How to create crossword in Microsoft Word

How to make a crossword in the Word

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Insert the table. To do this, go to the menu " Insert "->" Table "->" Insert table " How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft Word

In the appeared window you need to select the number of columns and lines. Specify the value you need.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft Word

We advise you to count in advance how many letters in the longest word, and on this amount to set values ​​for the table. Extra cells can be then deleted.

After that, you need to make all cells square tables. To do this, in the upper left corner of the table, click on the cross or highlight the entire table manually. In the menu that appears, select " Table properties "

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft WordIn the window " Table properties »You will need two tabs:" Line "And" Cell "

Select the " Line "And configure" Height »Table cells. Usually the optimal value is "1 cm", but you can enter other data.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft WordAfter select the " Cell "And configure" Width " Enter the same values ​​as in the previous paragraph to get a square cell.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft WordIt turned out the perfect square table, from which the crossword should be made, removing unnecessary elements. Click on the table and go to the item appeared from above " Layout ", Find there" Eraser " Remove unnecessary crossword puzzles.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft WordIn the squares of the table, smear the numbers, align them to the left edge.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft WordIf you need to highlight a part of the table color, select the desired cells with the left mouse button, go to the tab " Constructor "Find there item" Fill "And crush the desired color.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft WordAnd in order to make the boundaries of any word thicker, select in " Designer »Point next to setting" Color of feather "In which you can change the thickness of the lines. Click on the desired value, for example, " 3 PT. ", And the brush that appears will highlight the required boundaries.

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft Word

As a result, it turns out such a result. It remains only to add questions to him, and the crossword is ready!

How to create a crossword in Mizrosoft Word

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Video: chip.

To create crosswords there are special programs and online services. But if you need to make a simple crossword, then you can use the usual Word text editor to do this. In this article we will tell about how to make crossword in Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Step number 1. Create a table.

If you want to make a crossword in Word, you will need a table. In order to create a table Go to the "Insert" tab and click on the "Table" button . After that, you will appear in front of you, with which you can quickly create a table, simply highlight the desired number of cells.

Create a table

In Word 2010 the maximum table size that can be created using such a menu is 10 to 8. If this is not enough for your crossword, then Select the "Insert Table" menu item. .

Select the Insert Table menu item.

After that, the "Insert Table" window will appear, with which you can specify any number of rows and columns. For example, create a table with a size of 10 per 10 cells.

Create a table of the desired size

As a result, we will get approximately such a table as in the screenshot below.

Received table

Step number 2. Align the table cells.

Usually, square cells are used in crossword. Therefore, in order to make the right crossword in Word, it is necessary to align the table we created. This can be in different ways. For example, you can highlight the entire table, click on it with the right mouse button and Select the menu item "Table Properties" .

Select the Table Properties menu item.

Or you can set the cursor to any cell table, go to the tab "Layout" and Press the "Properties" button .

Click the Properties button

After that, the "Table Properties" window will open. First, open the Line tab and set the line height. For this Set the level opposite the height function, select the "accurate" mode and set the line height. . For example, you can set a height of 1 centimeter.

Set up a string height

After that, go to the "Cell" tab in the same window "Table Properties" and Install the same cell width , like her height. In our case, it is 1 centimeter.

Adjust the width of the cell

As a result, you must have a table with square cells, as in the screenshot below.

Received table

This table will be the main for our crossword puzzle in the Word.

Step number 3. Customize the table.

Next, you need to configure other parameters of the table, so that it is more like a crossword.

First you need to change text alignment in the table. For crosswords, text alignment on the upper left corner is usually used. To do this, highlight all cells table and press them with the right mouse button. BUT In the menu that appears, select "Aligning cells" and the left top corner .

Choose checklip item

Also You need to pick up the font and font size So that the numbers in the tables of the table looked harmoniously and did not interfere with the letter in the crossword. We will specify the ARIAL font and font size 9.

Pick up the font and font size

As a result, the text in the table should look something like that in the screenshot below.

