Merry Uzerli revealed the secret of leaving the "magnificent century"

The creators found her replacement. However, the prime needed a lot of time to come to themselves. In Berlin, she did not immediately manage to cope with depression. "I felt guilty and emotionally exhausted. I had a nervous breakdown, "- quotes Aksam Star.

Thanks to the support of loved ones, Merery was able to recover and leave a grand project in the past. True, the career of the artist suffered greatly. Some producers and directors thought she was irresponsible, and did not hurry to invite her. Only the incredible efforts of the priest could prove his professionalism and return the location of the public. Now she is removed in Turkey, and in Germany. Merry also cooperates with well-known brands and makes a successful model career.

Merry with daughter Laro

Merry with the daughter of Laro,

Recently, the star of the "magnificent century" ended the work in the film "Beehive". She delighted fans with the long-awaited news: Uzerli promised to play in the film director Olguna Ozadeir. The partner of the actress will be the handsome Chagchar Ertugrull.

In the interruptions between the work of the actress enjoys maternity. She brings up a six-year-old daughter Lara, who gave birth in a relationship with Janom Athend. Merey broke up with a businessman, even when was pregnant.

The actress starred in a provocative photo session in a seductive latex dress. She told about the unsuccessful experiment with Botoks. Uzerli showed the dying personnel with her daughter.

Merry priest
Merry priest

In 2011, Merury Primelli became known for the whole world - and all thanks to the series "Magnificent Century". The project enjoyed great popularity, but after the third season, the actor's leading role was disappeared from the frame. Then there were conflicting rumors about the reasons for the dismissal by Merye. The actress herself explained what happened to what was just tired of endless shooting days.

Now, the priest decided to explain in detail why in 2013 she escaped to Berlin. According to the star, she had a personal crisis due to permanent employment at work. Merry felt the hostage of the film and could no longer put up with it. "Only now seven years later, I can safely talk about it. I had to leave the series, because I began to feel like a robot. Tried to be perfect and perform work on excellent. He said: "Merry, you are a car, and you will do this work," the actress admitted.

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After leaving, Merury, the creators of the series had to look for her replacement. As a result of Vahid, Perchin appeared on the screen, by transforming into a hundreds of Hurrem Sultan. The very same as the priest could not return to a normal lifestyle.

"I felt guilty and emotionally exhausted. I had a nervous breakdown, but thanks to the support of loved ones I coped. Now this story remained in the past, "the artist explained.
During filming in the series, the actress attributed a novel with Halit Ergen
During filming in the series, the actress attributed a novel with Halit Ergen

All this story negatively affected Merry's career. Many producers have long refused to work with the actress, considering it a non-permanent and irresponsible. Only with time, prisoners could prove that she can entrust serious roles. Now the star often participates in Turkish projects, and is removed in German films, as it lives in Berlin.

The star raises a little daughter, with the father of which, businessman Jana Athend, was still pregnant. Now the star tries to do everything so that the child does not feel the deficit of parental love.

Daughters actress Lara recently turned six years old
Daughters actress Lara recently turned six years old

But there is no information about the personal life of the artist. Periodically, Mererya attribute novels with well-known businessmen and actors, but it prefers to hide the relationship. On the red carpet tracks, priests appear mainly alone, and in an interview does not mention the boyfriends, adhering to the opinion that happiness loves silence.

Based on

Photo: Frame from the series "Magnificent Century", Instagram

"It was difficult for me to live away from home, from loved ones and friends. I could not stand and escaped. Now I understand that I made a big mistake. I want to bring my apologies to Timur Savji, actors and all members of the filmmaker "Magnificent Century"! I send my love and deepest respect! And, of course, I ask for a petition from all the audience "the magnificent century"!

Merry Uzerli regrets his caring from the "Magnificent Century" and apologized to the producers

We all remember how suddenly the actress left the series. Then the creators were in a difficult situation and did not know how to get out. The abduction scene of Hurrem Sultan was invented. And while in the series, Sultan Suleiman was engaged in its search, the producers of the series were actively looking for a replacement of Merini priest. So, the series came by Vakhid Gerdum, who played the role already quite mature Cherrrem.

