Real and tasty milk cocktail at home

Tastier and more pleasant to sweet and useful treats than a milkshake, find it difficult. Children especially love him, because it is preparing on the basis of milk and with fruit additives.

This is always a cooling drink, for this reason, use it on hot summer time. This kind of summer cocktails, absolutely different types and filling, are required to offer in southern resorts and in sanatoriums.

Milk cocktail benefits people of all ages and addiction

Even young athletes and girls who hold various diets.

There are several types of milk cocktails:

  1. Normal or traditional vanilla flavor.
  2. Dietary, with reduced calorie.
  3. Protein.

Prepare a dairy cocktail at home is completely simple. But in the preparation of a delicious drink there are its secrets.

Secrets of the preparation of a delicious and useful milk cocktail

Secrets of the preparation of a delicious and useful milk cocktailFirst, the farm must have a blender or mixer. Without the presence of such "helpers" make a milk cocktail perfectly at home will not work. Moreover, these devices should have a mega speed mode in their characteristics, on which the cocktail should be hit.

Secondly, the milk base for a cocktail must be cooled, but not much. From very cold milk to get a good, and the main nourishing and delicious cocktail for the dessert or snack will not work.

Thirdly, it is necessary to remove the bones and cut the peel from the berries and fruits used in the cocktail. In order for the taste of the cocktail to get more saturated, the selected berry-fruit ingredients should be pre-lying and only then mixed with milk.

Fourth, decorating a cocktail, you should refuse whipped cream with increased fatty. Of course, this is one of the most delicious ingredients, but in order to achieve a lower caloric content in a cocktail, cream can be replaced with a natural, necessarily savy whipped in foam yogurt.

Fifth, ice cream for a traditional cocktail can be any kind and shape, but better if it is a filling in a briquette.

Sixth, it is such a dish like a milk cocktail, allows the one who prepares it to exercise any fantasy and spend the experiments over him, adding various toppings. Thanks to different combinations, you can get new interesting and exclusive taste and color in the cocktail.

In the seventh, instead of living fresh fruits, in a cocktail based on milk, you can add any jam, fruit and berry-containing syrups and juices.

In eighth, before decorating and submit such a drink, like a cocktail based on milk, it should be strain.

V-ninth, if you want to prepare a milk cocktail without ice cream, then you can replace it with a pre-frozen yoghurt (low-fat and without sweet fruit fillers). Such a wonderful, delicious drink can be offered to people of elderly, subject to various diseases, such as suffering from diabetes.

In-tenths, decorate and beautifully serve this kind of cocktail can be homely using everything for this purpose - dishes (cups, creams, glasses or molds), tubes, fruits, fresh mint leaves and whole berries.

In-eleventh, in spring or in autumn, fresh fruits with berries can be replaced with freshly frozen, harvested in the past summer.

All famous dairy cocktails cooked independently houses are built on two main recipes:

  1. Basic traditional recipe.
  2. Classic cocktail recipe, chocolate.

Recipe for basic traditional milk cocktail

Classic milks cocktailHow to make a milk cocktail at home?

Products used in the basic recipe. There are only two of them:

  1. Milk - 1.5 liters.
  2. Ice cream, preferably sealing in briquette - 300 g

The process of direct preparation of this cocktail does not take time at all, just a few minutes:

  1. Put ice cream in a bowl for a blender or mixer and pour milk to it.
  2. Mix these products using the highest speed of that helper device that will be used.
  3. Pour the resulting product on glasses or cups and decorate the green leaflet of fresh mint, adding a cocktail straw bright color.

Recipe for a classic chocolate milk cocktail

Classic Chocolate Milk Cocktail RecipeThe use of cocoa milk-based cocktail is "classic" in the formulation of a dairy drink.

Products ingredients used for milky chocolate cocktail for 6 large portions:

  1. Milk - 2 liters.
  2. Ice cream, preferably seal with chocolate crumb, in Briquet - 450
  3. Cocoa powder - 25 g

Preparation steps:

  1. In a large bowl for blender or mixer, collect milk, ice cream and cocoa in powder.
  2. Bail the collected products at the highest speed in a blender or mixer until thick and very tasty chocolate color foam.
  3. Purl the resulting mixture into high glasses or glasses, separating it between them equally.
  4. As a decoration, you should use some cocoa powder or ground cinnamon.


  1. Ice cream used in the preparation of this cocktail can be pure chocolate.
  2. If you wish to achieve a more cream direction in the taste of the cocktail, it is not possible to use milk, but low-fat cream 10%.

There is a category of people who cannot use natural types of milk or cream in their diet. For this category of people, you can prepare a refreshing milk drink without using milk in its composition.

Recipe for milk refreshing drink - cocktail without the use of milk

Cocktail from Banana Strawberries and YogurtProducts used in this option of a cocktail:

  1. Banana Fresh - 2 pcs.
  2. Strawberry Fresh - 100 g.
  3. Yogurt Kefir Natural Drinking - 950

Cooking scheme:

  1. Prepare bananas. Wash them out and clean from the skins. Cut into small pieces and put in a blender bowl.
  2. Prepare strawberries. Wash it out and clean against fruction tails. Minor berries put in a blend bowl whole, and large cut parts and add to the banana too.
  3. Here in the bowl for the preparation of a cocktail to the prepared fruit to pour a drinking kefir natural yogurt. Mix products.
  4. Blend products blender at the highest speed within 2-3 minutes.
  5. Cooked cocktail to blame for cups and can be drunk. It will be unreal delicious!

Protein (protein) cocktail

This useful drink can be prepared using protein as the main ingredient, which is sold on any pharmacy or a sports store, and simply dissolve it with mineral water, but necessarily non-carbonated, and immediately fill out lost by the body during the training or heavy work of vitamins.

Home, freshly prepared milk protein drink much more useful and tastier

Among the ingredients used in the preparation of a protein milk cocktail at home are often encountered cottage cheese with kefir, protein component of eggs and nuts. Combining these ingredients with various berries and banana, you can get a wonderful protein dessert with an unsurpassed taste.

Simple recipes of a protein cocktail mixture cooked independently

Protein-protein cocktail with nuts and bananaBasic recipe for a protein-protein cellular-refreshing cocktail cooked independently at home

Products ingredients used in cocktail:

  1. Milk Fresh, chilled - 250 g
  2. Cottage cheese soft, any fat content - 200 g.
  3. The nuts "Cashew" or "Hazelnut", cleaned from shell - 50 g.
  4. Banana Ripe and Fresh - 1 pc.

Cooking order:

  • Connect in a blend bowl for whipping milk, nuts, peeled from the hubban and cottage cheese;
  • beat a blender at its highest speed 1.5 minutes;
  • Pour the mixture into a glass and drink freshly prepared.

