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Each house has wooden furniture. This is a sign of a good taste of the owner of a private cottage or apartment, and also - a specific comfort, flavor and the quality of the situation. After reading our article, you will learn how to properly select money for the care of such interior objects, and you can also make a polyrolol for furniture without much effort, with your own hands, so that care for it has become even easier, and the appearance remained unchanged. But first things first.

Do you need a polyrolol?

Why do I need a polyrolol? The name itself suggests its purpose.

Important! Polish - to give the surface to the mirror view by rubbing.

As a rule, they use such funds on lacquered furniture, which is the most demanded among the entire range of wooden products. Although also applied to care for unprotected wood - for color leveling, textures.

Industrial polishes - Is it worth buying?

The composition of industrial polyterols includes special substances that fill the microcracks in the furniture surface, as a result of which the structure of the material becomes smooth and smooth - polished.

To date, the shop windows are risen in various products from different manufacturers.

They, to some extent, facilitate care, but how safe and effective - will always be evaluated to the consumer after purchase. Here is a matter of personal choice.

Important! Not uncommon when the manufacturer promises a water-repellent, shockproof and antistatic effect. But in the end you get only frustration and an unpleasant precipitate on the soul. Although for the sake of justice it is worth noting that the expensive means will really provide such a result, but cheap analogs are the game "I do not believe."

Furniture wax - a good alternative

On the shelves in building stores you can find furniture wax. This substance covered the furniture of the time of time. And today it takes the championship in the processing of wood and care for it.

What are the advantages in the use of wax:

  • Furniture withstands long-term loads;
  • The tree does not lose its texture, while maintaining natural heat;
  • The velvetyness of the material is maintained;
  • After the coating, the color of the product becomes expressive;
  • the ability to choose anyone when restoration;
  • A thick consistency goes well on the surface of the tree, filling all the cracks and scratches.


  • Furniture wax must be applied to clean furniture with open pores (so that there are no paintworks);
  • The laborious process, in the case when the surface is covered with varnish (you need to clean well).

Important! Furniture wax in most cases are used on freshly prepared furniture, or with a solid restoration of furniture products. When you need to remove several small scratches or refresh the color slightly, it is better to apply a polyrol with wax additives or silicone.

Wax Polyrol For Furniture Amway ™

This option, when you can trust the manufacturer, because the efficiency of this brand of various appointments has noted a single housewife.

Excellent Polyrol Amway, which has proven itself as an ideal wooden and lacquered furniture care assistant.

Important! The creamy aerosol spray consists of a mixture of wax and silicones. After applying, the darkened wooden surface acquires the initial shine and gloss, scratches disappear.


  • cream structure - not flowing, does not eat;
  • Fresh aroma of lemon - non-toxic;
  • convenient aerosol cylinder;
  • Easy to use.

Home Polyrol - Preparing DIY

The advantages of polyterols prepared at home is that you know from which ingredients a tool consists. It will not cause harm - neither your health or furniture.

Important! For polishing, you need a soft clean rack made of natural fabric - velvet, wool (you can take a clean, no longer needed woolen sock), Fleece.

Consider several recipes for cooking polyrol at home

Recipe 1.

Polyrol for furniture with your own hands on this recipe is perfect for objects opened by varnish.

Important! This tool will help you clean the surface from pollution. Gives a mirror glitter.


  1. Take 1 cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of lemon juice. You can add a few drops of essential oil to your taste.
  2. Pretty mix, break into any container with a lid.
  3. Apply a few drops on clean soft fabric and wipe furniture. Fat residues remove with a clean dry cloth.

Important! Store in a dark cooler place. Storage time is not limited.

Recipe 2.

Prepare this method to care to care for the wooden subject of the interior, you can remove minor damage and microcracks on furniture made of wood, not covered with varnish.

You will need such ingredients:

  • Vaseline oil - can be replaced with linen;
  • Wax - any, which you can buy (bee, soy);
  • Any essential oil for your taste - can be without it.

Step-by-step preparation instructions:

  1. Prepare a water bath - take a saucepan more in diameter so that a bowl or a mug can fit in it. Pan with water put on the fire there are lowering a bowl or a mug.
  2. Melt the oil and wax on the bath, stirring and bringing to a homogeneous consistency.
  3. Cool and add the essential oil, mix.
  4. Pour into a jar with a wide throat, as the mixture is frozen after cooling.

Important! When used, apply a thin layer on a wooden surface. Circular movements with a cloth rub.

Recipe 3.