Merin's satellite in one of the interviews frankly admitted that at that time she was experiencing a difficult period in his life. Almost at the same time, parting with a beloved man, pregnancy and shooting, who squeezed all the forces from her.

Merry Uzerli regrets his caring from the "Magnificent Century" and apologized to the producers

Unexpected pregnancy Merini Uzerli was the cause of her gap with the beloved. The young man threw her by learning that he would soon become a father. On the other hand, due to the shooting, the girl began an emotional burnout, because her work in the series was not stopped by a total of three years without a respite. Merry lived in someone else's country, almost did not understand the language and did not have a number of friends.

But, despite the hard work in the "magnificent century," the actress responds about the series with gratitude:

"Magnificent Century" completely changed my life. I am insanely grateful to Timur Savji and Meraral O'Kay for believed in me and invited to their project. Mealy often dreamed of me after his death, and every time I told her: "If you were with us now ..." They decided that I would cope with this role. They believed me and gave a chance. That's how it all started and insanely quickly twisted. I often came to Turkey, but live there was constantly afraid. But still decided and arrived. As on the machine, I first went on the set. Like a robot, came to work and went. Hotel - work, hotel - work, then I didn't even have friends. "

Merry Uzerli regrets his caring from the "Magnificent Century" and apologized to the producers

Merury Primelli shared that she was provided with the best living conditions: a comfortable room at the hotel, a personal driver, personal assistant, a translator and a trainer dialect. And because of the fee, she did not take offense, these are all rumors. And their unexpected departure Merury Primelli explained to strong fatigue. Of course, she regrets this now:

"It was difficult for me to live away from home, from loved ones and friends. I could not stand and escaped. Now I understand that I made a big mistake. "

Merry Primelli told that she really liked Vakhid Gerdum in the role of Hurrem, who replaced it in the "magnificent century." In addition, at the time of filming, the priests warned that she would not play an urchon at the age, but the girl could not stand the mad working rhythm and left ahead of time.

Actress of Turkish-German origin

Merry priest

, known for the role of Hurrem Sultan in the series "Magnificent Century", left the project, and without completing shooting. Beautiful appearance did not bring the prisoner of happiness: she was not lucky in his personal life, and the acting career was not immediately given. What tragedy prevented her to play in the fourth season of the "magnificent century" and what would return her to life?

Why "Hurrem Sultan" left "Magnificent Century"

Photo: Frame from the series "Magnificent Century" Frame from the series "Magnificent Century"

Through hardship to the stars

Merry Father, Hussein, has a Turkish origin, and Mother, Ursula, - German. He led a small theater in Germany, and his daughter from five years old went on stage. After graduating from the Theater School in Hamburg, the young artist was first not lucky in his career. When the girl was engaged in volunteering in the hospital and the German series voiced in part-time, she finally received a fateful offer from Turkey.

Star role brought failure?

So, the priests were offered to be held in the series "Magnificent Century". The ceiling red-haired girl perfectly approached the role of Slavyanka, which was brought to the Harem of the Turkish Sultan. In Turkey, the project creators could not find a suitable actress type, which would speak Turkish. In this country, she quickly became the star, the embodiment of the creation of cultures familiar to Istanbul. Merry also became the constant heroine of the local secular chronicle. However, the rabid rhythm of life provoked nervous breakdowns. She refused to be filmed in the series and wanted only to shut down at home. The situation was exacerbated by problems in personal life. The fact is that the popular Merry has a novel with Turkish businessman Jana Athens. However, there was no good relationship in the pair. They met for several years, the man periodically fell away from depression because of his problems, and Merini tried to pull him out and even helped financially.

She later confessed that friends warned her not to contact Jian, but she idealized him. The actress did not even pay attention that her lover threw his wife with two children and had the glory of Lovelaces. Atesh's friend told that the entrepreneur met with an artist only because of her popularity. So he wanted to fix his business in business that was bad. Having received the attention of the press, he began to criticize the priest and emphasized that he was not going to marry her. Fate saved Meryem from a cunning lover. The girl became pregnant. Having learned about this, Athens asked her to make an abortion, and then disappeared. The actress was seriously worried about parting with her beloved.