Received table

Step # 4. Formation of crossword.

After the table is prepared, you can proceed to the formation of the crossword puzzle in Word. Usually, the internal non-used crossword cells are filled with black, while external not used simply are removed.

To make it install the cursor in the cell, which should be painted black, Go to the "Designer" tab and use the "Fill" button In order to fill the cell in black. If necessary, you can fill in black several cells at once. To do this, simply highlight them with the mouse and use the fill tool.

We use the fill button

After painting the cells black Go to the "Designer" tab and click on the "Eraser" button . After that, with the help of the "Eraser" tool, we remove the extra lines on the outer part of the crossword.

Press the eraser button

In the latest versions of Word no button " Eraser ", Instead you need to choose the type of line" Without borders "And remove unnecessary lines with the tool" Coloring borders "

Tool Coloring Borders

After painting internal cells in black and removal of unnecessary external lines, the crossword in Word is almost ready.

Crossword in Word is almost ready

It remains only to place the issue of the question in the right cells, add the questions themselves below and the crossword in the Word is made.

1Wese hello! Eats a lot of a wide variety of intellectual games and puzzles that are not just popular. If you take a look at the people of something waiting, or traveling on the train and train, then you will surely find that they solve the crossword. Today in the release you will find out that it is possible to make crosswords yourself.

What crosswords are not, thematic, children's. Such puzzles like scandards are equally popular. But if you love not only to solve crosswords, but also want to make them up, then this article is for you. Without resorting to special programs, but using only the usual Word editor, you can mostly make a crossword.

So, we are armed with the data about what kind of crossword is needed by the number of words, invent words, then questions about them. Open the Word and proceed to work. By the way, thinking about issues and answers takes more time than the design of the crossword.

How to make a crossword with the numbering in the Word 2010 office?

To draw a crossword mesh in the 210 office, you must use the table construction feature. After all, the crossword mesh is inherently table. You can make the table as follows. In the "Insert" menu, select "Table". A grid will open in which the number of rows and columns will be noted.

However, by default, this grid contains only 10x8 cells. If your crossword mesh is somewhat more, then select the "Paste Table" item.

In the window that opens, select the desired number of rows and columns.

As a result, we obtain approximately such a type of table.

There is no anything like crossword cells yet. To get them, it is necessary to align the table. To do this, select it, press the right mouse button and select the "Table Properties" item in the opened menu.

Here we choose the "String" tab and in the Height Point set the value of the grid height, for example 1 cm.

Next, open the "Cell" tab. There see the item "Width". I put the value as the same as for a height - 1 cm.

As a result, all cells of the table will become the same. Hurray, finally we see something familiar! Move on. It turned out like this:

Now it is necessary to format a multiple table that the text in all cells is the same. We highlight the table, right-click open the menu and find the item "Aligning cells". Here we choose the left top corner. The text will thus be located in the upper left corner of the cell.

Next, we select the desired font size. It depends on the size of the cells themselves. For a square 1x1 cm, a font is suitable in 9 points. All easy! So, the entire table is ready. Now you can build directly the grid of the crossword. As we remember, unnecessary places in the grid of crossword pushed in black. This must be done in our case. To do this, we use the "Filling" team - tipping a bucket.

Having select the desired cells in the table, click on this icon. If it is not a strip of black, and the other, then first choose black color. After that, all the necessary cells will crack black.

Since we still have a square, and in the row crossword mesh and uneven columns. They are configured under the number of letters. To do this, we will put the cursor to any cell of the table and see the "Constuctor" tab in the top panel of the editor. Open the tab, find the menu "Eraser".

With this tool we ereate unnecessary cells and lines. As a result, we obtain a real crossward grid. This is what our first simple crossword is obtained. Everything is in principle. It remains only to numbered those cells from where the words will fit according to the plan. And below, based on this numbering, write tasks, without forgetting to divide all definitions into two groups: horizontally, and vertically. We read further.

