Why did the landowners Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky and city are deceived?

The "auditor" ends with a scene of full and amazed silence, which is called "Mute." A dumb scene at the end of the "auditor" includes a very deep philosophical meaning. Without words, soundless And unnecessary actions. Non-verbal emotions. As the saying goes, "Digured" .

Comedy Delivery N.V. Gogol and then the letter of the horstakov, which puts the cross on all plans, aspirations and the plans of the city. Shock and full collapse global hopes. And what is happening with the guests, who have just rebuffed in front of the city luminaries-dmukhanovsky? They begin to gloat. The hypocrites who have just like insects, Lebesii, begin to behave completely differently.

Shock From the awareness of your shame and the absurdity of what is happening. And the face of Governing from comic turns into another, much more serious. He is ridiculous and it is quite aware, but I don't want to joke, the understanding of what happened makes a serious tone: "What are you laughing?" Laugh! "

And now comes the next "pleasant surprise", and the news of the arrival of this auditor will shock the guilty officials. Gendarme reports news, and here is a disconnection, silence, a dumb scene. Masks, and not the face appear in front of the reader; And the expression of these masks, all adopted postures show the true essence of each of the characters.

Gogol made each of the participants in the scene in a certain pose to convey it Some sculpture True "stuffing", characterizing without words. Yes, they have been in a state of some semi-convicted mind and half-sighted flattened smiles.

Why is Bobchinsky's landowners, Dobchinsky and city are deceived? essay

In the play N.V. Gogol "The Auditor" at the appearance of the hollykov nobody doubted that this is a real auditor who had to come incognito. The city is very restless, all do not trust each other and are afraid of exposing their dark cases. Warned officials from day to day are waiting for the arrival of the verifier. In the county town they are infrequently arrived from the capital, so a well-dressed young man who came from St. Petersburg seems to be all the auditor.

For example, Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky officials are deceived, because they committed many crimes and do not want exposure. They are focused on how to hide their actions and self-defense, if they are revealed.

The main sign is that this is an auditor, the officials are becoming the fact that Hollytakov has been living in the hotel for two weeks, orders dinner in the restaurant and at the same time will not pay for anything. He behaves very confident and even brazenly. Officials see themselves - after all, they, too, taking advantage of their power, take it all that they want.

The final argument is that the Khlestakov Auditor becomes accepting bribes. This is the main truth for city officials. They themselves do not miss the case to warm their hands.

This play became a caricature to power, when the nearby officials could not distinguish a high-ranking person from ordinary farewell.


In the comedy of Gogol "Auditor", the entire plot was built on the mistake of residents of the city, confused by Kleskov, a carriage official who lost all the money in the card, with the auditor, who had to come incognito from St. Petersburg. It would seem that it would be quite difficult to confuse the auditor, such an "important bird", who came from the capital of the Russian Empire, with a small official, who also came from St. Petersburg. So it is brewing a very logical question: how did it work out so to deceive the most important people of the city?

Remembering the scene of their acquaintance, it is easy to say that Hollytakov himself was quite losing to such a friendly attitude. He sincerely considered the enjoyable person in a pleasant man, who so easily lent him a rather large amount of money. The city itself takes the immediacy of the "auditor" for the trick, and thinks that Khlestakov is trying to deceive citizens and save his mystery. From this side it becomes clear that if Kleztakov, knowing the reason for the expectancy of others, was consciously pretended to be checked, he could hardly have something, since the Gingerbread, World Liar and Bribemer, would instantly expose a lie. But the truthful words of Horstakov city perceives as evidence of his guessing, as a result of which it does not doubt the fake auditor to the very "silence scene".

However, before Glychleskova, two landlords - Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky counted the auditor. Why did they make such a conclusion if they did not even talk to the main character? Well, here, I think, I played my role the ancient Russian proverb - "Fear is great." Having learned about the possible arrival of the auditor, this couple suggests that in their provincial town it is unlikely that someone else will come in the near future, so they decided to get out of events.