This polyroller for furniture with your own hands very well cleans from dust and dirt, refreshes the color, moisturizes the wood. He is preparing like this:

  1. Take 1 glass of alcohol (medical) 1 cup of vegetable oil (anyone you have at home).
  2. Fill into a bottle and shake well.
  3. Hatching a dry clean rag, wipe the surface of the furniture.

Recipe 4.

Such a means to care for the kitchen head will help remove bold stains:

  1. Prepare a water bath as described above.
  2. Take 1 glass of beer and 50 grams of bee wax - all this is melted, stirring.
  3. Cool, break into the jar.

Important! Use chilled:

  • On the clean sponge to apply a thin layer of the means.
  • Very good wipe the fat stain.

Recipe 5.

This polyrolol for furniture should be done at home is also easy. It can be used for wood surfaces not covered with varnish.

Prepare for him:

  • 75 grams - jojoba oil;
  • 45 grams - coconut oil;
  • 30 grams - beeswax;
  • 30 grams - carnauba wax (can be purchased by ordering in the online store);
  • 120 grams - distilled water.

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Melt the oil and wax on the water bath.
  2. Remove from the fire. Thinking the water with a thin ridge, whipping a mixer to a homogeneous mass.
  3. Apply the cooled mixture on the rag, polish the surface until all means is absorbed into the tree.

Important! After treatment with the means, which includes wax, wood acquires a water-repellent property. That is, using such a polyroller for furniture, you thereby extend the life of its service.

In addition, the wax not only protects the tree, but also reveals, emphasizes the beautiful structure of the wood.

Recipe 6.

If you do not have time and the possibility of cooking and selecting the above recipes, we offer the easiest and most accessible one of you.

Such a polyrolo will help restore the color, remove microcracks, shallow scratches.

You can quickly make a polyrolol for furniture with your own hands from an ordinary chicken egg, which is always in your refrigerator:

  1. Take 1 chicken egg.
  2. 2 tablespoons of water add to it and sweat to a homogeneous mass.
  3. Everything is ready. Apply the resulting tool on a soft cloth, not synthetic, and with power rub into the surface before the appearance of shine.

Important! The means cooked from chicken egg can not be stored.

Useful tips:

  • After the work on the polishing, give the material to lack 1-2 hours. After - wipe with a dry velvet cloth, and the surface will become matte.
  • Having processed wooden furniture by any of the above methods, you protect it from drying out.

Elimination of scratches on wooden furniture and furniture trim

Very often, scratches, cracks or chips appear on the furniture surface.

We will help you to make a polyrolol at home, which can correct all these errors.

Recipe for light furniture:

  1. 2 teaspoons of granulated bees wax melt on a water bath, remove from the fire.
  2. Add 100 grams of soybean oil to the molten wax, take up to a homogeneous consistency.
  3. Welcome, break into a dry container tightly closing. The shelf life of such a means is up to 6 months.

Important! Before applying, clean the surface from dust and dirt. Apply a thin layer with tissue to scratch and wrap in circular motions.

Recipe for Dark Furniture:

  1. Take ½ teaspoon of bee wax, melt on a water bath.
  2. Add 4 teaspoons of soybean oil, 1 teaspoon of turbidar, 1 teaspoon of lanoline oil, while constantly stirring the entire mixture.
  3. Remove from the fire, cool down. Pour into a dry jar.
  4. Apply the same as in the first case.

Important! When cooking, follow the rules of fire safety. Do not leave the turpentine on fire for a long time - it can easily ignite.

Now you know everything about what a polyrolol is needed and how to apply it on wooden furniture. If you are ready to experiment in order to improve the care of interior items and reduce the cost of buying such funds, you now have, from which you choose - recipes from different components, "for every taste", we offered you in this article. Following our advice and recipes, your furniture will look well-groomed and beautiful for a long time.

But on this we do not say goodbye, come back!

How to make your own hands a good furniture polyrolol

How to make your own hands a good furniture polyrolol

Wooden furniture in the house is an indicator of a good taste of owners and care for their own health. Wood is an environmentally friendly natural material, absolutely safe for humans. In order for the wooden interior items longer to attractive and did not accumulate dust, it is necessary to correctly care for them. A means of helping to achieve this is polyrolol. So that the care of wooden furniture does not harm the health of households, it is better to prepare a polish for furniture with your own hands. Since many products of this destination, located on store shelves, include harmful substances.


Of the many different polyterols produced at home, several effective and easy-to-cook are allocated. The ingredients included in their composition are in every home. The maximum efficient polyters are immediately after preparation, therefore mix ingredients before use. Such polishes include compositions based on ammonic alcohol, vinegar, olive oil and lemon, as well as wax.