Making crossword mesh in Word 2007

In principle, the creation of a crossward grid in Word 2007 is no different from 2010 or 2013. A little different menu design, because the developers constantly improve their office packages.

We go to the "Insert" tab, where you select the "Table" menu and then "insert the table". Here we specify the required number of rows and columns. After that, already paint empty cells and remove unnecessary. Best, having drawn the grid, immediately enter the word crossword, and then form the grid itself.

Below is a video in which the entire process of making crossword make in Word is clearly shown.

Add crossword squares to Word 2013-2016?

Creating in later versions of the editor Word tables, on the basis of which the crossword is based, similar to the early versions. The versions of this text editor from 2007 to 2016 are practically identical for minor changes. In the first example, we did not put the words of the words to our cells. However, the construction of the table everywhere is the same: the "Insert" tab is "Tables" - "Insert Tables". We will continue.

By selecting the required number of rows and columns we get a table.

Squares you will be unequal to align them, select the table, select "Table properties" and put in the Lines and cells in the tabs the same height and width.

But it can be done easier, click on the table, we bring the cursor to the lower right corner of the table and when it takes the form of a double arrow, clamp the key and pull the table by forming the required cell size.

Now go to the numbering. You have already drawn my layout and know where it is located. Now, according to the layout, you carry all your numbers in the Word layout.

Now format the numbers. We highlight all cells with numbers and press the "Fast Sign" button (this x 2).

Next, give the desired size and font, as well as align on the edge. As a result, the grid will take this kind:

Now proceed to the painting of unnecessary cells. To do this, select the first group from one or more and click the "Pouring" icon or by the right key, calling the drop-down menu, we find the same icon there. By choosing a black color in it, and maybe the other - who, as you like, paint the cells and go to the next. Thus, paint all unnecessary cells, the result is a grid with black and white squares.

That's almost everything. If your crossword is scheduled in the form of a correct square, then leave it as such. If there are cell outputs in it, as in most classic crosswords, then an eraser in the Designer section, we remove unnecessary boundaries, and we get a ready crossword.

Enjoy your creativity! Surprise your loved ones and acquaintances! See you on the blog pages while!

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How to make a crossword in Microsoft Word

How to make a crossword in Microsoft Word

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In this step-by-step instruction, you will learn how to create a crossword puzzle in MS Word (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003).

  1. In Word, go to the tab " Insert »>» Table »>" Insert the table ... »

  2. Indicated number Rows and columns. Auto collection of columns width, switch to " By content » .

  3. In the created table, click on any cell so that in the upper left corner it appears Square , Click on it right-click, in the menu that opens, select Table properties .

  4. In the tabs " Line "And" Column" Install the checkboxes and set the same dimensions in the "accurate" mode.

  5. Click "OK"
    It turned out such a table.
  6. Add answers before the word Specify the issue number.

  7. Highlight the numbers, and on the Home tab, click "Pasting Letters", or click the Ctrl + Shift + "+" key combination.

  8. It should turn out like this.

  9. Highlight the entire table You can do it with a squeezed mouse, or by pressing the left mouse button on the square in the upper left corner, which appears when you click on the table. Now need to remove all borders of the table .

  10. It turned out like this. I have a grid mode, you may not have dotted lines.

  11. Next step Select the flood cells and set the borders for them. . You can clamp Ctrl + Shift to select multiple rows or columns.

  12. It turned out like this.

You can wipe the words, only the numbers will remain, you can print.

Microsoft Word has no functionality to automatically create crosswords. Therefore, for a start, you need to independently come up with words and assemble it from them, for example, on a sheet of paper. After that, using a popular text editor, you can make it beautifully arranged using the most ordinary table. This article describes in detail how to make a crossword in the Word on the computer.

To begin with, create a table of the required size

Step 1. Launch Microsoft Word and create a new document or open the one to which the crossword should be added.

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Step 2. Go to the "Insert" section in the upper belt menu of the application, click on the "Table" button and select the "Insert Table".