Causes of leaving the "magnificent century"

Pressure and stress at work, as well as problems in personal life, strongly stunned the spiritual health of the priest. Pregnant actress left the "magnificent century" and passed the course of psychotherapy. Because to go to Berlin, she tried to commit suicide. It happened after the Television Awards television award in Antalya.

Care Actress from the "magnificent century" provoked a scandal with a fee paid to her. Before you leave the project, she took a vacation, but after a few days he said that he would not be able to continue shooting due to the nervous disorder. As a result, the shooting was suspended due to the fact that the priest could not agree with the creators of the series about the fee. After the sale of the rights to the broadcast of the "magnificent century" Arab countries, the actor

Halita Ergech

(Plays the role of Sultan Suleiman) paid 1.5 million Turkish lira (about $ 800 thousand). And the priests did not pay anything. She demanded payments through her lawyer, but received a refusal. It became the last straw and the actress left the series. Fans were outside of themselves and did not want to see anyone in the role of Hurrem.

What saved the actress?

The star of the Turkish series was not going to start the children and a sudden pregnancy shocked her. However, she decided not to make an abortion and give birth to the daughter of Laru. Now she absolutely does not regret his decision and calls the child the main gift of fate. "I was very hard, but I gave birth to Laru, and she revived me," the artist confessed in an interview with the Turkish edition of Hurriyet. Now Merry and daughter lives in Berlin. "Once I would like to fall in love again, finding a person who will divide everything with me," she admits.

The actress did not give up his career in the cinema and continues to be filmed in the series, among whom "Mother's Wound" and "Queen of the Night." The latter was closed due to low ratings. Failure to failure in Turkey, she decided to pay attention to American film market and changed their appearance, wanting to approach the standards of the United States. However, the new image of the star did not like not only its fans, which often criticized the actress for plastic surgery, but also to professional professionals.

"Return" of the Prodigal Father

Wanting to rehabilitate in the eyes of the public, Athens decided to recognize his daughter. But Merry does not want to hear anything about it. The artist believes that he changed his opinion due to the pressure of Turkish society.

Actress Merrey Primelli is known to the widespread masses for the role of Hurrem in the popular Turkish TV series "Magnificent Century". However, unexpectedly, as Jerli decided to end the shooting in this project right in the middle of the 3rd season. It seems even more strange, given that she refused to be filmed literally a few weeks before the end of the work. As a result, the producers had to look for an urgent replacement for the actress.

The successor of the priest became Vahid Gerdum - an experienced actress with a rich track record, but the series fans could not quietly accept this substitution. Residents of all countries of the world, in which the "magnificent century" was broadcast, demanded from the producers of immediate explanations and return to Merya to the place.

Why Merry Uzerli left the "magnificent century"

Herdum was charged with her age - 48 years. The actress was significantly older than Prime. And also - not enough high-quality acting game. Although the second and seemed a completely contrived and biased claim - from Gerdum turned out to be very worthy of Hurrem.

Why did she go?

Naturally, the numerous fans of the series around the world were asked to be a question that forced Merya to break such a favorable contract that brought her money and glory. At that expense, opinions were separated.

Official Comment of the Casting Group - Uzerli just tired From constant tension on filming, and she had a nervous breakdown, after which the actress even got into the hospital, where a two-week rehabilitation course was held.

Perhaps on such a radical measure the star pushed material question . The executor of the role of Sultan Suleiman Khalit Ergech received stimulating payments for showing the series in Arab countries, and when Primelli addressed to producers with a request to pay her such bonuses, he received a refusal.

The third reason was probably invented by the most romantic viewers of the series. They are convinced that the thing is that on the eve of the departure from the series Merry broke up with her fiance . That is what I knocked it out of the rut and forced the actress to go to the clinic for rehabilitation.