This cocktail is useful for muscle recovery after training athletes or ballet rehearsals.

Classic Protein Cocktail Recipe

Classic Protein Jam RecipeThis drink can be replaced with one full-fledged reception of food from day diet. He is especially useful to the ladies who decided to reset the surplus of their weight.


  1. Fresh chicken egg - 1pc.
  2. Honey flower grade - 30 g.
  3. The kernel of the walnut walnut, purified from shell and a mellover - 50 g.
  4. Kefir or yogurt (drinking), without adding cereal or fruit fillers, cooled - 250 g

Cooking algorithm:

  • In a bowl for a blender or mixer collect all the food ingredients for a cocktail: honey, the contents of fresh chicken eggs, a walnut core and kefir (yogurt);
  • Blend the blender (mixer) 2 minutes at the highest speed.

Second view of the classic recipe for a protein milk cocktail

Milk cocktail with cottage cheese and jamProduct List:

  1. Fresh chicken eggs are large, pre-cooked to the state "voluminous" - 4 pcs.
  2. Milk Fresh, cooled - 400 g
  3. Cottage cheese of any fatness, soft - 180 g (1 pack).
  4. Any jam - 50 g.

Cooking algorithm:

  • Clear boiled eggs from the shell. Split yolks with proteins. Yolks to remove in the refrigerator, they may be needed to make any other dishes, and proteins shifted into a blender bowl in which a cocktail will cook;
  • Add to a blend bowl to proteins milk, cottage cheese, jam;
  • mix blender at the highest speed and power to which the device is capable;
  • The resulting mixture is divided into two parts. One drink, and the second to remove the refrigerator to the next time.

So, as you can see, make a dairy cocktail for everyone, the main thing is the presence of the necessary ingredients and the blender (mixer), as it is difficult to make a magnificent delicacy without them. Experiment, try and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

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Best Recipes Home Milk Cocktail with Ice Cream - Tasty Cooling

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Delicious milk and ice cream cocktail - prepare at home

If in the hands of a glass with a milk cocktail, the mood can not be bad. A pair of sips of cool, thick, air drink with ice cream, and here it is a genuine childhood joy, even if you have not been a child for a long time. Many prefer to prepare sweet cocktails personally, and that's right, I think. At home it is easier to check not only the quality of the products used, but it is possible to repaint a classic recipe on your own way. You can add everything you like - berries, fruits, chocolate, caramel and even cookies in the dairy drink. Instead of ordinary sugar, you can put honey, condensed milk, syrups and jams - how is it all delicious!


Milk cocktail with ice cream - classic proportions, recipe, making rules

Cooking and proportion rules
  1. In order to form a lush, stable, high foam into the surface of the cocktail, you need to use fatty milk (with a fat content of 3.2%). Shortly before cooking you need to cool, and it is better to stand in the freezer so that it is only beginning to freeze, but it remains liquid.
  2. The proportions of ice cream and milk in a cocktail depend on what kind of consistency you want to get in the end. If you like a dense, thick drink, take both components in an equal proportion - 300 g, for example. But for the preparation of a slight option, the amount of ice cream needs to be reduced to 200, and even until 100 g.
  3. When a blender whipping a cocktail, the nozzle must be tilted as much as possible to the glass so that it captures more air and sat down them the milk mixture. It turns out a lot of bubbles.
  4. For sweets, ordinary sugar or sugar powder are added, honey. And for taste - natural berries (tasty with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, black or red currant) and fruits (bananas, kiwi and melon, watermelon, apple, etc.). Can be mixed in dessert berry syrups, condensed milk or even jam - there are no restrictions in this regard.
  5. For a classic cocktail, a creamy, dairy ice cream, a popsicle or sealing is usually used. These types of delicacy have a soft taste of cream. A chocolate ice cream is put in drink with a taste of chocolate, a caramel cocktail will fit cream-brulee.
  6. We are alike and spices - vanilla (natural, vanillin or vanilla sugar), cinnamon, cardamom, etc.
  7. In a chocolate-milk cocktail you can add an additional portion of chocolate - in the form of tiles or cocoa.
  8. You can decorate a cocktail with a cap of whipped cream, berries, chocolate or coconut chips, mint leaves, ground nuts, broken into pieces of biscuit, cookies, waffles.
  9. For faster cooling into the drink, you can put a crusted ice.
  10. You can also add various syrups to the cocktail (including from jam), berry or fruit puree, freshly squeezed or canned juices, essences and flavors.
  11. How many calories will be in dessert, depends on the aggregate fat content of dairy products, quantities of sugar or other sweeteners. The total caloric content of the delicacy may vary from 80 to 300 kcal per 100 g.

Classic milk cocktail recipe without additives

Classic cooking method


  • Milk cow (can be replaced by almond or soy) - 250 ml;
  • White ice cream - 100-250 g;
  • Sugar powder or small sugar - 1.5-2 tbsp. l.;
  • Vanillin or vanilla sugar - to taste and desire.

Cooking order:

  1. Chilled in the freezer milk to pour into a shaker (nozzle-blender). There is a vanilla and sugar sand (powder).
  2. Be whipped at high speed until the air, loose foam will appear.
  3. Add ice cream, beat again.
  4. Pour in high glasses, decorate at your discretion and immediately submit.

Preparing homemade milkshake with banana and ice cream in a blender with foam

Option with banana

Composition (2 servings):

  • Milk (better to take fat) - 2 glasses (500 ml);
  • Swab - 100-200 g;
  • Bananas (soft, ripe) - 2 pcs. (medium size).

How to cook at home Banana Milk Cocktail - Instruction with photo:

  1. Purified banana cut into circles, pour into the bowl of the blender (if the submersible blender will be used - into any suitable beaming container). Sliced ​​banana
  2. Add 1-2 ice cream briquette. Ice cream Added to Banana
  3. Pour a little very cold milk. Beat up to homogeneity. Then pour the rest of the milk and beat again until the foam appears. Milk Added
  4. The resulting drink is preferably drinking for half an hour after cooking - than it stands longer, the less tasty and beautiful becomes.

Cocktail of milk and ice cream with cherry (or other berries) at home

Milk-cherry cocktail with cream

Ingredient proportions:

  • milk - 200 ml;
  • ice cream - 200 g;
  • Cherry or other berry (fresh or frozen) - 100 g;
  • Sugar - 1-2 Art. l. (taste).

How to make a milk cocktail with a cherry (strawberry, currant, blueberries, etc.):

  1. From the berry to remove the bones, ship it into the bowl. Add sugar and punch a submersible blender to getting almost homogeneous puree.

    If you want to cook a raspberry drink, it is better to wipe the berry puree through a sieve to remove small bones from the raspberry.

  2. Add chopped into small pieces of ice cream, kill.
  3. Pour milk, thoroughly beat to foam, lightweight consistency. Ready, you can try.