Also, polyrolol for furniture created with their own hands is prepared using other simple components, which include vaseline. Denatet, turpentine, shellac and lanolin are also suitable for the preparation of polishing composition. It is worth noting that they will be less environmentally friendly, which is a disadvantage. Components included in such polyters are difficult to acquire, which makes the cooking process more complex. Choosing a substance as the main component of the polishing mixture, it is necessary to know exactly for which surfaces it is intended.

With ammonia alcohol

The remedy based on the ammonic alcohol is suitable for tabletops of kitchen headcases, bar racks, painted surfaces. It will protect the furniture from dust, removes the existing pollution from them. This composition does not leave after the use of muddy divorces, which allows to achieve a mirror gloss of glossy surfaces, glass and metal fittings.

The advantage of this composition is simplicity of manufacturing and accessibility. For its preparation, nothing will be required, except for the very ammonic alcohol and water. The means can be stored for a long time, it does not deteriorate and does not lose its original qualities. Of the main disadvantages of such a polyrol, only an unpleasant smell can be called, but the fact that the ammonia alcohol is much less water, makes it practically imperceptible. Moreover, the smell of ammonia alcohol is very quickly disappeared.

Furniture alcohol

With vinegar

For lacquered furniture, the perfect variation will be composition-based compositions. They will return the furniture of the initial appearance, degrease its surface, remove sticky flare. In addition, vinegar neutralizes alkaline substances, such as a limestone. Thanks to the use of this tool, you can easily cope with traces from mugs and glasses on a wooden table or other surface.

As a polishing component, a 70% essence is needed for a standard preparation recipe. If it is replaced by 9% vinegar, then its amount must be increased accordingly. This composition is stored in a glass or ceramic container. In this case, its use is practically unlimited.

In order for the polyrolol with vinegar to have a pleasant smell, you can add a couple of drops of any essential oil into it. The selection of this component depends only on the preferences of the one who will make cleaning in the house.

How to make furniture again beautiful

With olive oil and lemon

The tool cooked using olive oil must be used immediately, it is not recommended to store it. It is strictly forbidden to use polyrolol based on olive oil for varnished surfaces. This is explained by the fact that the upper layer of varnish will not allow the oil to absorb, it completely remains on the surface, making it fat. In addition, the use of this composition for antique furniture having a subtle finish can cause the appearance of "hams". In order to find out how the surface will behave after the impact of the composition, first use it in a small area in an inconspicuous place.

If the surface cannot be polished to the desired state from the first time, then after a short period of time you can again apply the composition and perform all the actions again. In this case, the first portion of the means will have time to absorb into a wooden surface, and the second one will give it the brilliance.

Olive oil and lemon

On the basis of wax

Warm-based polishing formulations are designed not only to avoid dust sedimentation and give the shine of the surface, but also for masking small defects: shallow scratches and chips. The wax fills them, making less noticeable. The use of such a means ensures the absence of the need for its frequent application - the film from wax is not yet erased from the treated area. The disadvantage of this composition is the emergence of the apparent fingerprints after any touch.

In polishing compositions based on wax, essential oil is very often added. This is done because they disinfect the treated surface. For these purposes, certain types of essential oils are used: lavender, eucalyptus, souls, juniper, cloves, tea tree, cintronella and chablie. In addition, the tea tree oil allows you to get rid of mold.

Wax for furniture

Other species

Formulations with denatort, turpentine and shellac are less safe for humans compared to the above. Their use is comparable to the use of conventional shopping polishes. Such compositions use when all the necessary ingredients are in the house, and there is no possibility to buy an ordinary polyrolol. But despite this, it is these components that have increased cleansing properties and, if you cope with pollution and polish furniture, the furniture with vinegar, ammonia alcohol or wax can not be possible, then they add a small amount of denature. After that, remove the dirt from the surface very quickly and simply. In addition, such formulations provide good disinfection of the surface, help remove the fungus and mold, which in some cases it is simply necessary. A good example of such an application is cleaning in the bathroom, where wooden furniture may be present.

How to cook

Make a polyrolol for furniture at home using the ammonia alcohol, the easiest way. This will require:

  • 2 teaspoons of ammonia alcohol;
  • 1 liter of warm water.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the solution is transfused into a container with a sprayer. They process the cleaned surfaces, wiping the extra compound with a rag without a pile.