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Step 3. Determine the number of columns and rows in the corresponding cells based on the invented crossword.

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Here is the result:

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Next we make all the cells in it square

Step 1. Mouse over to the table, click the button in the form of a cross in its upper left corner right-click and select "Table Properties".

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Step 2. Go to the "Row" section and select the cell height using the Height field.

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Step 3. Go to the "Cell" section and select the cell width using the appropriate field, and then confirm the change in the properties of the table using the "OK" button.

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Here is the result:

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Remove unnecessary lines with elasty

Step 1. Click on the table, go to the "Layout" section in the Application Tape Menu and select Eraser.

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Step 2. Erase the extra boundaries of the cells to recreate the intended crossword.

Here is the result:

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Sliding the numbers according to the specified plan

According to the idea, which is used in the example, you need to get a keyword horizontally under the number "0", in the crossword of all words vertically under the numbers "1", "2", "3", "4", "5" and " 6 "according to tasks.

Here is the power:

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Install the required leveling parameters

If there is a need for this, select the table and go to the "Layout" section in the upper belt menu of the application, and then install the required alignment - is usually used to "align from above to the left edge".

Here is the result:

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

We are engaged in additional decorations

At the final stage, you can enjoy beauty: You can, for example, highlight the keyword frame using the "border styles" tool in the "Designer of the Tables", as well as pour its background using the "Fill" tool here.

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

Here is the final result:

How to make a crossword in Word: it's easier than it seems

There is no difference, how many complex crossword are invented, - for its design, the algorithm described in this instruction will be suitable without any problems.

⚠️ If the instruction has ceased to work or you have any problems at some step - please inform this in the comments. We will definitely study the problem and update the article.

Today we will talk about How to do in the "Word" crossword Alone. Someone will be asked why such knowledge will come in handy? The reasons can be quite a few - from the organization of the intellectual event before performing the homework of the student.

Times, when such things drew from the hand on a piece of paper have long passed, today there are practically everyone in the house there is a tool that allows you to do everything beautiful, neatly and quickly. And how to organize the process, we will tell you in detail.

Preparatory stage

To begin with, we understand what you need to do at the initial stage. Before you begin to draw a crossword puzzle, you need to think about it with an idea. It should be understood that the computer will not collect all your questions in a single crossword. The structure and framework must be thought out independently. How to do in the "Word" crossword

Before starting work in the "Word", it is important that you have a ready-made framework of a crossword puzzle on a draft with a list of questions and ready-made responses in the desired structure. It is this part of the work that will be the most resource. You will spend the maximum of time on it, the rest will go faster, especially if you already have experience in a text editor.

How to do in the "Word" crossword

So we came to the part of the work when we need a text editor Word. Here we work will look at stages, with a detailed analysis of everyone.

Circass Crossword Create a framework of crossword

To begin with, we will construct the framework of our crossword, which in the next step will fill in content. To make more space for creativity, it should be started to expand the borders of the working area of ​​the document. By default, they are configured to work with the text. Open a new document, go to the "Located" tab, located in the upper horizontal menu, in the right part of the area that opens, disclose the field "field" and select "narrow". After that, the affordable work zone will become more wider.

Now go to the main stage.

  1. Go to the "Insert" tab of the top menu. Reveal the "Table" menu and insert the table into the document. Depending on the initial size of the standard crossword, the insert may not be enough, it is limited to the size of 10 per 8 cells.
  2. If you need more cells, click the "Insert Table" command, it is located under the visual form of insert, and specify the required number of rows and columns. Insert the table
  3. Click OK. Rate the result. In the case of which you can always cancel the action by pressing the back button (in the form of an arrow to the left in the upper left corner of the screen).
  4. To all the tables of the tables are the same size, you must perform certain settings. Open the "Work with Table" section of the Layout tab (everything is in the top of the editor window). Specify the sizes of the cell, the values ​​must be the same, and do not forget before this allocate the entire table. Setting up a table for creating crossword
  5. Highlight the table and align it to the middle of the sheet. To do this, return to the "Home" tab and click on the "CENTER" orientation button. Configuring Crossword

The frame is ready, you can go to the next stage of answering the question, How to do in the "Word" crossword .