Milk cocktail with fruit and soft ice cream - cook without a blender and mixer

Recipe with fruit

Such products will be required (for 1 serving):

  • The flesh of the watermelon (can also be prepared with kiwi, melon, peaches and other fruits) - 150 g;
  • ice cream, milk - 100 g;
  • Sugar powder - 1 tsp;
  • Cheat ice - for fast cooling;
  • Whipped cream, liquid caramel, syrup - for decoration (optional).

How to cook:

  1. Watermelon pulp crush for a fork or press for potato mashed potatoes. Wipe through the sieve.

    By the same principle you can grind and flesh other fruits.

  2. Ice cream for this cocktail need a slightly deciding. Therefore, do not forget to remove it from the freezer 15-20 minutes before the start of cooking or a little warm it in the microwave so that it becomes soft.
  3. Mix fruit puree with powdered sugar and ice cream, stir up to homogeneity.
  4. To shift the mass to the shaker (a tall glass with a lid), a plastic bottle, a jar, another tightly closing container. Add milk and ice crumb.
  5. Close the container and intensively shake for 3-5 minutes until the mass becomes air. Everything can be divided into portions, decorate and enjoy yummy.

Dry milk cocktail with berry syrup and vanilla ice cream - whipped by a mixer

With the addition of syrup

It will take (for 2 persons):

  • Dry milk - 1/3 stack;
  • Water cooled - 1 stack;
  • ice cream - 100 g;
  • Sweet syrup (orange or other) - 50 g (to taste).

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Dry milk mixture to dilute with water, adding liquid with small portions and immediately stirring, breaking lumps.
  2. Enter syrup into milk, beat the mixer at high speed.
  3. Putting a small piece of arbitrary form ice cream. Beat at maximum power again.

The air cocktail is better to drink immediately, until the foam is dated.

Thick chocolate-milk cocktail with chocolate (cocoa) - do houses

Cocktail of chocolate, milk and chocolate ice cream

Such products will be required (for 3 servings):

  • Milk - 300 ml;
  • Ice cream - 200-300 g;
  • Chocolate - 100 g or 2-3 tbsp. l. cocoa;
  • Small sugar or powder - 3-4 tbsp. l. (can be more, to taste);
  • Outlined ice - at will;
  • You can add a little liqueur or other light alcoholic beverage, if the dessert is not prepared for children.

How to cook a milk cocktail with ice cream - we understand step by step:

  1. Chocolate break into pieces and put in a saucepan, pour milk, fall asleep sugar.

    You can use milk, dark, bitter or even white chocolate - what you love. It is possible to replace it with a cocoa-soluble type of nonxection, Mix Fix or a conventional powder.

    Heat the milk, stirring, wait until the chocolate melts / dissolve cocoa. Now you need to cool the mixture or simply add crushed ice into it.

    Chocolate-milk mixture
  2. Put ice cream in the bowl of the blender. If you wish to add a drop of a liqueur. Ice cream in Blender
  3. Pour a chocolate mix into a blender, beat to bubbles. Chocolate millet

The finished drink can be decorated with cookie oreo - it turns out beautiful and tasty.

Recipe for a milk cocktail from seals with juice: magnificent foam, and taste is just a miracle

Cocktle from juice and seals

Ingredients for cooking 2 portions:

  • Swab (high-quality, tasty, without a substitute for milk fat) - 200 g;
  • Juice - 250 ml (preferably thick, perfectly suitable strawberry or strawberry and banana).

Cooking order:

  1. Juice and seal placed in a narrow deep container.
  2. Be a blender. First, the mixture should be homogeneous, and then - foam will be saturated from above. Neither sugar nor milk additionally add to add.

It is recommended to drink immediately until the foam is not opal.

Soviet milk cocktail from childhood with the addition of ice cream - how to prepare in the USSR

Milk cocktail How to prepare in the USSR

For 4 portions you need to take:

  • Milk - 400 ml;
  • ice cream - 100 g;
  • Syrup (according to GOST used orange, but can be replaced with another view or sugar) - 4 tbsp. l.

Phased recipe:

  1. Cool up to 2-5 degrees Milk, seal and syrup (sugar sand) Place in the mixer bowl.
  2. Beat before increasing the volume and formation of abundant foam. It is best to use a bar mixer or cappuccinator (foam). But at home, you can beat the usual (submersible) blender or mixer.

Milk cocktail (Milkshek) as in McDonalds - from ice cream with cream

Recipe How to prepare in McDonalds

Components and proportions (for 2 servings):

  • Milk - 200 ml (cool pre-cool);
  • Cream (low-fat) - 50 ml;
  • Vanilla ice cream - 200 g;
  • Chocolate (optional) - for decoration;
  • Vanilla sugar - 10 g + ordinary sand sugar for sweetening, if necessary.

The main steps of cooking:

  1. Pour the liquid ingredients into a glass of immersion blender.
  2. Put ice cream, pour sugar and / or vanilla.
  3. Beat, using a nozzle in the form of a whisk.
  4. Before serving, sprinkle with grated chocolate or cinnamon.

Video recipe

Bon Appetit!

Chief milkman

I make useful food delicious and vice versa.

1. Classic milk cocktail with ice cream

How to make a milk cocktail: classic milkshake with ice cream


  • 8 tablespoons of any ice cream;
  • 250 ml of milk;
  • 1-2 teaspoons of jam, honey or syrup - at will.


Blender will turn ice cream and milk into a homogeneous mass. Put into a tall glass. If desired, decorate whipped cream, syrup, cookies, fruits and berries.

2. Dairy cocktail with fruits or berries

Milk Cocktail with blueberries /

Milk Cocktail with Apple /

Milk Cocktail with Peach /

Milk Cocktail with Orange /

Milk Cocktail with Cherry /

Milk Cocktail with Strawberry /

Milk Cocktail with Banana /


  • 100-150 g of fruit or berries;
  • 250 ml of milk;
  • 8 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream;
  • 1-2 teaspoons of honey, syrup or jam - at will.


Pieces of fruits or berries crush in a blender with a small amount of milk. After add ice cream. Mix.

Pour the remaining milk and take up again.

3. Milk cocktail with raspberries and white chocolate

Milk Cocktail with Strawberry and White Chocolate


  • 110 g of fresh raspberries;
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar;
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice;
  • 100 g of white chocolate;
  • 180 ml of milk;
  • 8 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream;
  • Whipped cream - for decoration.


Set aside a pair of berries for decoration, and the rest of the blender with sugar and lemon juice. Wipe the sauce through the sieve to get rid of seeds.

White chocolate melts in the microwave or on a water bath. Slightly cool.

Mix the blender milk, ice cream and chocolate. The weight should be thick and homogeneous.