How to make a polish for furniture do it yourself

Mix water and ammonia alcohol

Sprayer for furniture

Overflow the composition in the sprayer

Simple in the preparation of a homemade polishing agent is the composition based on vinegar. When it is created:

  • 1 liter of warm water;
  • 2 teaspoons of acetic essence.

The use of this means must be carried out using a container with a spray and rags.

Vinegar and water cleaning of furniture

Mix vinegar and water

Polished well-kept furniture

Spray the composition and rub rag

The solution from olive oil and lemon is prepared without adding water. For this use:

  • 1 cup of olive oil;
  • 1/4 cup of lemon juice.

All ingredients are thoroughly stirred before applying to the surface. Before each use, the tool needs to be good.

Recommendation: Composition with olive oil is better prepared using mineral oil sold in pharmacy. It will be more economical and safer, as it is more carefully monitored for the shelf life of goods and the oil will not be spoiled.

Application of olive oil for polishing furniture

Mix ingredients

Apply the composition for furniture

We apply on the furniture

Answering the question of how to make an wax polyrolol, which is a solid substance, you need to remember that it melts under the influence of high temperature. To create a homemade polyrol from wax, it is necessary:

  • 2 tablespoons of wax;
  • 1 cup of olive oil;
  • 0.5 teaspoon of any essential oil.

The wax is token in a water bath. Then olive and essential oil is added to the resulting mass. Wait until the mixture is completely cooled and polish the surface, rubbing it with cotton cloth. The polyrolo containing in the composition of Vaseline is prepared similar to the wax. When cooking it will be necessary:

  • 3/4 glasses of Vaseline;
  • 1/4 cup of wax;
  • 1 teaspoon of essential oil.

The wax is token in the water bath, vaseline and essential oil is added. The cooled mixture can polish the surface of wooden furniture with cotton fabric.

How to create a polyrolol with your own hands

Prepare ingredients

Polyrol for processing cabinet furniture

We mix them and heal in a water bath

The composition based on denaturates is obtained by thoroughly mixing all ingredients in the exact quantity to which include:

  • 3 tablespoons of denature;
  • 3 tablespoons of shellac.

In the manufacture of a mixture of turpidar, lanoline, soybean oil and beeswax, all ingredients are mixed in proportions 2: 2: 8: 1. The first in the water bath melts the bee wax, the remaining ingredients add to it.

Recommendation: For the use of polyrol, containing olive oil or wax, it is necessary to use only a fabric without a pile. If you ignore this rule, there will be a particle of matter on the surface.

Choosing a polyrolol cooked at home, instead of shop, you can not only ensure safe cleaning and protection of wooden furniture, but also to know exactly that in the cleaning process, the surface will not deteriorate. The composition specified on the label is not always complete and reliable, and therefore the exact result is impossible to predict.


Polishing furniture

Design of rooms in Vintage and retro style is a popular trend of this season. Therefore, timely polishing of furniture will help to breathe new life in the tables, cabinets and trolls of the Soviet era. Due to this procedure, items will be able to luxuriously glisten a long time. At the same time, a lot of dust and dirt will be accumulated on their surface. Of course, the polyrolol can be without any problems in the store. However, several interesting ways to make such a means of themselves have long been known to many hostesses.

We rub furniture to shine

Polished furniture put away from batteries and fireplaces, otherwise the warm air will lead to lubrication of the bold. Do not recommend installing it in cool premises, very close to the windows. Otherwise, the surface will begin to crack.

Furniture polishing: the choice of a suitable folk agent

We use folk remedies

Often, home polyrolol is made on a fatty basis (olive oil, vaseline, turpentar or wax) or with the addition of vinegar, lemon and ammonia alcohol. Mix the main ingredients are advised immediately before use. Only in this case they will be effective. To understand how to polish the furniture in a particular case, it is important to know some features of these substances.

For the preparation of polishing mixtures, only glass or ceramic dishes are used.

Cleaning attributes are used by patchwork cotton or flannel canvas. An ideal option for such a procedure is the suede, soft leather and cotton woven discs.

"Aromatic" ammonia

Ammonary alcohol for polishing furniture

A mixture of ammonic alcohol and water is suitable for cleaning the kitchen headset or bar counter. Suspension does not leave divorces on a glass surface, as well as accessories made of metal.

To prepare this solution, you will need:

  • warm up 1 l of water;
  • Enter 2 h. ammonia alcohol;
  • Stir a suspension thoroughly;
  • pour it into a bottle with a sprayer;
  • After applying the mixture on the worktop, rub the layout with a cloth (preferably without a pile).
Cooking working solutions

This composition is perfect for all painted, as well as varnished items. Moreover, it is stored for several years.

