then glued down in a certain order. This is a very painstaking process that does not forgive mistakes. Later began to print positives from negatives - with this copy could already be experimenting.

Today everything is much easier. Thanks to digital technologies, the installation can be started directly in the production process without waiting for the final stage. After that, the material can be sent via the Internet, and the installer itself is able to work from anywhere in the world.

The main function of this specialist is to connect separate video files into a single material. This uses computer programs, such as Avid or Final Cut Pro. They allow you to ride separate clips on the tracks along the track directly on the computer monitor and even make several scenes in parallel.

The assembly has an assistant who is engaged in roughing - considers individual files, names them, chooses the best, prepares the primary assembly. The main director, as a tower of cubes, collects a film from individual parts, and in many ways the final result depends on his skill and skill.


As part of the film crew, there are artists of different directions and specializations:

  • Conceptualist. Engaged in russia, creates sketches that visualize the script. It also comes up and draws decorations, creates images of the main and minor heroes, is engaged in the development of sketches and costumes.
  • Director. Works in a bunch with a director, ensures the implementation of the artistic plan, when conceptualization is completed. Also engaged in decoration of filming.
  • Decoration artist. Such a specialist often has an architectural education. Works with the background, specifications, selects materials for decorations for verbal descriptions or sketches, which gives artistic director.

Cinema shooting in scenery

The artistic director is subject to the artist-director and ensures that the scenery or selected natures correspond to the overall plan.

Executive producer

The task of such a specialist is to ensure the funding of the film. That is, he is responsible for the cash aspects of filmmaking, and in the creative process of filming rarely participates.

The executive producer, together with the financial director, make up the estimate, keep records of expenses, follow to meet the budget. When shooting low-budget films, it is rarely resorted to its services, his duties go to the main producer or its assistant.

Casting Specialist

He picks up the acting staff. Usually, samples are held - actors and actresses read any monologue from the future film, the director estimates how this person is suitable for this or that role.

If we are talking about famous actors and actresses who are invited to samples. But sometimes it happens that the director wants to see in his film completely new faces. In this case, hundreds of people may come to the casting. And sometimes it happens that the director drives various acting universities and looks at the work of students.

Special effects

Today, special effects are no longer surprised. Huge dinosaurs, exotic plants, aliens, cosmic ships - all this firmly entered the world of cinema due to digital technologies. But some special effects are still creating in the old manner - with the help of submitted items.

Cinema shot

How "do" strange sounds

In "Horror" or thrillers, you can hear such sounds from which the blood in the veins is blocked - the zombie, eating the human flesh, moans, screams, the sound of bone fractures and many others. Naturally, no one makes it live to get the desired background.

We have to go on tricks. For example, juicy crispy vegetables - cabbage, cucumbers, watermelon - create sounds similar to those that can be heard in the films about zombies. If the cabbage can be sanded with a knife, the sound resembles a sword of blood. When the celery is cleaned, damage to the bone, and when biting blood from a juicy tomato, it seems like someone biting human flesh.

Jack Foley first in the history of cinema began to create and select unusual sounds. It was he who understood that the sound that hears in everyday life, the screen looks dim and easy. For example, even the usual steps of a person to make them more expressive, removed on special coatings. On the leading studios there is a special platform with a combination of asphalt, sand, gravel, metal grilles.

What do blood replace in the militants and "horror movies"

In black and white old films, it was mainly instead of blood used dense paint or chocolate syrup. The latter perfectly approached the consistency, and his brown in the frame was not visible.

When films became color, began to look for alternatives. So the substance called "Technicolor Blood" appeared - very similar to real human blood, but easily washed.

But one thing when you need to spire the wall or floor with this blood, but it is completely different when it should be whipped out of the open wound. To create this stream, you need to bring the tube - it is often hidden for a special latex device, in color and structure resembling skin. Sometimes under the clothes attach a bag with this liquid - it is necessary, for example, to create the effect of wounds when a person is damaged by a bullet or spear.

Bouta blood today is used in many films, especially in militants, thrillers, "horrors". If you remember the famous "kill Bill" Quentin Tarantino, then during the filming, almost 2000 liters of such blood spent. And in the famous film Stanley, Kubrick "Lights" from the door of the elevator is not just pouring, but bleap flows. This scene was filmed for a whole year until the director approved the resulting realistic picture.