As a result, it becomes pretty clear that only because of the fear of revealing your crimes, everyone trusted to Holytakov, who, when finally realized, for whom he was taken, and success was accustomed to the role and easily deceived frightened bribers. Greedy and stupid officials were easily believed to man, so much and beautifully spoken.

Option 3.

Khlestakov was adopted for the auditor partly because in a letter to Gubernaya his gubernaya buddy reported that with the instruction to inspect the actions of the county authorities to them directed from St. Petersburg, who will be checked secretly, not rendering and not reporting on his arrival, that is incognito .

Excited in anticipation, all warned government officials should be closely peering at any arrival. And those obviously, there was little in the county wilderness. The hotel stopped at the hotel with a local restaurant of a 23-year-old young man, dressed in the metropolitan fashion, Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky, who wanted to taste in the hotel buffet, accepted for the auditor.

Here are the signs that they were convinced of this: the young man lived for two weeks in the room, but he did not want to pay him. Lunch from the restaurant took a debt and did not think for them to pay. He looked into the plates to Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky, who carried fear. They saw some reasoning in the face of a stranger. In favor of a guessed about his secret mission, a particular dress was spoken and the fact that the passing official was in Zaratov, and he lived at the expense of the establishment and did not think to go.

These arguments were granted enough to take the message of two landowners for genuine truth. In the actions of Khlezkov, he learned himself, because he thinks in the order of things when a person endowed with the authorities takes the gift everything that sees and that is within his submission.

Having left for a bow to the imaginary auditor, the Gingerbread Justice-Dmukhanovsky was even more convinced that it is incognito from the capital. After all, Khlestakov began shouting at those who came. And this is also a sign of strength and power! Gingerbread can not understand that passing shouts from fear when he is offered to move to another apartment. Loser, who, who he did not have a penny of Khlestakov, he thinks that he wants to send him to a debt prison and is protected as can, using the reception of the attack.

To finally believe that he is an auditor, Gaining makes the adoption of bribes. This is an unwritten truth for the head of the city. He also does not miss the chance to warm his hands. And his subordinate does not prohibit, if only the rule was observed - to take by rank.

So, being an evil caricature of power, all officials, led by the city, could not consider and caricature and a worthlessness of the hertoprach and Parregi Khlezkov.

Reasoning about deception

The city lived restless thanks to the tricks of Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky. This explains the fact that they were very frightened by the arrival of the auditor. Officials ran around the city and notified with horror all of its inhabitants. Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky were afraid that their sins will be published publicly, and this will be extremely negative impact on their career. They began to convulsely invent an excuse for their dishonest behavior, instead of viewing on the sides and carefully consider Lizaverizor.

Officials were so scared that seeing the manner behavior and a rich appearance of Klezlekov, without hesitation decided that it was checking from the capital.

Khlestakov was on the hand of confusion, as a result of which he was "appointed" by the auditor. Partly from fear, partly according to stupidity officials to the end did not understand what they were watering. NOT KHLEKHOTOVA, so someone else, they would take it in every way to chew, confusing with a true auditor.

Histakov did not understand why he deserved such a reverent attitude. But when the situation became clear, he did not confront fate, and instantly began to fit his new position. No one even noticed deception. Among the officials told the point of view that only big bosses are able to speak beautifully and a lot.

Gingerbread was very scared. Khlestakov delayed in the city for two weeks simply because he wanted to win from this situation as much as possible. And the Grador decided that the auditor found many provinces.

Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky also did not exception. They, as well as everyone accepted Horstkov for a high-ranking official. They were so looked at the concealment of their crimes that they did not see anything further than their nose. At the end of the work, when the letter of Khlezkovov was read, they were told about them as extremely stupid and non-evil people.

The essay why the landowners Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky are deceived?

The action in the comedy occurs in one district city. It turns out that the auditor should come with check. All officials, especially Gingerbread, decide how to start checking dust in the eye. They all committed crimes, so fear of exposure, followed by the corresponding punishment.

At the time of discussion how to close all the sins of the city, Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky run. They say that for two weeks the young man has been living in the hotel, who came from St. Petersburg. Dressed in modern fashion, does not pay for housing and nutrition. Most of all, they scared the fact that he evaluating everything on everything, literally peering in other people's plates.

