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For the first time, the Christmas tree began to dress in Germany. It is believed that the tradition originated thanks to the reformer Martin Luther. According to legends, in 1513 he returned home and admired the sky on which the stars glowed. He had the feeling that the stars were sparkling even on the branches of the trees. Читать далее »

How to just connect and configure TV?

Как просто подключить и настроить телевизор?
It would seem that it may be easier to connect and set the TV? However, buying a new device, many users start google in the search for the necessary information to set up everything quickly. We collected everything in one place, simplified and made step-by-step instructions. From the article you will learn how to set up digital cable, satellite TV and Smart TV. Nuances (for example, menu items) may differ depending on the brand and the TV model, but it is easy to understand with them. Читать далее »