Subtleties of bed scenes

This is one of the most tidy and can even be said for the forbidden topics for many actors and actresses. In some cases, dublars are used for erotic scenes when they need to show the delicate parts of the body.

When shooting bed scenes, there are three unlapped rules:

  • Used almost invisible, but cover all the basic intimate parts of the body of the lining;
  • Improvisation on the site practically does not happen, the script where the bed scene is prescribed, the actor receives in advance and discusses it with a director or screenwriter;
  • During the process of shooting the site at the site there is a minimum of technical staff so that the actors can liberate.

Not all actors and actresses agree to the frank love scenes. The imitation of physical love for many is taboo and unacceptable. In addition, actresses often can be shying for their nudity due to real or imaginary flaws of the figure. For example, Dakota Johnson, who was filmed in the film "50 shades of gray," before the start of the filming had to work for a long time with a personal trainer and comply with the diet.


One of the main participants of the post-production (stage when shooting is completed) - Sound designer. During the voice acting, he uses not only standard sounds that can be found on the Internet. More often, the sound designer himself creates them, makes unique and unique.

The soundtrack of the film is made in several stages:

  • Primary sound is recorded directly on the site during the shooting. There is a sound operator, technician and boom operator. To do this, use a large microphone, upholstered with a special absorbing sound with a cloth. It needs to be kept as close as possible to the actors, but so that it is not visible in the frame.
  • Then the voice happens. All unsuccessful duplicate actors voiced again, sometimes overwrites the entire film, if, for example, a speech of someone from the actors of the director did not suit. When shooting the film "Caucasian Captive" instead of Natalia Varley (she did not fall into the beat) by voice acting was engaged in Nadezhda Rumyantsev, who had a great dubbing experience. With the voice of the Terminator in the German version, another person spoke for Arnold Schwarzenegger - the Austrian itself was caught by a rural emphasis, not combined with the character's britality.
  • Creating a sound background. This is the rustle of the forest, splashing waves, noise of car movement and other sounds, depending on where the action occurs. This is one of the most difficult stages - you need to pick up such a combination of sounds that fully immerse the viewer in what is happening on the screen and create the effect of presence.

Saving video

Not always the desired sound effects can be recorded from nature or found on the Internet. Some rare sounds make sound designers or foli-actors.

Promotion of the film

Promotion film or series is engaged in a linear producer. This specialist not only needs to know how to shoot a good movie, but also be able to promote it into the masses. Its task includes the search for sponsors and funds to the production process of the film, advertising campaigns.

After all, it is not enough to take a good film, you need to find out as many people as possible. Therefore, sometimes even at the final stage or immediately after graduation, it begins to actively advertise the project on television, on the Internet, after which it is shown on large screens in the cinema.

Secrets of filmmaking

There are many tricks on the shooting sites, which the ignorant viewer does not even know. Here are just a few of them:

  • Green canvas. This is a kind of background, on the basis of which computer technologies are then created. CGI graphics are actively used in films today, and attentive cinema sometimes even with a fluidized look can distinguish real objects and elements created on the computer.
  • Taboo on the site. The actor during filming never drinks alcohol, does not smoke, of course, does not use drugs, even if it is in the script. In addition, very often actors do not eat truly, but we will be fluttered after chewing. After all, the personnel can be very much, and if the actor or actress will have a dish every time, then for the middle of the film you will have to change costumes.
  • Conversation of extras. In many films, you can see how in the back background, for example, in a cafe or restaurant, people are actively talking. In fact, most often they do not cute cute, but repeat a certain set of numbers - 29, 341, 45, 119, 1311, 4. The study showed that uttering them, the movement of the lips resembles ordinary human speech. And the massive does not say these figures out loud, but he speaks about himself, opening his mouth.

Графика в фильме Матрица

The process of creating a movie - a multi-sized, documentary, biographical and any other - much more multifaceted than it seems. Like any creativity, it requires a non-standard approach and complete returns from each of the shooting participants - only in this case you can create a real cinema masterpiece.

How to make a movie at home?

Want to remove your movie or capture the "on the film" of the events that will help to plunge at that unforgettable moment? It's simple! Read the article - and you will learn how to shoot a video and what is important to remember when developing your own movie.