However, the relationship of the priest with her beloved Janom Athend has long ceased to be like a fairy tale, and a couple slowly, but rightly moved to break. Hardly the planned parting with a loved one could become for me a heavy blow.

Why Merry Uzerli left the "magnificent century"

Merry said herself why stopped being shot

Probably, the disputes would continue to this day, but in the end, Merini Uzerli during an interview with the authoritative Turkish publication spoke on this topic and, finally, revealed the whole truth about what happened.

It turned out that all the reasons presented above were equally far from truth. During the filming, Merrey became pregnant from Atasha. She did not want a child, since the acting career just began to bring impressive dividends to her, and Jan, the relationship with whom, and the truth, slowly moved to the sunset, insisted on abortion.

But Merry was not easy to take and destroy human life growing inside her. The psychological state of the actress has worsened every day. In April, after awarding on the next television award, she even thought about suicide.

It was then that Merice fully realized how embarrassing she was in front of him, in front of her parents and in front of the child for thinking about abortion. And then she realized that she could come right ...

Why Merry Uzerli left the "magnificent century"

She chose a child and did not regret

Uzerli decided to leave the child. This led to her parting with the fiance. Naturally, it was impossible to continue shooting with rapidly growing belly. According to the plot, at this stage, Hurrem could not be pregnant.

And therefore, the priest did the only thing that could - broke the contract and forever left the shooting platform of the "magnificent century".

According to the certification of the actress, the time of work on this project was the happiest in her life, and she grateful to every fan of the series for the warm words in her address. But he did not regret the prison selection about the choice for a minute.

The child became the meaning of her life, and if she had to stand again in front of a similar choice, she would again break the contract, this time not having no doubt, and took up the preparation for the birth of the baby.

Substituted by this explanation fans expressed the actress full support. Of course, not even the best role incursable with the birth of a child.

Why Merry Uzerli left the "magnificent century"

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The series "Magnificent Century" was very loved by the audience. The highlight of the film was the red-haired actress Merry. But when in the late spring, interrupting the shooting of several last episodes of the season, she decided to leave the movie discount, the fans were in bewilderment. They covered the studio letters. All they needed - this is Merry Prime. Later it became clear - it was her own initiative.

Fateful role

The red-haired actress was born in the family with the roots of two different cultures. Mom Ursula is a purebred German, and father - Turk. His name Hussein. It was he who influenced the choice of profession to his daughter. He was the head of the Little Theater in Germany. Meryem went on stage for five years. After studying in Hamburg bright, young and talented, the girl lived in anticipation of offers from directors. And here it is, the fateful role of Hurrem. So why did you leave the "Magnificent Century", the series, who conquered the heart of the audience to the very depths?

Hurrem from the series Magnificent Century

Rumors went different. The actress itself referred to strong fatigue. And soon everyone learned that she was pregnant. But nevertheless it was not entirely clear why I was gone by Merini from the "magnificent century" so quickly, interrupting the shooting of the last episodes of the season.

It turns out that the creators of the film were planned, due to certain reasons, replace the actress to more mature. But not as sharply, as it happened. Apparently, it was still good reasons. Most likely, yes is the father of the child. He forced Meryem to make an abortion, as he had already in the old relationship of two children.


Turning the actress's head, Jan Atsh turned out to be an unreliable satellite in life. That is why I gone to Merin's priest from the "magnificent century" - it was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. All the forces needed to focus on tooling the child. She did not want to get rid of him and decided to become a mom, albeit lonely.

Time passed, and the actress apologized for his act in front of her fans. However, she noted that in the plot she would have to leave literally through several series. And if at first the viewers could not understand what was happening, then after all the explanations they forgave their favorite, they stopped blaming the creators of the filmters and finally sorted out why I left Merry Uzerli from the "magnificent century" so suddenly and mysteriously.

Hurrem Sultan in the series Magnificent Century


The decision to look for acting happiness in Turkey was accepted as fast as the opposite - return home. In 2011, a young and bright actress decided to try himself on Casting for Turkish film. I needed a girl for the role of roxolane. Merin, as no one came up for this project. Everything twisted quickly, and the acting star rose to his occasion.