Pour the inner walls of a glass with raspberry sauce. After add milk cocktail.

Decorate whipped cream and berries.

4. Milk cocktail with chocolate sauce

Milk Cocktail with Chocolate Sauce


  • 240 ml of coffee;
  • 100 g of sugar;
  • 120 g cocoa;
  • 2 chipping salts;
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or sugar;
  • 60 ml of milk;
  • 2 tablespoons of dry milk;
  • 12 tablespoons of ice cream;
  • 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.


Boil coffee and sugar. Push the cocoa and pinch of salt. After a couple of minutes, when the sauce thickens, add vanilla. Cool to room temperature.

In the blender, we take milk, ice cream, salt and syrup. In the glass pour some sauce, after a cocktail. Alternate layers to the top.

5. Milk cocktail with whole berries

Milk cocktail with whole berries


  • 250 g of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries or other berries;
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar;
  • 350 ml of water;
  • 10 tablespoons of ice cream;
  • 170 g of Greek yogurt;
  • 60 ml of milk.


Berries with sugar put in a small saucepan and pour with water. Boil until they start to burst and highlight juice, and sugar sand will not dissolve. After cool.

Blender Wake up ice cream, yogurt and milk.

Boil cocktail on glasses. Add to each several berries in sugar syrup. Stir and serve to the table.

6. Milk cocktail with cookies

Milk Cocktail with Cookie


  • 5-6 biscuit, sand or other cookies;
  • 8 tablespoons of ice cream;
  • 240 ml of milk;
  • Whipped cream, chocolate crumb and cookies - for decoration.


Biscuits Nang in small pieces. Wake up in a blender with ice cream and milk.

Put into a glass. Decorate cream, chocolate and cookies.

Try new combinations 🎂

7. Milk cocktail with coffee

Milk cocktail with coffee


  • 10 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream;
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa;
  • 1 pinching cinnamon;
  • 80 ml of cold coffee;
  • 60 ml of milk;
  • Whipped cream and chocolate for decoration.


Wake up a blender ice cream, cocoa, cinnamon, coffee and milk. Put into a glass. Decorate whipped cream and chocolate.

8. Milk cocktail with dates

Milk cocktail with dates


  • 100 g of dates;
  • 60 ml of water;
  • 12 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream;
  • 240 ml of milk.


Cut dates in small pieces. Pour water and put in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. Put in a blender and make mashed potatoes.

Add ice and milk to the gift mixture. Beat and immediately spill on the glasses.

9. Milk cocktail with cola

Milk cocktail with cola


  • 10 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream;
  • 80 ml of milk;
  • 2 tablespoons of cherry juice;
  • 1 tablespoon of lime juice;
  • 200 ml cola.


In the blender, take the ice cream, milk, half of the cherry and linous juice.

At the bottom of the glass pour the remaining juice, and after - the milkshake. Approximately the fifth part leave empty.

Top slowly pour the cola.

Feel like a bartender 🍶🍾

10. Milk cocktail with color dragee

Milk Cocktail with Color Dragee


  • 2 banana;
  • 80 ml of milk;
  • 4 tablespoons of ice cream;
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract;
  • 1 teaspoon of color dragee.


Bananas cut slices and freeze. After grinding. If your blender is not intended for ice, use the usual fruits.

Pour milk and take up to a homogeneous mass.

Add ice cream and vanilla to the bananium-milk mixture. Beat again.

Boal over the glasses and add dragee.

What are Milkcheki, why are they so popular and what is the benefit of them? How to make milk cocktails at home? What is the most delicious recipe? Should milk be fat? And ice cream? Is it not afraid to give a milk cocktail a little child? And if diabetes or lactose intolerance?

There are always many questions around Milkchekov. Let's deal with the very beginning and in order.

The history of dairy cocktails

In history, there was no name of the inventor of cocktails from milk and dairy products, but about these beverages became known at the end of the XIX century. In 1885, one of the English newspapers for the first time printed a note about delicious delicacy - Milkshek, and also published his recipe. For a cocktail they took cold cow milk, raw eggs, brandy or whiskey. As a result, a product was obtained, which reminded the christmas EGG-feet popular in those days or familiar to us Gogol-Mogol.

About the benefits. The main ingredient of any Milkchek is milk, and it is very rich in calcium. The solid milk glass contains 236 mg of this valuable trace element, which is necessary for normal operation of the heart, bones and muscles. Milk helps strengthen dental enamel. And, thanks to him, the risk of ostepososis is significantly reduced in people of elderly.

The milk cocktail fell to taste, and his recipe scattered around the world. Residents of Europe preferred to make a drink with hot milk, and in America they replaced whiskey or brandy on a strong rum. Milkcheki was prepared in large tanks and treated guests at the receptions or served as a family holiday table. It is worth noting that the ingredients for Miklishekov were not cheap, and not all could afford such a drink. A cup-other Milkchek was on his pocket only to wealthy members of society.

About beauty. Milk cocktails are perfectly saturated. Drinking Milkshek, a person for 2-3 hours does not feel feelings of hunger. And this means such drinks are good for everyone who follows their own weight and is afraid of overeating.

At the end of the XIX century in America, berry, fruit, chocolate and vanilla syrups began to add to cocktails. Then in Milkcheki first laid ice cream, and from this the taste of drinks was noticeably improved.

In 1922, an enterprising American inventor Stephen Poplavski, working on the problem of automating the preparation of soda with syrup, came up with a blender. The appearance of the new invention made Milkcheki gentle and air, and the drink received a delightful foam cap. Thanks to the blender, the cream consistency of Egg-leg remained in the past.

About pleasure. The combination of milk and chocolate causes emission to the blood of the hormone of pleasure - endorphine. It regulates blood pressure and increases the mood. In winter, a combination of milk with fruit leads to the same effect. Berries and fruits themselves are an excellent source of vitamins and fiber. They help strengthen immunity, which means very useful in the cold season.

After a few more than a dozen years of milk cocktails, milk cocktails were changed to the weakly familiar to us. Gradually, fresh fruits and berries began to add in them, and almost everywhere abandoned the alcohol component and eggs. True, during the "dry law", American bartenders, on the contrary, abused alcohol. They mixed strong alcoholic beverages in harmless on kind of milk cocktails, perfectly realizing that no police officer would be able to distinguish Milkcheki with alcohol from ordinary children's cocktails. While the guardians of the law was not visible, the bartenders poured into blend crushed ice, poured milk, adding sweet syrup to it and squeezed all the fairing portion of the port. It remained only to beat Milkshek pretty well, and the visitor was very pleased!

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Basic recipe

Any milk cocktail has a basic base. Using it, you can independently change the additives, getting different consistency and the color of the drink, as well as giving it the most unusual shades of taste.