"Powerful" acetic essence

Acetic essence for polishing

Sharp-based compositions (70%) are used for degreasing objects, as well as their purification. Since the acidic medium neutralizes alkaline connections, then it is used to remove a lime deputy, which remains on the tables after the circles. To get such a disinfectant for polishing furniture, you must dilute 2 h. Essence in a liter of warm water.

Cooking a working solution

Many people do not like the caustic smell of vinegar. For this reason, several droplets of essential oil are introduced into it. It is worth knowing that the ester of the tea tree is used to destroy mold.

Original tandem - lemon and vegetable oil

Lemon juice and olive oil for polishing furniture

Lemon juice with olive oil can not be used to polish furniture varnish, since the upper surface layer will not be able to completely absorb the fat emulsion. In addition, after it, antiques with fine finish are very often covered with a "haze".

All other products can be processed by a simple agent prepared from:

  • 250 ml of any vegetable oil;
  • ¼ glasses of lemon juice;
  • The liquid is stirred until it becomes homogeneous.

Before conducting a polishing of wood oil, it is necessary to check how it will "respond" to the mixture. As an experiment, the composition is applied to a small portion of the table and leave for a while. If nothing happens, then all parts of the teleling are covered with polyrolla.

Polishing Furniture Wine Vinegar

Lemon Freshi can be replaced with wine vinegar. It is also an excellent cleaning and disinfectant. Break oil and wine in equal parts. The mixture is applied to a flat layer on the subject, and then rub the soft cloth.

Wax and his "Competitors"

Use wax for polishing

Paste for polishing furniture with wax removes all cracks and chips. As a disinfectant ingredient, essential oil of tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender or juniper is added to the mixture. The resulting composition is applied to items, waiting for them to dry and only then find them.

Preparation of polishing composition

There is another simple way how to make furniture brilliant:

  • 1 cup of beer is poured into the saucepan;
  • immerse in liquid wax / paraffin;
  • bring the mass to a boil;
  • Leave for a while she cooled.

Touching the cabinets polished in this way, because all fingerprints will appear on them. Among other things, some hostess rubbed the headset with ordinary talc or children's sprinkler, others use denaturates, shellac or turpentine.

Sometimes folk remedies for polishing furniture do not help the first time, since the mixture is completely absorbed into the surface. For this reason, after a few hours or days, the composition is applied again.

Well rubbed the table
Do not throw out tea brew

In addition you need to know what else to polish the furniture, if there is no polyroli. Many people had to make a tea brew. It not only cleans the product, but also gives the tree a more rich and deep shade, refreshing it. To do this, it will be necessary to squeeze the welding of tea with high quality, shifting the mass into the lobs from the dense material and roll it into the bag. The whole headset wipes the resulting ball, and then start it to shine flannel.


Capital polishing of furniture at home

Restoration of old furniture

Sadly, but very often homemade polyrol for the wood varnish does not remove too deep cracks on the tables. The reason is that these damage can penetrate to the very base of the tree or veneer. In addition, with time, the lacquered furniture acquires a yellowish shade or becomes dim. In such cases, experts advise to carry out a real restoration of products, which includes grinding, primer and finishing polishing of furniture at home. Having considered each stage in order, the Master will be able to determine whether he could make the procedure independently or will have to use the services of professionals.

Grinding works

Grinding works

The closet or trolli disassemble and remove all the bonds from it, because the polyrolol must be applied only in a horizontal position. Therefore, craftsmen will not be difficult to understand how to polish the table. Next, they close all the deep cracks with a special putty. For grinding use ESM and several types of sandpaper.

The process of removing the upper layer occurs in several stages:

  • Large irregularities are removed by sandpaper with marking 80;
  • Then use abrasives with grain 120, 180, as well as 240;
  • Finish grinding is carried out by sandpaper with grain grain 320.

As a result, the surface should be very smooth. Throughout the process, it is necessary to check the quality of processing, otherwise you can rearrange and remove the covers more than necessary.

Primer and repeated grinding

Applying primer

At this stage, wood has many open pores and fibers. So that the lacquer lay on it with a smooth layer, the surface is ground. Shpine objects are covered with nitroloma or polyurethane varnish, divorced by 15-20%.

There is a more professional way of primer:

  • Soft fabric (white, so that the furniture is not painted) make a tampon;
  • wet it with epoxy glue;
  • After drying, remnants of dust with a glass with grain 320, wetting it with water;
  • When the surface dry, paint it with varnish.