Filling cells

The next section will be devoted to the filling of the cells. No, the conversation will not be about how to enter words and solve the crossword. We will figure out how to put the numbering, allocate special cells and empty rebusses.


There are two effective approaches. The essence of the problem is that with the usual spelling, the numbers are large and may prevent the answers to the finished crossword.

To solve this task, you can put the numbering in the right places, and then highlight the entire table and change the font size to the smallest. It is also done through the toolbar at the top of the screen. Next to the type of font will stand digital value, it must be changed to 9 or 8. Here the choice is not fundamental, the compiler of the crossword can experiment and choose the size that will seem more optimal. Crossword numbering

The second option is to make numbers in the form of an degree index. To do this, select the cell in which the desired number is already standing and press the corresponding button on the toolbar. It is located right below the settings of the font parameters and looks like x in the square. After that, the cell number will be small and will be located gently in the corner.

Empty cells

Question, How to do in the "Word" crossword It will be incomplete if we do not consider the option of designation of empty areas. These are cells in which there are no letters. In the newspaper versions, they are painted with black.

We use the same method. The only advice that we want to give is if you print the crossword, use not black, and gray, it saves paint in the printer. The final stage

In order to paint the cell, it is enough to move the cursor to it, for this simply click in the desired area. Then right-click to appear the context menu. Find a bucket that denotes the fill element and select the desired color. If you need to fill out at once a few consecutive consecutive cells can be allocated to simultaneously and perform the fill.

And if the crossword is non-standard

In previous versions, we looked at the method of creating a standard rectangular or square crossword in the "Word". But how to be if the shape of the crossword is the original, in this case the tool for working with the borders of the cell will come to the rescue. How to make a crossword in word text editor

To do this, in the toolbar in the section "Working with Tables", select the "Designer" tab, and then the "Frame". Open the context menu "Borders". Here you can remove or restore any borders of the cells. For example, if you need to remove a specific crossword area, select the desired area, go to the menu and select "no boundaries". To restore the necessary faces, allocate the desired cell and we are looking for a suitable solution in the list presented.

If it is necessary to specifically select the boundaries of some cells, for example, to highlight the keyword, you need to use the same partition. Go to the "Framing" and choose the "styles of the design of boundaries" (do not forget to single out the cell in advance). In the opened menu, there are various solutions, among which it is easy to choose the right one. After applying the settings, each next cell can be highlighted through the context menu that pops up the right mouse button. If you need to change the design style, you need to go back to the menu and select the usual solution.

Now our readers know How to do in the "Word" crossword . This does not require special skills, but if you are an inexperienced user, we advise you to carefully read the recommendations and follow them. In the event that questions arose or difficulties, we are waiting for everyone in discussions. Let's discuss the problem and try to give a decision. Stay with us and do not forget to share an article on social networks.

How to make crossword in the Word

Would you like to create a crossword independently (of course, on a computer, and not just on a sheet of paper), but do not know how to do it? Do not despair, Microsoft Word Multifunctional Office will help you do it. Yes, standard means for such work here is not provided here, but the tables will come to the aid in this difficult business.

Lesson: How to make a table in the Word

We have already written about how to create tables in this advanced text editor, how to work with them and how to change them. All this you can read in the article presented on the link above. By the way, it is a change in and editing tables that is, which is especially necessary if you want to make a crossword in Word. About how to do it, and will be discussed below.

Creating a table of suitable sizes

Most likely, you already have an idea of ​​what your crossword should be. Perhaps you already have it out of the sketch, or even a ready-made version, but only on paper. Consequently, the dimensions (at least approximate) are definitely known, because it is precisely in line with them and you need to create a table.