  • Pasteurized milk 500 ml
  • Ice cream flub 200 g
  • Bananas 2 pcs.

Prepare Milkchek is not difficult. All ingredients are placed in a blender and whipped to obtain a lush homogeneous mass. To the cocktail become air, it is enough 15-30 seconds. The cocktail is poured into high glasses and served with straw.

Milkshein 1.

Council. If there is a desire, vanilla ice cream is replaced with nut or pistachio, syrup - on homemade jam, and instead of a banana, berries or any other fruits are used. The lilac shade give the berry berries with blueberries, and pink is achieved by putting raspberry or strawberry into a cocktail.


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Rules of a good milk cocktail

Dairy cocktails are good in that they leave a large space for creativity - inspire experiments and creating their own recipes. However, even the most exquisite and creative milkshake may not impress guests and home, if not adhere to the generally accepted rules.

  1. The basis of any Milkchek is strongly chilled milk. So that the taste of the beverage is more saturated, and the milk was easier to be easier, it is better to cool it in advance in the freezer until the ice crystalline content appears in it. Do not put to reduce the ice temperature, it is the wrong tactic! In extreme cases, add ice cream to milk: according to GOST you do not cook, but the result will not disappoint.
  2. If there is a fruit syrup in the cocktail, choose with low acidity, as the acid makes the drink liquid.
  3. Dairy is better to take with low fat content - then the cocktail will be lush. Of course, they should be of good quality.
  4. Melted chocolate in Milkcheki do not add. In cold milk, he immediately freezes and therefore clogs the tube. Cocoa powder is also a bad additive for Milkchekov. It swells in the drink and, like chocolate, stuck in the tube.
  5. If the cocktail is planned to lay berries or fruits, they are whipped separately to the puree consistency and only then add to milk.
  6. The dense of a home-made milk cocktail can be adjusted, increasing or reducing the share of ice cream in it: the more ice cream add to the milkshake, the clever it turns out.
  7. Lush foam - the result of a high frequency of blender or mixer revolutions. So, in the USSR, the legendary dairy cocktails according to GOST were preparing a specialized mixer "Voronezh". It is unlikely that such a household is found in your household, but take care of a high-quality mixer / blender worth it.


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Decorations for milk cocktails

Fruits and berries

Milk cocktails are made to decorate the types of fruits and berries that are included in their composition. If there is citrus in the recipe, then the glass with Milkchek can be decorated with small subtle slices of orange. When strawberries are used to prepare a drink, decorated with fresh or frozen berries.

Scoops from nuts, chocolate, cinnamon

Beautiful sprinkle for Milkchekov - nuts, but they first need to fry and crush. Perfutly fit the hazelnut, peanuts and almonds. To decorate a ready-made drink, it can be sprinkled with grated with chocolate chocolate or a small amount of cinnamon powder.

Whipped cream

Delicate air hats from whipped cream perfectly look at cocktails. For their preparation, cream is used with fatness of at least 30%. They are preparing simply. One cup of cream is whipped for 5-7 minutes with 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar and a small amount of salt. When hacking, the volume is doubled.

Fragravized cream

Fragravized creams are obtained thanks to the grade of lime or lemon, anise extract, brandy or vanilla. And whipped cream with a taste of chocolate is the result of adding cocoa powder.


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How to beat cream for Milkshinov

  1. It is important to remember that cold cream is raised better, and all flavors are added before the start of the beating. In order for the beating process to be even faster and more efficient, it is worth cooling the dishes in advance for whipping.
  2. When hacking manually achieve the desired consistency. Some more like soft cream, and someone prefers gentle cream that hold the shape well.
  3. When a mixer is used for whipping, it is important to stop on time, because the cream is easily converted into the oil. If this happened, the oil is cleaned into a cool place and used in home cooking. For example, make delicious toasts with jam or cinnamon. And for the decoration of the milk cocktail, a new portion of cream is prepared.
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Milk Cocktail from the USSR ("Milk according to GOST")

The older generation of readers remembers this legendary cocktail from the Soviet cafe, from which it was impossible to refuse. Gosban recipe provides for preparation and dairy ice cream, but we will use a ready-made briquette of good quality.


  • Dairy ice cream 25 g
  • Degreased milk 150 g
  • Fruit syrup 25 g

Cool milk in the refrigerator, and even better - put in the freezer and wait until small frozen pieces appear in it. Put in a blender or mixer milk ice cream, pour chilled skimmed milk and fruit syrup. Beat before getting a milk cocktail.


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Milkshek "Tropical"

In winter, when the landscape outside the window is painted in black and white tones, no longer want bright and unusual dishes and drinks. "Tropical" dairy cocktail will definitely like everyone who misses the hot summer and long-awaited holidays.


  • 5-10 large strawberry berries - can be frozen
  • 1 cup of chilled milk
  • vanilla ice cream
  • 50 g of coconut milk
  • 2 tablespoons of coconut syrup

Grind strawberries in a blender and put a ready-made puree into a cocktail glass. Beat the milk, ice cream, coconut milk and syrup to a delicate homogeneous mass. Pour everything without stirring, on strawberries. Decorate Milkchek grazing lemon zest, and you can serve it!


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Milk Cocktail for Diabetics

Patients with diabetes can not be sugar, so sweeteners are put in Mikliska. For example, aspartame or stevia. Ice cream is also a product that can not be used in recipes for diabetics. So that the cocktail turns out to be sufficiently thick and drum, ice cream is replaced with greasy cream or canned coconut milk.


  • 1 l milk
  • 400-500 g fresh berries or fruits (not only bananas!)
  • 100 g of cream or coconut milk

All products place in a mixer and take up for 30 seconds. The foam on the cocktail will be higher if the milk is cold enough.


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Dairy cocktail for weight loss

Almost all purchased Milkcheki rather calories, as they contain a large amount of sugar. In order for the milk cocktail to be not only pleasant to taste, but did not spoil the figure, it is best to do it yourself. The caloric content of the beverage prepared on this recipe will not exceed 100-110 kcal.


  • 2 cups of low fat milk
  • 2 peach without bones and peat
  • 150 g of vanilla yogurt
  • 100 g of wet ice
  • Hammer cinnamon - to taste

Wash peaches and hide them with boiling water to make it easier to remove gentle skin. Remove the bones and place peaches in a blender. Pour the chilled milk there, put ice and yogurt. If you want to get a sweeter taste - add a sugar substitute. Take up to homogeneous mass and break into the glasses. Ready Milkchek Sprinkle with a cinnamon with ground.


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Pumpkin Milk Cocktail

Useful cocktail will be able to add home or purchased pumpkin puree to milk. No time to cook pumpkin? Use for a beverage homogenized puree from baby food jars.