Each subsequent layer (thereof there may be 2-3) the vacuming agents are applied in 6-8 hours. Acrylic compositions are divorced by White Spirit. At the same time, they are thoroughly rubbed into the wood so that there are no divorces or other formations.

In conclusion, the finish grinding is carried out, starting with abrasives with a grain of 400 and 600, and ending - 1000-1200. Both the object and the skirt are necessarily wetted with water.


Polishing - Final Stage Restoration


To do this, pick up a suitable paste, which can be both furniture and automotive. It should include Teflon, which smoothes all small irregularities. To apply mass, use a polishing machine for polishing furniture operating at a speed of 1200 rpm. The substance is applied in small quantities and in several stages, evenly distributing it throughout the surface. At the end, you will definitely wipe the subject and check it for the presence of scratches or cracks. Since these procedures are quite complicated, they are recommended to conduct a headset on trial sections.

Wood polishing felt from sheepskin will give the products an unusually mirror glitter. It can also be carried out manually using fetal tissue.


As you can see, make old things again presentable and shiny is not at all difficult. It is enough just to make the polyrolol correctly and make polishing of furniture. In some cases, talented men can even restrict damaged products independently.

How to polish furniture - video


Gradually get rid of chemistry in the house, replacing it with environmental, non-toxic cleaning products. I either buy detergents with a good composition, or do it with your own hands. Today I will share a simple recipe for making polish for furniture. Such a means made by your own hands, not only does not harm your health, but also perfectly copes with cleaning.

Cleaning - real test

I confess that cleaning for me used to be one of the most unloved classes. When I lived with my sister, we immediately agreed that I would make food cooking, and she was cleaning. It was a pretty fair compromise.

But when I began to live separately, a real nightmare began, because by nature I am a sloppy man. I can leave the glasses on the table, scatter clothes, books and magazines could not lie in our places, and to fill the bed with a whole test.

Therefore, as you guessed, cleaning for me was a torment, because it had to be done often. I began to look for a way out to turn this occupation into something pleasant.

Cleaning becomes pleasant

If, reading the previous lines, you have learned yourself in them, then I do not know how to spend the writing of this article. If you, on the contrary, wanted to urgently come to me home to clean up, then this article is also for you. I believe that cleaning for everyone can become a pleasant process thanks to the use of several simple tips.

The first thing that helped me make cleaning more tolerant is the principles taken from the book "Magic cleaning" of the author Marie Condo.

In this book, the focus is focused on what needs to get rid of extra things that do not bring good benefits or joy. Now I will give a few principles told by Marie Condo, which will help bring up order.

Magic Cleaning

The main principle of magical cleaning: For effective cleaning, it is necessary to divide all things to unnecessary and necessary, and after already getting rid of the first and decide where to store the second. Do not be afraid to throw out what you are not going to use more. You do not need to keep these things on the balcony, in storage rooms or in the house of parents.

Also for high-quality cleaning, it should be made by category. You should not generalize, saying that today you will clean some particular room. It is better to determine the category of things. For example, to do only clothes, and tomorrow I wipe the dust.

Another important principle that facilitates cleaning is sorting. It is necessary to sort all things in your home, ranging from socks, finishing with dishes and products. This will avoid chaos in boxes.

If you apply all these tips in practice, then cleaning will turn from the daily and boring process to a special and pleasant event.

Switch to non-toxic cleaning products

The next step turning into joy is the use of eco-friendly substances. Probably, each mistress does not really like the smell of chemicals, which comes from any cleaning agent.

In addition to unpleasant fragrance, cleaning becomes a dangerous occupation, as you have to work in gloves so as not to spoil the skin of the hands. In this regard, few people want to clean up more often.

Therefore, I decided to gradually move to non-toxic means. But you should not immediately change all jars and powders that are in your home. It will not be easy, since not all detergents meet the declared requirements.

To begin with, try to replace the means as you use most often. If you decide to buy a new, more harmless, then carefully examine the components included in it. It is worth adding that many substances will be unknown to you. The database of chemical components will come to the rescue in this case, which is on the Internet in open access.

Or you can try to make a cleaning agent with your own hands. Today I will tell you how to make a polyroller for furniture.

Polyrol of three simple ingredients

For those who are not familiar with such a means, I will tell that the polyrolo helps to remove dust for a longer period than just wiping the usual dry cloth, and also has a stunning effect: gives furniture shine.

However, in my opinion, the main problem of all polyrolles is a terrible smell. It is not clear why manufacturers can not add some flavor to this tool. Perhaps such firms are, but I have never met.