In fact, it turned out that it was an ordinary chart that lost all the money, because of what he had to stop in the city. He needed to find money to go on. At first he did not understand what was happening, and then he was born into the role, circling all officials around the finger.

Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky was mistaken, since their spins were huge crimes. First of all, they worried about themselves, so the first person who came from St. Petersburg, "called" the auditor. In addition, chaos and turmoil reigned in the city, so everyone immediately succumbed to the flow.

The questions about whether the Khlestakov is an auditor, his servant answered evasively. Therefore, everyone was convinced of his role, thinking that he had his own personality from them.

It was the fear of punishment pushed Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky to the fact that they were mistaken in the testimony, because none of them thought her head when they saw Petersburg testing in Hollyakov. Everyone was based on the speculation about how the auditor should lead themselves, but the facts that he really is.

This story teaches that one cannot go into panic, we must safely approach the question, weighing the whole situation.

Why is Bobchinsky's landowners, Dobchinsky and city are deceived?

Why is Bobchinsky's landowners, Dobchinsky and city are deceived?

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Why did the landowners bobchinsky and Dobchinsky be deceived?

In this city, everything is restless, everyone is afraid of each other, do not trust. Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky committed a lot of crimes, so they were so frightened by the auditor, which began to run around the houses and tell everyone about the terrible news. They are afraid that their bad rods can easily reveal that it can turn something not very good.

Histakov was not against the fact that he was accepted for the error for the auditor. Officials were so stupid that they did not even notice the truth. Indeed, there was a terrible mess in the city and all landowners feared the arrival of the auditor, so they could accept any coming for him.

But Khlestakov is also not so stupid when I realized the whole situation, it was easily burned to the role, but no one understood. Taking the situation in their hands, he played his role perfectly in such a way that everyone believed him, without noticing the deception. Suiters to such an extent of Tugodume, that any person who speaks a lot and beautifully, can take for the main thing.

Even Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky joined this society and thought that Hellekov was an auditor. Cooling on himself and on how to hide their crimes from the auditor, they were deceived and missed, so at the end of the story they remained stupid officials who were crazy because of greed and fear for themselves.

Option 2

The plot of this work is built on one delusion, thanks to which the inhabitants of the city were accepted for a very important person - a simple gambling official who did not occupy high positions. It is worth saying that such characters, like Dobchinsky and Bobchinsky, were deceived only because they understood how they face their dishonest behavior, and because of their fear, they began to invent various non-residents and arguments. It is worth saying that the situation in the city was such that fear was reigned - fear of saying to excess people who occupied high posts and positions. From suspicious behavior, the characters literally joined panic. Speaking about Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky, it is worth noting that these characters committed many crimes, and therefore they were even afraid of the rest. When they learned that the auditor came to the city, allegedly, then the first thing was to talk about this to the other residents of this town.

Their interests are presented highly low interests and needs. Once in a restaurant with the goal to hide somewhere, they saw a young man in the face of Khlezlekov, who produced terrifying and unusual impression for them. He came from St. Petersburg, was dressed in fashion, and he behaved very manner. Also, they began to think about him as an auditor, because he ordered food, but did not try to pay for her. The behavior of the horstykova can be called careful and verified, because he inspects everything that happens very carefully, and makes very unequivocal conclusions. It remains in this city for two weeks than Introduces officials to horror. Especially afraid and is experiencing for everything that happens - the gingerbread, which suspects what the "auditor" found a lot of hooks that could indicate that he committed crime.

I would like to say that the work was very bright, and contains many instructive and memorable moments, which say that the author saw the situation in the country in which moral corruption reigned in it, and no humanity and humanity remained. The writer wanted to reflect how people could change in a short time, just thinking that they were "big personalities." Also, there are many wonderful and bright heroes in the work, which the author wanted to make very believable and realistic. He showed more collective images in his wonderful history, as I wanted to reflect the tendency features of various professions, services and posts.

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Why did the landowners bobchinsky and Dobchinsky be deceived?

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