How to make a movie at home

Remove a fascinating movie can everyone even without special equipment


Without idea, you should not begin any business. The rule concerns how to remove your film. It is completely unimportant - a home video or professional blockbuster is removed. Any cinema is a work of art that requires inspiration and accurate realization of what story you tell.


The idea is formed, but only in general. To realize it in life, a script is required. This is a rather complicated business that requires a lion part of time when organizing filming. The script should accurately display how to make a film - locations, plans, actions and replicas of the main actors, extras. Any scenario retreat can completely change the impression from viewing the finished film or roller.

Создание фильма своими руками

Take the initiative and manage the shooting process according to the plan declared in the script

And even if the script is written - it is not a fact that the film's filmed will interest the potential viewer, especially if it is supposed to show a wide audience. First of all, it should be as realistic as possible - capture from the first of my pages as a good bestseller.


Expenditure planning is necessarily, even if the project is short or home. Work on the film is starting with the cost of creating a scenario (if the author is hired) and finish with the costs of promotion on video stations, in social networks, blogs, etc. This also includes the cost of buying or renting equipment, as well as installation and processing facilities.

On the latter, by the way, you can safely save, using the video editing program, which allows you to perform high-quality processing, insert credits and impose effects.

Программа для редактирования видео

The interface of the "Video edge" program is so simple that any newcomer can easily create its first roller in it.

How to make a movie at home

When the materials are pressed, you will have their selection (after all, in the process of shooting several doubles are recorded), processing and mounting into a single film. You will need to perform the following actions:

  • Delete extra scenes and figure out how to reduce video size;
  • cut parts to insert new ones (for example, a lyric retreat, present by the plan of the director or the screenwriter);
  • impose shadows, change illumination, color palette, contrast, brightness of the picture;
  • improve quality;
  • Create beautiful transitions between scenes;
  • Edit or add sound.

All this allows you to make a "video formation". Before you start working with the program, you need to create a new project, which in the future can be saved for subsequent editing.

A quick transition to the most demanded features is available on the start page: "Chromacia" , "Cutting video" , "Capture video from webcams" .

At the first stage of editing, unnecessary or unsuccessful scenes are usually deleted. To do this, there are two tools in the video editor: "Pruning" и "Cutting" . The first allows you to remove one part from the beginning or end of the roller, after which to continue working with it.

Обрезка видео

Cut extra fragments in the video, just installing markers at the ends of the desired passage

Using the second tool, you can remove several scenes at once, and the remaining parts will be saved as separate files. The format in which the program converts these fragments, you install themselves.

Нарезка видео

Cut a large video file for several short fragments - so it will be easier to edit

At this stage, shortcomings are usually corrected, which occurred when operator operation or due to equipment failure: incorrect color gamut, poor contrast or brightness, colors saturation. Paragraph "Improvements" Allows you to change these values ​​in manual or automatic mode.

It is worth noting that the program allows you to work with these values ​​using curves, the most accurately installing the desired values ​​on separate spectrum channels.

Улучшение видео видео

With the help of curves you can effectively fix the color balance of the video

When working with parts, the program automatically allows you to set smooth transitions between fragments using built-in templates for both a single and mass application.

Добавление переходов

Connect video by transitions in just one click

Many directing ideas are implemented using tools. "Effects" . Filters presented in the program allow you to get shades:

  • Twilight;
  • snow;
  • warm sky;
  • cold evening;
  • bright sun, etc.

Применение эффектов к видео

Enter one of the effects on the video - and the image will be transformed at the moment

Extremely interesting feature "Chromacia" , the presence of which can boast of not every simple video editor. Almost all studios producing films with computer graphics and animation are used by this tool. "Chromacey" allows you to completely change the background image to another, static or dynamic. The prerequisite is the presence of a uniform (usually green) background when shooting.


With the function "Chromacia" you can not only replace the background, but also impose one video to another

And, of course, what movie without titles and screensavers? The "video formation" makes it easy to create any test objects and harmoniously turn them on video sequence. To create titles and inscriptions, the program has ready-made templates - the user is just enough to type the necessary text and apply the style like.

Коллекция титров

Choose from the collection of the partitioning titles and add them to your roller

With this tool it becomes easier to create its own logo or watermark, which will serve to confirm the authorship of the future project.


Depending on how it is supposed to distribute the finished product, it must be saved in a specific format. Soft offers several options for any occasion.