It prompted me to make a polyrolol with his own hands. As it turned out, it is quite easy and simple. You will not need any complex chemicals or drugs that are difficult to find in the usual store.

For the preparation of the polyterol, we will use only a few ingredients, which each can find at home: olive oil and distilled vinegar. Due to the fact that I love fresh aroma after cleaning, I also add citrus essential oil.

Making a polyrolol with your own hands

To create a small amount of polyrolol, add olive oil in a glass can, distilled vinegar in proportion to one to one, and then the resulting mixture drops around 15-30 drops of essential oil (I have with lemon aroma).

After that, the polyrolol should be thoroughly shake until the olive oil becomes the emulsion, that is, completely mixed with vinegar. It should be remembered that it is necessary to do so every time before use, because the oil and vinegar is divided naturally. For convenience, the mixture can be pouring into a pulverizer. If there is an unpleasant fragrance from the polyroly, it should be thrown out and make a new one.

Now you can proceed to cleaning. Such a means not only perfectly removes dust, polishes the surface, but also gives the room with fresh spring aroma.

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The presence in the house of furniture from wood is a sign of well-being. However, this type of interior items is very capricious. To maintain the perfect appearance, special means should be used regularly, which are sometimes quite expensive. It is quite realistic to make a polyrol for furniture with your own hands using the available ingredients. The process of creating a substance will not be much difficulty, and the result will exceed all expectations.

Appointment and advantages

Polishing is a process of rubbing wooden surfaces. At first glance it may seem that this occupation is very laborious. However, with the right choice of funds used, everything will pass easily, to some extent even fascinating.

Polishing is used to perform certain functions. If we are talking about a lacquered surface, then the goal is to achieve a mirror glitter. Matte, unprotected wood after competent carrying all procedures should differ clarity texture, natural pattern, even color.

For convenient application, high-quality polyrolol must have a liquid or gel-like consistency. The prerequisite after surface treatment is the formation of a transparent protective layer that protects against the adverse environmental impact.

A distinctive feature of using a good remedy is the lack of divorces and spots on furniture after applying. For polishing procedure, it is recommended to use pure soft rags made of natural fabric.

By preferring homemade facilities, you can be confident in their composition. Since predominantly natural ingredients are used, polyrolols are obtained not only effective, but also safe to health. At the same time, the shelf life in a tightly closed vessel is about six months.


To date, several options have been studied and developed, how to make a polyrolol for furniture with your own hands. Most ingredients are initially present in the house, since their appointment is varied, they are always in stock. The missing components can be purchased in the nearest pharmacy or on the market.

Despite the impressive shelf life, the mixtures are independently created as efficiently as possible immediately after cooking. Therefore, it is originally necessary to decide on the list of necessary ingredients, prepare them. Only after that you can start mixing all components.

After using the polyarol residue should be placed in the container, preferably glass. Close tightly, put in a dark place. At the same time, you should pay special attention to consumption so that in the future to prepare exactly so many polyrol, as required. Thanks to this approach, the quality of the surface treated will improve an order of magnitude.

With ammonia alcohol

The composition of the polyroline involves the presence of the following components: warm water, ammonia alcohol. Two teaspoons of alcohol should be diluted with one liter of fluid, mix it thoroughly. Preparation is distinguished by the availability of ingredients and ease of implementation.

The shelf life of the resulting substance is quite long. In this case, the quality of the composition remains unchanged. Polyrol with amusing alcohol has a number of benefits:

  • Suitable for almost all types of wooden furniture;
  • can be used for products made of glass and metal;
  • Provides excellent shine;
  • does not leave muddy divorces, stains;
  • The polished surface is covered with a protective film;
  • Easily eliminates dust and other contaminants.

There is only one minor drawback. It lies in the presence of a sharp smell. However, under the condition of breeding in sufficient amount of water, it is muffled, becomes almost elusive. If after processing all surfaces in the room there is an unpleasant smell, then it should be good to ventilate a room.

With table vinegar

The composition of the polyerol with vinegar implies the presence of the following ingredients: two teaspoons of the essence are added to one liter of water. It is important to know that 70% vinegar is used in this recipe. When replacing it, 9% should increase the dosage.

Due to the liquid consistency, the solution can be pouring into a vessel with a sprayer. This fact implies that skin contact with a cleaning agent is minimized. Polyrol with the addition of table vinegar differs next to the benefits:

  • Provides excellent external characteristics, the furniture looks like new;
  • Surface degreasing occurs;
  • perfectly removes circles from glasses, mugs, sticky raid;
  • Eliminates lime flask, therefore, can be used to clean metal, ceramic items.