  • 0.3 liters of milk
  • 120 g pumpkin puree
  • 4 teaspoons of sugar sand
  • 100 ml cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Pour the milk in the blender, add a pumpkin puree, sugar, vanilla and cinnamon. Wake up to increase the volume and burst into cocktail glasses. Decorate the drink whipped cream.


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Chocolate milk cocktail

When the mood at zero, and things do not go to the mountain, I want sweet. This is not by chance - in the period of seasonal depression, the body needs endorphins that can make the world brighter in a matter of minutes and more vigorously. One of the main sources of endorphins is chocolate, so a refreshing chocolate cocktail helps to cope with stress.


  • 1 cup of chocolate ice cream
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 50 g of bitter chocolate

Wake up a blender ice cream with milk to homogeneous mass. Sitting on a fine grater is bitter chocolate. Half chocolate mix with a cocktail mass, and the remaining chocolate decorate the drink in glasses.


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Milkshek "Tiramisu"

Milk drink can be made very similar to taste on the popular Italian dessert of Tiramisu, who love for a contrast combination of a gentle cream and a bitter shade of strong coffee. True, such a cocktail has one drawback - high calorie (470-480 kcal).


  • 200 g ice cream flub
  • 300 mg of milk
  • 100 g cheese mascarpone
  • 20 ml of brandy
  • 1 teaspoon cocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 60 ml espresso coffee

In the blender thoroughly take all the components of the cocktail, with the exception of cocoa powder. Boil the glasses and sprinkle a ready-made cocoa drink or grated with a fine grater with bitter chocolate.


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Milkshek with whiskey

Alcohol Milkchek for the completeness of the picture - perhaps it was that drink that was prepared at the end of the XIX century in Europe.


  • 1 l of fresh milk
  • 12 raw yiits
  • 0.5 l whiskey
  • powdered sugar

To begin with, gently separate the proteins from yolks and place them in different bowls. Wake up in white foam proteins. Separately sweat yolks with powdered sugar. The number of powder determine its taste. Some like sweet-shrew cocktails, and someone prefers barely sweet taste. Different in a bowl with yolks chilled milk and mix well. Add the whipped proteins there and mix thoroughly again.


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How to cook a milk cocktail for children from 1 year

Little children really like milk cocktails, and especially such drinks praise Mother Malls. Fruits and berries add to the kids older than the year in Miklisheki, and children are older - chocolate, ice cream and honey.

It should be borne in mind that the preparation of milk cocktails for baby food has its own characteristics:

  1. For children, only boiled and pasteurized milk are taken and try not to use milk prepared from dry powder.
  2. Children with lactose intolerance can be made by Milkcheki, taking the basis of lowolate or lactose milk, soy milk or natural milk yogurt.
  3. Tabs do not recommend giving too cooled cocktails. This is especially important in the nutrition of children prone to colds and frequent angina.
  4. For Children's Milkchekov do not use purchased syrups, because they contain many artificial fillers and preservatives. Great syrup is easy to cook at home. To do this, an equal amount of water and sugar sand is mixed, boiled and added vanilla, cinnamon stick or lemon zest. Then syrup baptines 5-7 minutes and give it to cool to room temperature.
  5. For completely small children, fruits and berries are first crushed by a blender, and then they pass through the sieve. In milk cocktails for kids, it is necessary to add citrus, kiwi or pineapple with caution, as they can cause colic. That is why the children recommend mild recipes of Miklishekov, where the acidic, precedes and unnecessary tart components are not put.


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What to do with lactose intolerance?

People who are not able to digest lactose are not so little as it may seem at first glance. Among the inhabitants of Europe there are from 1 to 15%. Most such people live in Austria, Finland, Northern France, Central Italy and Germany - up to 15-20%. Among the white Americans cannot correctly digest with 12% of the population, and among African Americans - 45%. The largest number of those who are hard to drink milk live in Africa, Asia and Australia. In the countries of Southeast Asia, their amount comes to 98%.

Did many really be given to enjoy the exquisite taste of milk cocktails? Not at all! Raw milk initially contains enzymes necessary for self-extinguishing, so it does not cause problems with people with lactose intolerance. This means that there are quite suitable cocktails from raw milk. In addition, many countries of the world have mastered the production of lactose milk, in which lactose is removed or hydrolyzed.

There is another way. Scientists have proven that if the milk is added from 1 to 5% sucrose - conventional sugar, then portability increases by 48-96%. Consequently, sweet milkshakes are much easier to assimilate people who are poorly digesting lactose.

Delicious cool milk cocktail - a dream is not only every child, but also an adult. Prepare yourself this drink is very simple - the fragrant and useful delicacy will delight close at any time of the year.

Cocktail at home without chemicals


The favorite delicacy of each child is, perhaps ice cream, despite the fact that it is the cause of many colds. But to Molok, unfortunately, children do not experience such all-consuming love, and to make them drink a couple of glasses is simply impossible. Milk cocktails are drinks that combine the benefits of milk and the taste and aroma of ice cream.

Milk cocktails manufactured in different cafes and bars often contain a large number of chemicals that can be harmful to the child's growing body. It is possible to prepare natural and delicious drink at home - for this it is necessary to take equal portions of milk and ice cream and any jam or jam.

Components are laid in the bowl of the blender and whipped. Useful and delicious drink is ready - it remains to pour it on the glasses and please the children.

Capture secrets

  1. For milk cocktails it is desirable to choose a seal, vanilla or cream ice cream without additives and fillers. The ideal option is to prepare such a dessert yourself. Classic seal - the most common component that gives a drink to a soft consistency and a pleasant unforgettable taste;
  2. Dairy products must necessarily be natural and fresh, especially if cocktails are prepared for children;
  3. Puree from fruits and berries are added to the milk cocktail at the discretion of the cook - they can be taken together with milk and ice cream, and you can add a layer in a glass;
  4. Replace ordinary sugar with honey of different species or brown cane sugar;
  5. Milk cocktails drink immediately after cooking. Long they are not stored even in the refrigerator - fruit acids can cause milk folding;
  6. Milk cocktails based on ice cream and cream are contraindicated with excess weights and diabetes mellitus, since their caloric content is too high;
  7. Cocoa powder, grated chocolate, fruits and berries, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, nuts, waffle tubes - Delicious dessert cocktails can be decorating any products;
  8. The spectacular way of filing a milk cocktail is a glass with a sugar edge. The edges of the glass are lowered into the water, then in the tinted sugar. Such capacities look very original, unusual and like small tastors.

Milk cocktails with ice cream


Milk cocktails with the addition of ice cream - the easiest view of dessert sweet drinks, which can be cooked independently at home.

The main component of the cocktail is the milk - the product, which includes practically the weight of the trace elements that are necessary for normal human life. Carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins support immunity, strengthen hair and nails. Cocktails with the addition of milk are considered not only delicious, but also useful - especially for young children.