Main tab in Word

1. Run the Word and go from the tab "Home" discontinued by default "Insert" .

Insert tab in Word

2. Click on the button "Tables" located in the group of the same name.

Insert table in Word

3. In the expanded menu, you can add a table by previewing its size. That's just the default value you can hardly arrange (of course, if there are not 5-10 questions in your crossword), so you need to manually set the required number of rows and columns.

Add Table in Word

4. To do this, select the item in the unfolded menu. "Paste the table" .

Insert a table in Word

5. In the dialog box that appears, specify the desired number of rows and columns.

Table settings in Word

6. When specifying the required values, click "OK" . The table will appear on the sheet.

Added Table in Word

7. To change the size of the table, click on it with the mouse and pull the angle into the direction to the edge of the sheet.

Word Modified Table

8. Visually cell cells seem the same, but as soon as you want to fit the text, the size will change. To make it fixed, you must perform the following steps: Highlight the entire table by pressing "Ctrl + A" .

Select table in Word

  • Right click on it and select the item in the context menu that appears. "Table Properties" .

Table Properties in Word

  • In the window that appears, first go to the tab "Line" where you need to install a check mark in front of the item "height" specify the value in 1 cm and choose the mode "Exactly" .

Table Properties - String in Word

  • Go to the tab "Column" Tick "Width" Also specify 1 cm , units value Select "Santimeters" .

Table properties - column in Word

  • Repeat the same actions in the tab "Cell" .

Table Properties - Cell in Word

  • Click "OK" To close the dialog box and apply the changes made.
  • Now the table exactly looks symmetrical.

Symmetric table in Word

Filling a table for crossword

So, if you want to make a crossword in Word, while not having his outline on paper or in any other program, we suggest you first create its layout. The fact is that without having before the eyes of numbered questions, and at the same time answers to them (and therefore knowing the number of letters in each specific word) does not make sense to perform further actions. That is why we initially assume that the crossword is already there, let it still be in the Word.

Having ready, but still an empty frame, we need to numbered the cells in which the answers to the questions will begin, and also paint those cells that will not be used in crossword.

How to make the numbering of table cells as in real crosswords?

In most crosswords, the numbers denoting the initial place to introduce a response to a specific question are located in the upper left corner of the cell, the size of these numbers is relatively small. We have to do the same.

1. To begin with, simply numb the cells as it is done on your layout or outline. The screenshot shows only a minimalistic example of how it might look.

Numbered cells in Word

2. To place the numbers in the upper left corner of the cells, select the contents of the table by clicking "Ctrl + A" .

Selected numbered cells in Word

3. In the tab "Home" in a group "Font" Find symbol "Fast Sign" and press it (you can use a hot key combination, as shown in the screenshot. The numbers will become less and will be located slightly higher relative to the center of the cell


4. If the text is still not dismissed to the left, align it on the left edge by clicking on the appropriate button in the group "Paragraph" In the tab "Home" .

align on the left edge in Word

5. As a result, numbered cells will look something like this:

Aligned figures in Word

After performing the numbering, you need to paint the unnecessary cells, that is, those in which letters will not fit. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

1. Highlight an empty cell and click on it right mouse button.

Filling properties in Word

2. In the menu that appears above the context menu, locate the tool "Fill" and click on it.

3. Select the appropriate color to fill an empty cell and click on it.

Empty cell in Word

4. The cell will be painted. To paint all other cells that will not be involved in crossword to introduce an answer, repeat the action from 1 to 3 for each of them.

Empty cells in Word

On our simple example it looks like this, you, of course, will look different.

Final stage

All that we have left to do to create a crossword puzzle in the Word is precisely in the form in which we are accustomed to see it on paper, it is to write a list of questions on the vertical and horizontal under it.

After you do all this, your crossword will look like this:

Ready Crossword in Word

Now it can be printed, showing friends, familiar, close and ask them not only to appreciate how well you have turned out in the Word to draw a crossword, but also to solve it.

On this we can completely finish, because now you know how to create a crossword puzzle in Word. We wish you success in work and training. Experiment, create and develop without stopping.

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