A slight disadvantage is a specific smell that quickly fills the space. You can cope with it by adding 2-3 drops of essential oil into a solution. At the end of all processing events, it is necessary to pour the composition into a glass or ceramic dishes, close the lid tightly. Then the service life of the substance will be unlimited.

With olive oil and lemon

The polyrolon implies the presence of two components: one glat of olive oil, 1/4 cup of lemon juice. To give the composition of a pleasant fragrance, it is recommended to add 2-3 drops of beloved essential oil. All components must be thus mixed to obtain a homogeneous consistency. This will depend on the quality of the surface processing process. The advantages of this type of polyrol include:

  • Excellent cleansing of wooden surfaces;
  • Masking small scratches;
  • Return of the initial shine;
  • Elimination of pollution of diverse origin.

For rubbing this composition, experts advise the use of a soft cloth, preferably without the content of villi. After it is necessary to wipe the surface dry, eliminating fat residues. Olive oil based polyrolol is best done in the amount necessary for one-time application. Store this composition is not recommended.

With chicken egg

The composition of the polyerol involves the presence of the following components: one chicken egg, two tablespoons of water room temperature. The ingredients are required to mix it thoroughly, beaten through a whisk or a mixer to obtain a homogeneous mass. Preparation is simple, temporary costs are minimal. This polyrolol has a number of positive characteristics:

  • The necessary ingredients are always at hand, no additional investments are required;
  • restores the color of the furniture;
  • does not leave divorces, stains;
  • gives the surface noble glitter;
  • Masks minor scratches;
  • Removes microcracks.

For rubbing the surface with a chicken egg, a soft, clean cloth moistened in a cooked solution should be used. Preference should be given to natural materials. The principle of surface treatment is in the applied rubbing of the composition using sufficient force. After completing all procedures, the remnants are poured. Store the tool is unacceptable.

With bee wax

The composition of the polyerol involves the presence of the following ingredients: vaseline oil, ethereal (optional), bee wax. Cooking at home will require time because the water bath is used. The process of creating the composition is as follows:

  • take a saucepan of 3-4 liters;
  • put on a cooking surface;
  • on top of fixing the container with all components;
  • bring water to boiling;
  • Banya is ready.

Under the influence of high temperatures, the components begin to melt. They should be stirred before receiving homogeneous consistency without lumps. Then the mass must be pulled out in a comfortable container, preferably with a wide neck. After 30-40 minutes, the composition will freeze and will be ready to use.

To process surface, apply a polyrolling thin layer with a dry, soft cloth. Then, by means of circular movements carefully launched it. The benefits of this agent include: excellent surface radiance, elimination of small scratches and cracks, pleasant aroma, safety for the skin of hands.

With denatura, Shellac, Skipidar

Another fairly popular type of polyrol, created at home, includes denaturates and shellac in an equal ratio. Ingredients should be thoroughly mixed. It is unacceptable for lumps.

Known and another composition for polishing in a strict ratio: turpentine (2 tbsp. L.), Lanolin (2 art. L.), Soybean oil (8 tbsp. L.), Beeswax (1 tbsp.). For preparation it is recommended to use a water bath, on which the bee wax should initially melt. Then carefully add the rest of the components. At the same time, the composition must be constantly stirred to achieve the desired consistency. Both solutions obtained possess similar properties and advantages:

  • high efficiency;
  • cope with the most complex pollution, regardless of their "age";
  • Have an increased disinfectant.

Nevertheless, these compositions are unsafe for human health. Consequently, contact them should be extremely careful. When applied to the surface you need to use gloves. The unaptive remains are recommended to be removed by means of a dry cloth.

Denate and gel varnish
Mix of turpidar, lanoline, soybean oil and wax

Terms of Use and Precautions

Polyrols made with their own hands for furniture is recommended immediately. If the composition can be stored, it should be placed in a tightly closing glass or ceramic container. Most of the preparations after applying must be left for a couple of hours on the surface to achieve the desired effect. Only after that you can delete the remnants.

The liquid composition should be applied with a flat layer, but gel-like substances are preferably rubbed with circular motions. At the same time, experts advise each new tool to check in a short site, because there is no guarantee that all proportions were accurately observed. The effect may turn out negative.

When using a polyrol, even manufactured at home from natural ingredients, it is important to comply with all precautions. This is especially true of compositions containing aggressive components. It is better to rebuild and put on gloves. People prone to allergic reactions are recommended to use a mask. After carrying out the procedures for making the composition and polishing of furniture to eliminate sharp odors worth ventilating.


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