Such drinks desserts with the addition of ice cream have a unique soft taste and a gentle aroma. Chilled cocktail is perfectly refreshing in hot weather.

Ice cream for drink

Many bartenders advise the use of vanilla ice cream or seal - classic options for the preparation of a milky cocktail. You can buy it in stores, however, if the drink is preparing for children, it is better to make it yourself at home - so it will be more useful and natural.

To prepare ice cream at home, you will need:

  • 3 cup cream. The minimum percentage of fatty - 20%;
  • 6 pieces of egg yolks;
  • Pinch of vanillin for fragrance;
  • A half cup of sugar.

On small fire, cream is brought to a boil. The caloric content of ice cream directly depends on the fat content of the cream, so if the figure is winding, you can take less fatty cream than specified. Vanillin, yolks and sugar are rubbed to white and mix with hot cream.

The mass is again sent to a small fire and is digested until complete thickening - it should not boil in any case. The mixture is removed from the fire, flickering and cooled, then sent for two hours in the refrigerator. After the specified time, it is stirred by a blender or mixer and sent to the freezer.

In order to the smell of ice cream did not mix the flavors of other products, the dishes can be covered with an ordinary food film or lid. To obtain a more air and homogeneous milk dessert, you can beat it several times. With such a number of ingredients, it is possible to obtain about 750-800 grams of ice cream.

Depending on the specific recipe in the milk cocktail, a different amount of ice cream is added, so it can be done in small portions.

Best recipes


Today there is a huge number of options for the preparation of dessert milk drinks. A variety of recipes, ingredients, methods of cooking and decorating cocktails will not leave indifferent even the most picky sweet tooth and criticism.

Classic option


The traditional, most common and easy-to-cook recipe for a unique drink, perfectly quenching thirst and possessing a magnificent taste and aroma of a milk cocktail. The main components of the dessert are ice cream and milk, however, you can add seasonings, nuts, fruits, berries, syrups, jams, jams as desired.

Despite the fact that the classic recipe is one at all times, it has its own nuances. Milk for a cocktail takes only natural, without third-party additives and preservatives. Ice cream is a classic swamp, ideally home. Milk is necessarily cooled to 6 ° C, that is, it takes directly from the refrigerator. Fruits, nuts and berries, which will be added to the dessert, be sure to be grinding in a blender.

The classic recipe for a milk cocktail includes only a liter of milk and 250 grams of a seal or any other creamy ice cream. Both ingredients are whipped by a blender until a magnificent foam is formed.

Depending on individual tastes, you can change the amount of milk. For a more liquid consistency, it takes about one and a half milk liters, if you want a milk drink by analogy with cocktails in the world-famous snack packer network, the proportions of milk are reduced.

Vanilla cocktail


A vanilla milk cocktail is prepared from two milk glasses, 250 grams of seals, two tablespoons of sugar powder or sugar, 200 grams of cream and chipping vanillin.

In a glass of blender, ice cream is laid out and the rest of the products are added - vanillin, powder and milk. Everything is sharpened for three to four minutes. The finished cocktail is bottled on the glasses and is served on the table.

With nuts and apples


Delicate, tart taste apples and a thin nut nut is the perfect and incredibly delicious dessert drink for the smallest.

Two apples are taken to the half-liter of milk, two tablespoons of nuts and a compatible sugar. Skin removed from fruit, the core and seeds are removed, the pieces are either wiping through the grater, or turn into a puree with a blender. Grinding apples are mixed with sugar. The cooled milk is mixed with candied apples and is whipped in a blender until a thick stable foam is obtained. Over the milk cocktail is decorated with chopped walnuts in a blender.

With avocado - pledge of health


Cholesterol - Beach of mankind, exerting the body and vessels is not the most beneficial effect. Oleic acid contained in avocado and with antioxidant properties - a substance capable of lowering cholesterol. Milk cocktail with avocado is not only delicious, but, due to oleic acid, incredibly useful.

A dairy cocktail is prepared from 500 ml of milk, one avocado, raspberry syrup or jam from black currant and a small amount of honey. Avocado is neatly cut in half, the flesh is removed by a teaspoon and laid out in a blender. Liquid honey and milk goes there. For those who can not live without sweet, you can add a little sweet berry syrup into the bowl of the blender. All ingredients for the dairy dessert are mixed throughout the pair-triple minutes.



The saturated and satisfying version of the milk cocktail bringing considerable benefits: Microelements, amino acids and proteins contained in its composition, beneficially affect fabrics and organs, fresh strawberries have a strengthening effect on the walls of vessels, and oatmeal improves the state of nails and hair, clean the skin and normalize metabolism.

In the bowl of the blender, oatmeal is whipped, fresh classic yogurt without additives and fillers, cinnamon, cocoa, strawberry and half-liter milk. After the emergence of stable thick foam, the milk drink is bottled on the glasses and decorated with cinnamon and faded with oatmeal.

Milky banana


Drink that is suitable for both children and adults. You can increase its "age category" by adding several spoons of brandy in the ready-made milk drink. A mixer or blender in a glass is whipped with 250 grams of a seal, a liter of milk and small pieces of banana. The drink is bottled on glasses, for small children a cocktail can be decorated with pieces of fruits and berries, and for adults - a pair of alcohol spoons.

Milky chocolate


Delicious milk drink with bright, saturated chocolate aroma. A cocktail is preparing at home from one portion of ice cream, two tablespoons of cocoa, sugar, berries and fruits and 250 ml of milk.

Products are whipped by a blender before the appearance of thick stable foam. You can decorate a delicious dessert cocktail as a small ball of ice cream and grated chocolate.



Delicate and refreshing milk drink with the addition of ice. Prepared from 200 ml of milk, 250 grams of apricots, five tablespoons of crushed ice and 50 grams of sugar. Small pieces of apricot are laid out on the ice. All ingredients are driven by sugar, poured with milk and is whipped within minutes on small speeds of a mixer or blender.

Milky caramel


To prepare this unusual and original milk dessert, two portions of vanilla seals are required, 400 ml of milk, 4 tablespoons of sugar and strawberry. Sugar melts on small fire in a small saucepan.

As soon as it becomes golden, add 5 tablespoons of water and bring the mass with continuous stirring to a thick syrup-shaped consistency. Then the warm milk is neatly poured and is brought to a boil.

The contents of the pan must be completely cooled, for which the container is closed with a dense cover and sent to the refrigerator for several hours. Caramel milk with the addition of vanilla seals is whipped by a blender for 15-20 seconds. The edge of the glasses in which a milk dessert drink will be served, can be decorated with small strawberry slices.



Golden cocktail with a pleasant and unusual taste.

A useful drink from milk, carrot juice, honey and whipped cream is prepared. It is advisable to take milk with a small percentage of fatty - about 2.5%. It is cooled in the refrigerator as well as carrot juice.