But despite this, Merrey Nerley left the "Magnificent Century" series when it comes to choosing: a child or a career.

She gave birth to a daughter. For a long time, the actress showed her photos in different posts, however, did not provide the opportunity to see the face of the child. But she needed to build her career. Proposals for new, equal to Hurrem Hseeki-Sultan, did not come. Since Meriny, priests left the "magnificent century," she had to survive a lot. Today she changed very much. Now the actress has become a blonde, and it seems that her faces touched the plastic.

Merini priest after the magnificent century

Fans did not greatly welcomed these changes. After all, the actress has natural beauty. She is very attractive. And after the changes, it lost some uniqueness. So think, perhaps not all the fans, but the weighty part of them adheres to exactly this opinion.

What was before the "magnificent century"?

Before Meryem went to the shooting to Turkey, she lived in Germany. But what was she there? Miniature roles in some performances, two or three shooting in short films and one role, a little more - in the movie "Journey without Return", for which she received a prize at the Golden Orange International Film Festival.

Before filming in Turkey, the actress arose a creative break for about 6 months. There were no roles. Cases were so that it was not always possible to buy a cup of coffee. Sometimes it was necessary to walk on foot, as there were no funds for travel. In Turkey, everything went very well. However, subsequently, circumstances turned not in favor of a young movie star. That is why Merry Uzerli left the "magnificent century" until the filming is completed.

How were the shooting in Turkey?

It accounted here for 14 hours a day. But the fees grew intensively as the ratings of the series. Merrey Strengthened Turkish. In addition, she had to lose weight. But the crowds of fans, good money and glory with more than compensated all the difficulties.

Khurem Sultan

In Istanbul, expensive apartments were removed for her. The producers bought a personal running track for the actress, which cost a lot of money. They even provided a personal driver for Merry Prime. Why did the series "Magnificent Century" leave the actress, who could take a few more episodes and go to the idea of ​​producers?

The situation should be considered deeper. According to Merya himself, she needed a special friend, with whom it would be possible to share his feelings and experiences, with whom you can feel confident and protected. However, the person she chose was still not the same. But he instilled her child. Now Merry - happy mom of a beautiful girl.

How did this happen?

With his beloved actress, he met a colleague on the series Sneakhat Czech. He literally immediately showed interest to her. Meryem was afraid to admit itself in the fact that he was also fond of businessman Janom Athend. At first she offered him to stay friends. But, apparently, several romantic meetings made her change their mind, and she completely gave himself to her feelings. Everyone learned about a couple of Jana Athens and Merini Ap.. The "magnificent century" became the series not only of her starry hour, but a meeting place with her daughter's father.

Merrey and Jan Atsh

There were also such people that warned the actress about the wrong choice. They said that he threw his wife with two children, which walks to the right and left, which always chooses a partner to himself, at the expense of which it will be good to travel well. But when I learned about all this, it was too late. She was in power of feelings.

By closering his beloved, the actress realized that he was not so cheerful that he had chronic depression that his affairs were not completely successful. She got pregnant. And he did not want his girlfriend to give birth. For her, the shooting should have been approaching a certain logical conclusion. Before the producers, it became the task of looking for a new Cherrem for the series "Magnificent Century".

Why did you replaced the actress Merin's priest on Vahid Gerdum?

Common sense took up the feelings of a young actress. She understood - you need to run, and as soon as possible, from your beloved. Because of this situation and his behavior, she almost brought abacus life. Until now, Mersey believed that it was just a difficult period in his life, but then I understood all my errors. Nosa turned out to be unbearable. Meriemy itself needed now in support. She fled to Germany, where for some time she had to be observed at the doctor to correct the state of his health and give birth to his beautiful daughter.

Vahid Germum did not immediately agree to play the role of Hurrem Sultan. Before accepting a proposal from "Tims Prodod", she tried to reach Meryus to Germany. However, they say that calls remained unanswered.

The new actress agreed to shoot in the series "Magnificent Century". The reason for the departure of measurement of the priest for her was obvious.