  • Saving in AVI is the most common format, "readable" by almost all devices;
  • DVD entry - to transfer to an optical disk and play in the players;
  • Creating a HD video - to play on high definition devices;
  • Creating a video adapted to a specific mobile device and a gaming console;
  • Roller conversion for publication on video stations;
  • Saving in MP4, MKV, MOV and others formats.

For all items of the program menu, there are ready-made templates, so the setup process occurs literally a couple of clicks. If you wish, you can configure the output parameters of the video.

Сохранение видео

Determine the optimal way to save video and configure export parameters


The movie creation process is a very troublesome, requiring a large amount of time and mandatory attention to small things that are hard to consider within one article. But let it not push the novice director who wants to figure out how to rent a movie at home! Patience and work - mandatory satellites of all creative people whose masterpieces we admire.

Try to create your own cinema using the video editing program - you will like it! Please yourself and others. - Download the program and try it completely free.

Does a special education need to make a movie?

Not necessarily, but you need to learn all the time, it can be anything, from articles and videos on YouTube to some work on the site.

Is it worth learning on the directing in Russia?

On the directorial, maybe not worth it, but the humanitarian education should be obtained necessarily, one way or another you will deal with the text, context, meaning and image. In order to clearly express your thought and formulate images, you need to know literature, painting, sociology, etc. I very much doubt that the director can be taught, rather you can teach some techniques and techniques, but, applying them, you can not become a director.

How to start shooting your first short film?

Start, of course, you need from the script. Feel free to consult and consult with editors, screenwriters, directors, the benefit of all of them in the nearest accessibility in social networks. Write a script and collect a team from your friends or with the ad in the social network. It is very important for the first film to try yourself in everything, from producing before installing and writing sound. To know the next time, what to talk about with those people who will work with you on your projects. Do not be afraid of the first job and do not invest everything you have in it, and even more than a lot of money.

What to do if there is no money And is it necessary to finance?

Cinema is the most expensive kind of art, and, of course, money is needed, for example, to bring the actors and feed the film crew, but it can the most minimal investments. Try to write in the production, it is not necessary for those who do a movie, for example, in advertising, ask for help, they have an organizational base. They can help organize casting or give the camera and light, anything. This is already part of the budget of your film. Ask relatives and friends to help you, someone has a car and free weekend, the grandmother can lend pies, it will also cover part of the costs. Ask a hand to you to make you a guy cartoon instead of dolly. Look for solutions - the most obvious and not very.

If there is no original idea where to look for scripts?

Magazines, publics in Vkontakte, sites and forums, institutes and film schools - everywhere there are screenwriters who want to shield their text, write them. Or take the story, story or play and adapt. Or take the title of the article or the article itself. Every day thousands of stories occur in the world, take any, learn. There is such an exercise: take 3-5 news headers and write a mix, from one you can take a hero, from another - incident, from the third place and time of action. Criminal fiction on this principle and written or stunning "touching sin" Jia Zhanké. Tell me about what worries you.

Mikhail Borodin

Mikhail Borodin

Does it be sure to shoot on professional equipment or you can like Godberg , all take off on the iPhone?

Be sure to take high quality, and what equipment you use for this is not very important. You can shoot an iPhone, but it imposes a number of restrictions, for example, the translation of the focus, but if you correctly use what you have, and it will be enough, the main thing is the idea. For example, the film Igor Poplauhina who received a prize in Cannes, the "calendar" is removed on the camera with the firmware (special software that allows you to shoot not compressed video).

Where to find actors?

In theaters, theatrical and cynosuses, in public messages in social networks. Come on the sites of theaters, everyone has a section of the "troupe", look for there, if someone likes, find in the social network and offer roles. Let's ads with references and descriptions of the type, people will send you their photos and videos. Go to student courses or thesis performances, Meet actors.

I removed the movie, and now what to do with it?

Send to festivals, there are a lot of them. I would advise you to consult with a good festival agent, for example, the Festagent, it is not necessary to buy a service package from them, just a private consultation to you will open a whole world of opportunities and nuances that need to be taken into account when serving at the festival.

How to get with your film on Film Festival?

At least send it. I repeat, there are a lot of festivals, everywhere different context, programs and preferences, everywhere different people who select movies, if not taken for ten festivals - will be taken to the eleventh.

Your main board of novice directors.

Speak about today.

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