You can make the juice yourself - the store is not worth using. Cold juice and milk are poured into a glass of blender and whipped with the addition of honey for 3-5 minutes before the formation of thick foam and homogeneous consistency. The cocktail is then mixed with ice cream with a mixer and removed into the refrigerator.

You can decorate a dessert cocktail with whipped cream, mint and nutmeg leaves.

The addition of carrot juice makes from the usual and tasty drink incredibly useful - it helps to cope with extra kilograms and normalizes digestion.



130 grams of ice cream are molded at room temperature. Strawberry berries are cleaned and dried. Milk heats up to room temperature. Milk, strawberry berries and melting ice cream mixed in a glasses of the blender. Everything is whipped, bottled on the prepared glasses for a cocktail and decorated with slices of berries.

With the addition of fruit juice


One of the easiest in the preparation of the recipes of a milk cocktail. One portion is created from milk, ice cream and any fruit juice. All products are mixed and scored before the formation of foam. The color and aroma of the cocktail can be changed depending on the selected juice, and you can create a multi-layer drink.

With cherry and ice cream


Bright milk cocktail with the addition of cherry. Berries are thoroughly washed under water and cleaned from stones. In the glasses of the blender, milk, ice cream and berries are mixed, everything is thoroughly whipped and the delicacy of glasses with the addition of ice.

With ice cream and coffee


Coffee milkshake is prepared from milk, cooked coffee - it is desirable to take the present grain - and a vanilla or creamy seal. Everything is thoroughly mixed before obtaining thick foam and homogeneous consistency. The finished drink for the dessert is bottled on the glasses, decorated with ice cream and grated chocolate or chocolate biscuits.

With cherry and cocoa


For a milk cocktail, cocoa is prepared - sugar, cocoa powder and milk takes. The finished drink is cooled, after which is mixed with cherry juice. The finished cocktail can be decorated with ice cream, cinnamon, sugar.

With ice cream and raspberry


Big content in the drink of vitamin C allows to strengthen the immune system, helps to get rid of extra kilograms, reduce the temperature, relieves inflammation and pain. In warm milk, liquid honey is diluted, the resulting mixture is cooled. Ice cream is added to it, everything is whipped by a blender. Raspberry is thoroughly washed and also mixed with milk. Useful and delicious milkshake can be strained through the sieve in order to get rid of raspberry grains.

With cinnamon and pear


Ripe pear is cleaned of the peel, cuts into small pieces and is crushed into a blender glass together with cinnamon, mullet and lemon juice. The dessert drink is poured into the glasses and is decorated with cinnamon, brown chopsticks or whipped cream.

With mango and yogurt


Cardamom seeds are neatly removed. The blender whipped seeds, mango flesh and ordinary yogurt without additives. Cheat ice is added, everything is thoroughly whipped and bottled along high glasses. From above, the cocktail is decorated with crushed pistachios.

Milk with parmesan


Celery juice is mixed with grated parmesan, milk and finely chopped ginger. Everything is thoroughly whipped by a blender and decorates the delicacy of celery twigs.

"Paradise Apple"


Juicy sweet apples are carefully clean, of which they remove the core and wipe through the grater. The resulting puree can be suspended with sugar. Then it is poured with milk and whipped before the appearance of foam in the blender twice. Desert dessert cocktail with crushed nuts.

"Mint cloud"


Natural fatty milk, vanilla ice cream and mint syrup mix in the glasses of the blender. Listers of mint, whipped cream and grated chocolate can be used as a decoration of the beverage.

Creamy with currant


Frozen currant is crushed in a blender. Then they are driven by sugar, cookies, milk and ice cream are added. All products for the cocktail are crushed. The cream of high fatness is whipped separately from the other ingredients, then used as an ornament for the finished drink.

With exotic fruit

Fruits of dates are cut in pressure and cleaned from the bones, cut into small pieces. Date can be replaced by any other unusual and tropical fruits. Discovered dates are put in a blender bowl.

Fresh chilled milk for a cocktail mixed with fruit. Add a teaspoon of vanillin and whipped the resulting mixture at maximum speed. It is done several times until the thick composition of the soft consistency and beige shade is obtained.

Ice cream is added to the blender and is whipped at maximum speed for several minutes. The prepared milk cocktail is bottled along the cooled high glasses and mixed with honey.

Children's milk cocktails


Delicious and helpful drinks for the little ones.

With raspberry and cottage cheese

The berries of raspberries or any other - cherry, currants, blueberries, blackberries, milk, lemon juice, cottage cheese, brown sugar and berry or fruit syrup are laid in the blender bowl. Everything is thoroughly mixed before the formation of stable foam is poured on high glasses. You can decorate a drink for children with mint twigs or chocolate.


Swab and milk for dessert is divided into two equal parts. Bananas are cleaned of the peel and cut into pieces, then beaten with one portion of milk and a portion of ice cream. On the water bath or in the microwave to the chocolate is then mixed with the remaining dairy products.

The finished drink is poured with layers in a cocktail glass and decorated with grated chocolate or brown chopsticks.


The washed strawberry berries are wiping through fine sieve. Small strawberry can be used as decoration of the finished cocktail. The resulting strawberry mashed puree is mixed with sugar, honey, vanilla, lemon zest and milk. Blender all the ingredients are carefully crushed. A delicious dessert drink is decorated with berries dodged in sugar.

Fruit on holiday

In the bowl of the blender, fruits are crushed - pineapple, melon, grapes, gooseberries - with adding honey. You can decorate the fruit dessert with marmalade, fresh berries in Sugar or Cucatami.

Tips for cooking


  1. The amount of ingredients can rejuvenate the taste and aroma of the milk cocktail. You can cook a popular drink with a bright saturated taste of fruits, having reduced the amount of milk and increasing - fruits and berries;
  2. For cocktails at home, only the usual vanilla or creamy ice cream without flavors and fillers is chosen;
  3. Adding fresh fruit juice reduces the calorie content of the milk drink and quenches thirst;
  4. Cocktails are served in high transparent glasses. Decorations for delicacy can be mint leaves, nuts, berries, fruits, seasonings and spices, candies.

Interesting Facts

  • Dairy cocktails were first mentioned in 1885. Along with ice cream and milk, whiskey was added to them - according to a common opinion, in medical and health purposes;
  • A special blender for the preparation of popular milk cocktails was created in 1922;
  • The most spectacular and unusual component of dairy desserts is a pumpkin;
  • In 2000, the largest cocktail was created in New York, recorded in the Book of Records Guinis;
  • Banana-honey milkshake will help cope with the consequences of a rapid party. The magic drink contributes to the restoration of nutrient and useful substances - magnesium, sugar and potassium.

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