Interestingly, in the tutors of the series, the new Cheerrend will be indicated by the name of the Vahid Perchin. This is the maiden name of the actress. Before that film, she took off as a guerm for 22 years. After the divorce Vahid returned his surname.

Vahid Gerdum in the series Magnificent Century

Commenting on all the attacks from the fans of the "magnificent century" in their direction, the new Cheerrend made an emphasis on the fact that the film Sultane should already be about 52 years old. And she can't look like a young merry. And the audience will understand this over time and will take a new actress.

How did the life of Meriny after the series "Magnificent Century"?

Uzerli corrected their emotional health, gave birth to her daughter and gave her her surname. For money-earned Mereryi bought a house in Germany and completely plunged into motherhood. Her photos with her daughter could be seen on social networks. However, she did not hurry to show her face.

Uzerli with a child

Different glossy magazines often offered a lot of money actress so that she makes a photo session with her daughter. However, Merrey refused to earn a child.

To be filmed until the series "Magnificent Century", the actress could not. Although the roles of the roles were mainly from Turkish producers.

Return to Turkey was marked by filming in the film "Queen of the Night". Merrey is a challenge of difficult character. It is said that even some moments in the scenario have been rewiced for her, since the actress refused to take off until the amendments are.

Despite the fact that the new series did not culture and did not take the first position in the ranking, Merry could earn a living. It is removed in commercials, has its own Merem Cosmetics cosmetic line.

Little biography

Uzerli was born on 12.08.1983 in Kassel (Germany). Still grandfather actresses paved the road to Germany for future descendants. He worked here. After returned to Turkey and married. He had 4 children. Among them and Father Merry, Hussein Uzerli is the oldest. For him, Europe was always interesting. In Germany, he entered the university. There he met Ursula, his wife. She was a divorced woman and had two children. These were the 70s of the XX century. Merry's father loved her mother, which married her and adopted her children.

Mom - Catholic, and Father - Muslim. But in the family of the priest was the main thing - to love close, taking them as it is.

Life experience

Merry himself felt more than a German. In Turkey, the family went in the summer for two weeks. Although the actress admits that he loves Turkish music and Turkey itself. But, of course, the formation of Merry received in Germany. She was a participant in social projects, throughout the year he worked as a volunteer for cancer patients. Her mother also sick with this ailment, but he courageously won it. Merry all the time the illness of his mother was with her next. In the afternoon he studied, and in the evening she went to the hospital. And the miracle was accomplished! Mom recovered.

The actress later admitted that such a difficult experience teaches a lot of man. She learned to appreciate life. For a whole year, Prierley worked with patients with leukemia children. She lost his best friend in a car accident and to better understand death, made makeup for religious rites.

Choosing a university, the actress just poked his finger into the decomposed questionnaires. So she was in Hamburg. After three years, Merry finished his studies and began to take part in theatrical projects. And then went to Berlin, played in several films and at a certain point was on the set of the series "Magnificent Century".

The 36-year-old Turkish-German actress Merry Primelli, who became popular thanks to the role of Hurrem Sultan in the series "Magnificent Century", revealed in a new interview details of his departure from the project in 2013.

Earlier, a star, speaking about the decision to leave the show that was glorified by her show, referred only to pregnancy and nervous breakdown because of the gap with the beloved. Now the priest called another reason for what happened. In an interview with the magazine şamdan actress admitted that he felt like a robot on the set:

The pace of filming was too exhausting for me. Perhaps I was too demanding to myself, I tried to do everything perfectly and laid out at 100%. I always said yes. I felt the pressure from the side and was very cruel to myself. I became a soldier. "Now you are a car, and this car should work," I thought.

Uzerli added that she worked in the "magnificent century" in a very intense pace from the first day of filming and played a psychologically complex character who gave all the energy and feeling until the emotionally exhausted.

Turkish television series "Magnificent Century" went on screens from 2011 to 2014 and received four seasons. After leaving Merini, the other actress played her heroine. The show talked about the love of Sultan Suleiman I and his wife Roxolants, also known as Hurrem Sultan.

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